Snohomish County’s trash can




Lying thief police officer must be a prerequisite for being hired inside the Snohomish County Sherriff’s Office, leaving us to conclude that Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office is where the trash hides.

David Fontenot is a proud member of Snohomish County’s Brady Cop List, otherwise known as the ” dirty cop list.”



Adding insult to injury, David Fontenot

After Lori Shavlik was found NOT GUILTY, David Fontenot had the audacity to approach her, while the recorder was running, stating ” It wasn’t my choice to prosecute you” as Ms. Shavlik was in tears after being notified that the jury believed that she was not guilty of the crimes Mark Roe and his criminal counterpart Adam Cornell tried to charge her with.

The above picture of David Fontenot is redacted because it has a picture of a minor girl. I often wonder how any of these people can sleep at night knowing that they just conspired to harm someone’s daughter.

Whether its attorney Michael Kenyon covering up as a political favor John Pennington’s rape of a five year old child from Cowlitz County in 1992, or David Fontenot and Mark Roe’s conspiracy to harm Lori Shavlik, we citizens must band together to expose the cockroaches where they roam, inside government offices.

And RCW 42.56 ( Washington State’s Public Records Act) is our best tool in exposing the cockroaches where they roam.  I enjoy reading emails, text messages, and phone records and our readers should request as many records necessary to hold these bastards responsible for the their criminal conduct before they imprison half the population.



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