Time Is Running Out for Lloyd’s of London’sWashington State RICO Unit

By J.P. Zenger


On March 8, 2022, at 11:18 a.m., the offices of Snohomish County, Washington government seemed the same as any other morning. There were two exceptions. In the main reception area, the unseasonal smell of freshly cut grass drifted in through the partially open window on an unusually clear and sunny 46-degree day for early March. Nothing remotely suggested that a metaphoric F5 storm loomed just over the horizon.

The second exception to routine was the presence of a federal agent serving a subpoena. Compelling records about members of the largest RICO in the history of Washington State. The subpoena is expected to be the first of many. Over the next few months, dozens of local and state government offices, public officials, and private law firms are predicted by legal experts to be next. The storm with the power to eviscerate the RICO and the lives of its members thus announced its imminent arrival in Washington State.

After 15 years of effort by Washington State’s Gold Bar Reporter, together with its growing network of 13 volunteer attorneys, 86 victims and their families, hundreds of public records requests, and a lengthy investigation by federal law enforcement, the Washington State unit of what is now proven to be a massive global RICO operated by Lloyd’s of London appears to be rapidly nearing its end, according to voluminous evidence and insider testimony.

The RICO was deconstructed by the Gold Bar Reporter after retaliation by RICO member John E. Pennington, Jr., as chronicled in this series, “Seattle’s Epstein.” As explained earlier in the series, one of several cogs in Lloyd’s complex RICO machine is estate, probate and guardianship fraud involving billions of dollars. “We really lucked out,” said John Scannell, an appellate attorney in the 9th Circuit. “At the end of over a decade’s work, when choosing model RICO cases to bring to national attention, we found what is alleged to be a model case of estate fraud.” Luck may have little to do with the extended public interest group’s ongoing success.

For his part, Mr. Scannell is clearly a remarkable person. One of the few people in the history of the state to get a perfect SAT Score, he has a degree in physics from the University of Washington, is an accomplished chess champion, and has a decades-long history of public interest litigation with hundreds of millions of dollars of impact. He has rarely charged for his work and has a national reputation as “The Wizard of Laws.”

Mr. Scannell’s associate Anne Block, J.D., is equally remarkable. She worked through law school as a machinist while raising her infant daughter as a single mother. An award-winning investigative journalist, she inherited from her social activist New England parents a 163 IQ, their tireless Yankee work ethic, a blunt Boston bravado, and instilled in her an obligation to actively challenge corruption – regardless of the time or cost required. “They considered our historic Bostonian civic duty sacred,’ she said. “So do I.”

Luck may also have little to do with how the group’s associates discovered their model estate fraud case. In 2019, a guardianship victims’ relative, semi-retired major media journalist Mr. Greenwald joined the Gold Bar Reporter network. He acquired state-of-the-art fraud detection software, and began to process Washington State records. “We now discover patterns of fraud and relationships in seconds that until a couple of years ago would have taken thousands of hours and was only used by the NSA and CIA,” he said.

Openly Corrupt King County Commissioner Carlos aka “Crazy Carlos” Velategui is a Key Member of a Vast Washington State RICO


“It’s hard to overstate the significance of the new fraud analysis software. It’s like we are dealing with 19 century bank robbers who have no idea what a computer is. The software uses artificial intelligence and ‘Big Data’ in such complex and sophisticated ways that it really is science fiction come true. We have the next best thing to a brain scanner. After we find the patterns and cases, the same judges, attorneys, and public officials appear. We then contact the victims and their heirs.

The model case that the group discovered is the estate of the late Robert Cannon. “It’s the perfect fraud case,” said Mr. Greenwald. “We have an openly corrupt commissioner, Carlos aka ‘Crazy Carlos’ Velategui, and a plaintiff, Henry Cannon, who was an employee of King County and a friend of several judges. It couldn’t be better,” he stated. “This is our dream case. Velategui was already on our short list of the most corrupt judges in the state before his initial retirement two years ago. We are also reviewing all of the cases of Hanis Irvine Prothero.

