Seattle’s Epstein Part II, ” A Pedophile’s Paradise”, University of Alaska, Fairbanks; The Dumping Ground for Child-Rapist

University of Alaska Fairbanks Chancellor White Refuses to Fire Serial Criminal John Edward Pennington

Fairbanks, AK Oct. 20, 2021.   

Chancellor White’s Refusal to Fire Known Serial Criminal John Pennington
“Exposes Students to Imminent Danger, The University to Massive Financial
Liability and Loss of Federal Accreditation,” According to a Legal Expert

“It just doesn’t make sense,” said the famous Ninth Circuit Appellate attorney John Scannell. “By refusing to fire John Pennington, the Chancellor is putting the life of every student at risk.”

​“I want to be very clear on what the implications are of John Pennington’s presence at the University of Alaska,” said the tireless public interest litigator, who  is  nationally  recognized  for   his  pro   bono   advocacy  of  civil   rights.  “The Chancellor is exposing the students to imminent danger, the university to massive financial liability and loss of federal accreditation,” he said. “It’s that simple.” “Isn’t   the   larger   question,   ‘How   did  John   Edward Pennington Jr.,   a   man   with   a   false academic and work credentials, a history of negligent homicide of 43 people, federal credit card fraud, rape of a five year old child, child molestation, and extreme domestic violence get hired by the University of Alaska?’” said the federal attorney. “Shouldn’t the Chancellor be thoroughly investigated by the Board of Regents, the Office of Governor, the Legislature,   the   State   Auditor,   the   Alaska   Education   Foundation,   and   the Education Trust of Alaska?” asked the Gold Bar Reporter.

The publisher of the Gold Bar Reporter, who has collected thousands of pages of evidence over a decade, agrees. “This is Seattle’s Epstein,” said legal scholar and a member of the free press, Anne Block,   J.D.  “He has been blackmailing   high-ranking politicians for   years   with compromising  pictures involving young girls used for human trafficking ( sex slaves for politicians in Olympia). Public officials include Court of Appeals Justice Marlin Applewick, Senator John Lovick, and Snohomish County Commissioner G. Geoffrey Gibbs ( convicted of fraud by the Washington Attorney General’s Office).

There   is   no   way   that   John   Pennington   could   be legitimately employed in any public interest capacity,” said the Journalist and Publisher. “Any background check would have revealed a lifetime of criminal activity,” she said. “Every single email, every phone call, and every meeting of the Chancellor should be exhaustively examined to determine what political pressure or favoritism may have resulted in Pennington’s hiring and the refusal to terminate Pennington’s employment,” said Ms. Block.

“The Chancellor is risking the health and safety of the students,” she said. “The people of Alaska need to know why. Right now.”

This is the first in a sub-series of “Seattle’s Epstein” which will focus on the Investigation of University of Alaska Fairbanks Chancellor David M White.

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