Pro/structure Consulting landed on my site

Yesterday Pro/structure Consulting landed on the Gold Bar Reporter. The company’s headquarters is located in Portland Oregon.  This begged a question: who are they and why are they so interested in the Gold Bar Reporter.

Over the last ten years since requesting a pedophile’s email ( terminated Snohomish County political appointee John E. Pennington) communication pursuant to RCW 42.56, my life has been threatened, my property interest was extorted, and several illegal searches and seizures have been conducted on me, my partner and family members who live out of state.

John Pennington and a dirty corrupt King County cop Cary Coblantz even placed an illegal tracker on my U.S. Passport stating that I was ‘ wanted back in the U.S. for a felony warrant.”  This was confirmed via a public records request/response to King County Sherriff’s Office.

Pretty laughable until my readers understand that this illegal government conduct resulted in the physical rape of me at London Heathrow Airport on May 24, 2015.

In one case, Snohomish County’s Department of Emergency Management public records officer Diana Rose intentionally placed a ” Trojan horse” and  ‘ Tracker” on a CD she gave me with Snohomish County’s responsive public records.

Then last year, we learned that while employed with Snohomish County, John E. Pennington spent county resources and time  “hacking.”

Diana Rose and John E. Pennington are being sued for Racketeering and 1983 violations in U.S. Federal Court.

So, as my readers can imagine, I have taken extra security precautions.  But yesterday, I noticed that Pro/structure Consulting landed on my website, so I started researching who they are and what contracts/contacts they have with Washington State, and here’s what I know:

Our Clients

Public Sector

State of Oregon

  • City of Oakridge
  • City of Portland, Police
  • City of Salem
  • City of Sherwood
  • Lane County Transit District
  • Metro Regional Government
  • Oregon State Department of Human Services
  • Oregon State Agriculture Department
  • Oregon State Employment Department
  • State Lottery
  • Tualatin Valley Water District

State of Washington

  • Clark County
  • Washington State Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC)
  • Washington State Department of Health and Human Services
  • Washington State Department of Transportation
  • Washington State Treasury
  • Washington State Department of Early Learning

State of Montana

  • Lincoln County

Application Service Provider

  • Blackbaud Kintera
  • Comotiv Systems
  • Discover-e Legal
  • EID Passport
  • Encounter Collaborative
  • eROI
  • Inherent, Inc.
  • ISITE Design
  • Jive Software
  • Kietra
  • Parallels
  • Primal Quest
  • Rentrak
  • RR Bowker (formerly Syndetic Solutions)
  • ServePath / GoGrid
  • Teak Systems, Inc.
  • Tripwire
  • Versation
  • Web Trends
  • Well Partner


  • Ambric
  • Avnera
  • MagnaChip
  • Mentor Graphics
  • RadiSys Corporation
  • Stexar Corporation
  • SunStone Circuits
  • TriQuint Semiconductor

Internet Service Provider and Telecommunication

  • Packet Clearing House
  • NTT/Verio
  • ServePath
  • Sherwood Broadband
  • Sterling Communications
  • Sungard Availability Services (formerly Inflow)
  • Switch and Data (formerly PAIX)


  • Beff Northwest
  • A-Dec, Inc.
  • Benchmade Knife Co, Inc.
  • Chris King Precision Components
  • Energy Recovery, Inc.
  • King Cycle Group
  • Neal Kelly
  • Oddball
  • Oregon Catholic Press
  • Pre1
  • SuperFeet


  • Northwest Cardiologists


  • Entercom Radio
  • Laika Studios

Finance / Investment

  • Harsch Investment Properties
  • MiddleGate
  • Regional Trustee Services
  • Schwartz Tilson Information
  • West Coast Bank


  • Albertina Kerr
  • Central City Concern
  • Mercy Corps
  • Packet Clearing House (PCH)

Consulting Firms/Legal

  • Betts, Patterson & Mines, P.S.
  • CASE Associates
  • Corporate Privacy Group
  • Heavy Water Operations
  • Privacy Ready
  • ACME Business Consulting


  • Knowledge Universe
  • Rogue Community College
  • University of Oregon’s  Educational and Community Supports


  • Kimpton Hotels


  • Amcomp


  • U.S. Outdoor Store



What’s even more interesting is who Pro/structure Consulting came onto my website with. . .  leaving me to believe that our Nation’s greatest threats to Democracy come from our government.  More on this issue soon.






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