“Known to be one of the most openly corrupt King County, Washington judges for his entire career, Velategui continues to fraudulently exhume himself from retirement like a crypt keeper of public corruption whose rotting hand clutching a fistful of stolen dollars rises from the grave in a “B” movie. But he couldn’t do it without the help of his friends in King County government,” said Mr. Greenwald. “They know who he is and what he does.”

Upon discovery of the Cannon estate case, the group reached out to an estate creditor with their evidence. The effort to elevate public attention about Velategui, other colluding public officials, and the firm Hanis Irvine includes two websites focused on Velategui and Hanis Irvine to assist victims with the automation of filing federal criminal complaints, to function as central repositories for evidence, and to collect and package evidence for a civil class action. “We have large national firms interested before the sites are fully live on May 15,” said Mr. Greenwald.

Patrick M. Hanis, the Law Firm Hanis Irvine Prothero and its staff are the subject of a RICO Investigation.

“It’s all about focus. In addition to Pennington, who really revealed the entire RICO, we are focusing on a relatively small number of public officials and attorneys. Our greatest asset is their arrogance. We will keep packaging evidence and sending it to federal authorities in D.C. We know how much collusion there is between the RICO members and public officials in the Western District,” said Anne Block, Publisher of the Gold Bar Reporter.

For his part, Patrick Hanis is a key subject of the Gold Bar Reporter investigation.  In addition to his involvement in probate and guardianship cases of interest, Mr. Hanis has acted as a Commissioner for King County Water District #111 since February 2004, which serves the areas of Meridian Valley and Lake Meridian in Kent. During that time, he and his law firm have represented clients with water rights issues.

Charles Wilson is Being Investigated for His Decisions Involving Clients of Hanis Irvine

Gary G. Cline is Being Investigated for His Decisions Involving Clients of Hanis Irvine

“We are examining every case of record and alleged conflicts of interest between Water District 111, Mr. Hanis, Hanis Irvine, and its staff, clients, Mr. Charles Wilson, and Mr. Gary G. Cline,” said Ms. Block. “Beyond that, I can no longer comment.”



 UNIVERSITY OF ALASKA FAIRBANKS’s Employee John Pennington Explains His Support And “Outspoken Advocacy” of Abortion Rights

© By J.P. Zenger, for the Gold Bar Reporter, Reporting from Fairbanks, AK USA

Killer and Serial child rapist John Pennington explains his unwavering support of abortion as being “about consistency”

Fairbanks, AK USA “I may have committed negligent homicide of 43 people, and am currently an alleged ‘person of interest’ in some other supposed homicides and disappearances of underage children across a few states and Canada, but it’s really about consistency,” said John Pennington, aka “Seattle’s Epstein,” reflecting on his well-known support of abortion. “I mean, I may be called a murderer, but at least I’m not a hypocrite.”

The nationally infamous serial criminal took time from his schedule as a public official and Faculty Member of the University of Alaska for a remarkably candid, if not confessional, interview with the Gold Bar Reporter to explain his international activism as a leading supporter of abortion rights. “I want to be very clear about my position on abortion,” he stated with emphasis, “I not only support abortion, but I also support it in any circumstance through the third trimester of pregnancy. In fact my personal philanthropy has focused exclusively on supporting abortion rights, and personally paying for dozens of abortions.”

Mr. Pennington has, in fact, illustrated his point of conviction and degree of advocacy of the right to end life through his own personal experience, as is reflected in the public record. In Seattle, when Mr. Pennington and his former wife had a disagreement about carrying their own child to term, he took matters into his own hands to tangibly express the extent of his passion and no-compromises position about the right to terminate a pregnancy. John Pennington nearly beat his ex-wife to death while she was in her third trimester of pregnancy. He had done the same to other former spouses and girlfriends as well. Repeatedly.

