The City of Duvall Police Officer Lori Batoit alleged to have filed a SLAPP Suit

Click above read the above SLAPP written by John and Crystal Pennington but falsely certified by Duvall Police Officer Lori Batoit in King County Court: Batoit is being sued under RICO and under Anti-SLAPP (mandatory $10,000 penalities) for violating anti-SLAPP provisions



Three weeks ago a $1,000,00.00 tort claim was filed upon Lori Batoit after public records revealed that she left a voice (wire) message threatening Gold Bar Reporter Block. Ms. Batoit also threatened Block’s private investigators.   A copy of those recordings were preserved since Ms. Batoit has been notified that she will be added as a RICO Defendant in U.S. Federal Court.

Public records from newspaper articles document that Ms. Batoit is a close and personal friend to Snohomish County’s number one political bum John E. Pennington. John E Pennington is a prime suspect in a child rape case and ever where he travels (Maryland, Washington, and Alaska) children are missing within miles of where he fills up his gasoline tank on the county’s credit card.

John E Pennington is also running a fake online news source “The Sky Valley Chronicle” designed to discredit anyone who dares to challenge status quo. Use of taxpayer monies and resources to fund a criminal organization amounts to Racketeering. John Pennington was named in a RICO suit filed in U.S. Federal District Court in January 2015.

But Pennington’s criminal conduct hasn’t stopped, and since being named a RICO defendant, he now has the assistance of a very close and personal friend of his, a corrupt Duvall Police Officer named Lori Batoit.

 On April 19, 2015, Gold Bar Reporter Anne Block notified Ms. Batoit and the City of Duvall that Batoit would be added as a RICO defendant and the City of Duvall was being sued for allowing Batoit to violate Block civil rights ( leaving an extortionist voice message on Block’s partner’s business phone).

 A certified copy of Block’s tort claim was filed upon the City of Duvall on April 19, 2015. Within hours after Ms Batoit received a copy of Block’s tort claim, Batoit filed a false certification with King County. How we know her Complaints are false well just say she’ll have to wait to know how we know.  Criminal complaints will be filed against Batoit  for making false certifications and will be filed in King County Court on June 19, 2015.

Our legal counsel stated that what was reviewed from King County as it relates to Batoit does in fact amount to a SLAPP suit. SLAPP suits are unlawful in Washington.  This conduct only adds to Block’s RICO and civil rights suit.

Our duty as investigative bloggers is to scrutinize public officials. It will give us great pleasure to shine a hell of a lot of sunshine on Batoit’s criminal conduct as stated herein using Washington States Public Records Act.

Public records confirm that Ms. Batoit is a very very close friend to Snohomish County’s former Director John E. Pennington. However, at least four police reports we reviewed document that Batoit participated and obstructed at least four police investigations on behalf of her dear friend John E. Pennington. On several reports Batoit seems to be the Officer of choice to investigate her dear and personal friend John Pennington. Unethical or obstruction of justice? We believe both.

We rightfully call Ms. Batoit’s obstruction of criminal complaints filed against John E.  Pennington CORRUPTION.

From other records, we know that Batoit was also friends with a pedophile FIre Chief from Brier who is now serving a 30 year prison sentence. The pedophile fire chief is with no surprise a very dear and close friend to John E. Pennington.  We say “birds of the same feathers flock together as do pigs and swine…”action filed by Lori Batoit if true, only adds support to Block’s RICO and 42 USC 1983 suit. RICO suits are criminal in nature.

Click below for a copy of the RICO suit Ms. Batoit is being sued Under RICO once the amended complaint is filed in June 2015.  9th Circuit Court of Appeals Cheif Kozinski ordered all WA State attorneys removed and an out of state judge assigned anytime the WSBA members are mentioned as Defendants.

Block is awaiting Judge Jones’s recusal order before filing another amended complaint adding Batoit’s most recent predicate acts she committed on behalf of the Enterprise.

As of today, Gold Bar Reporter Block has not been served by Batoit, but since Block is out of the country for the next four weeks, and Ms Batoit was made aware of Block’s vacation out of the country, Block did request Anti-SLAPP Protection if it is true.

Block filed a Motion to Disqualify King Judge Kato as it is unconstitutional to issue ” prior restraints on free speech.” On May 15, 2015, Judge Kato did remove herself from Batoit’s most recent attempt to SLAPP down our message.

 Batoit’s recent attempt to SLAPP down our message and an attempt to thwart a public records request for access to public records, including her private cell phone and private email communication involving Battoit is a permissible public records because Our Court of Appeals held that all private emails and cell phone records are public records if used in any way for government business.

The City of Duvall was notified three weeks ago that a public records lawsuit involving Ms. Batoit and John E. Pennington ‘s emails and phone records is coming. 100 % for certain.


A source states that Lori Batiot and John E. Pennington are engaged in an extramarital affair and Lori Batoit a public officials who thrust herself into the limelight by participating in several news reports.

John E. Pennington would often brag that he had a “little RICO Gang” set up inside government agencies to protect him from criminal prosecution every time someone would file a complaint against him and Batoit was on several criminal complaints filed against John E. Pennington for child and domestic abuse. We have seen enough public news paper articles to document she is a close and personal friend to John Pennington.

 Under the totality of the evidence we reviewed we rightfully call John E Pennington a child and wife absuer and Lori Batoit one corrupt police officer.

Block said ” to allow a public officials to file complaints that amount to violations of my 1st Amendment rights will not go unchecked without a legal fight. The First Amendment means more to me than life and to peacefully stop a corrupt police officer like Batoit from spitting on the Constitution is worth a legal fight over.”

Block’s Motion filed for anti-SLAPP protection has been noted for June 19th. If successful, Block will be entitled to all attorney’s fees, costs (loss of income because of Batoit total disrespect for our laws) and a mandatory $10,000.00 penalty.

Ms.  Batoit is now a RICO defendant and will be sued under 42 USC 1983 soon for violating Block’s civil rights. Block’s amended complaint naming Batoit will be filed in early June.

Washington State prohibits any action that amounts to a SLAPP and Awards $10,000.00 plus cost and attorneys fees. Block is requesting $16,600.00 for Ms. Batoit blatant disrespect for our laws.

Ms. Batoit’s training records, private cell and emails were requested under the Public Records Act. Under RCW 42.56, all records including private cell and email records are subject to public inspection. Once received, Batoit’s records will be posted.

 A lawsuit will be filed against the City of Duvall and Batoit will be noted for deposition. Topic for discussion, Batoit’s relationship with the Penningtons and her communication with the Penningtons.

 Perhaps John E. Pennington’s victims will finally see justice served by exposing the officer who obstructed justice every time one of John Pennington’s victims filed a police report.

However, Batoit’s SLAPP suit cannot stop public disclosure of our records, and since she is being sued under RICO and 1983 Block intends to issue a subpoena for all records that relate to Batoit regardless of whether or not she deems them private or not.

Stay tuned . . .  this shit is juicy and involves sex, corrupt police officers, and much much more!

Reporting from the United Kingdom.

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