“Look at my track record. Of course I support abortion in all its forms, whether done through a licensed clinic, a veterinarian, a midwife, or even in a back alley,” said Mr. Pennington. “It’s an established fact that I was responsible for the death of 43 people. Wouldn’t it be kind of silly if I went around saying I was pro-life?” he said, “Actually, it would be nothing short of ridiculous,” he emphasized. Mr. Pennington’s court-ordered psychiatric evaluation by Dr. Marsha Hendricks in Seattle concurred, concluding that he has “no empathy for human life whatsoever.”

Another court-appointed psychiatric evaluation by Dr. Ableben Z. Hintritt of Los Angeles, California concluded that Mr. Pennington’s:

“…severe Asperger’s, together with a long history of incest and reciprocal extreme domestic violence from a very young age that involved both his mother and grandfather has resulted in a deeply disturbed and dangerous psychopath with behavior manifesting in dissociative identity disorder, commonly known as a ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ personality.’”

Dr. Hintritt further predicted that:

“Mr. Pennington’s disorders will be regularly triggered by seemingly random events, and will continue to result in severe outbursts and physical violence, including inevitable threats to human life. When those trigger events occur, he has no capacity whatsoever to control his behavior, degree of internal agitation, and external violence and harm that will predictably manifest during those events. Mr. Pennington is a headline waiting to happen,” said the internationally regarded Psychiatrist. Dr. Hintritt’s prediction was prophetic. The headlines have appeared all over the world.

“By far the greatest danger of Asperger’s patients who also manifest psychopathy and antisocial behavior is their ability to study and mimic the behavior of others, and thus to appear normal until any number of trigger events occurs,” stated Dr. Hintritt in his report to the Court. “This is very disarming in the case of Mr. Pennington, as the subject is highly intelligent, presents with a distinguished and attractive appearance, and yet as accurately cited in the previous analysis by Dr. Hendricks, Mr. Pennington has absolutely no capacity for human empathy whatsoever,” he said. “The combination of his disorders, together with a complete absence of any moral compass makes Mr. Pennington as dangerous as any subject I have ever assessed,” stated the noted Psychiatrist and profiler of serial killers, including fellow Seattle murders Ted Bundy, Gary Ridgeway, and dozens of others.

“Mr. Pennington’s consistently violent criminal behavior precludes any rational possibility of functioning in society. Permanent involuntary confinement without the possibility of parole is the only conceivable option.”

Mr. Pennington’s support for abortion goes well beyond his financial support. Several restraining orders have been issued against him for harassing pro-life advocates at their homes, protests, and even their offices. Mr. Pennington’s harassment of public pro-life protests has involved him both “mooning” and sexually exposing himself to groups of protesters, including children. The investigations and/or prosecutions of all of these incidents and charges have been blocked, sealed, and/or dismissed by the many judges and public officials whom he and his wife have directly or indirectly extorted and continue to extort.

Consistency indeed. John Pennington’s demonstrated position on a child’s right to life and protection has been equally consistent throughout his entire life. A serial rapist of very young children since he was a teenager, the cases of his rape of boys and girls span the country. After violently raping several children in his hometown of Nashville, Tennessee, he raped several boys at his church in San Diego. He then raped and attempted to murder a five-year-old girl in Cowlitz County, Washington. According to the lead detective in the case, Maurice Saxon, “John Pennington is the man who raped and tried to murder that little girl.”

After the child rapes in San Diego, he fled California. Relocating to Washington State, he found an uncontested seat in the Washington State Legislature, representing a sparsely populated community. Using his new position as a state legislator, he actively “socialized” at every possible venue with his fellow legislators. The socializing included countless “meetings” at several private and public “swingers” clubs that feature spouse swapping and every conceivable related activity. He then arranged private flights with lobbyists and legislators to Portland, Oregon to have sex with underage victims of child trafficking. With and without the knowledge of the legislators, he took pictures. Those pictures, together with those taken during his current wife’s politically targeted promiscuity at Mr. Pennington’s direction, has allowed the Penningtons to continuously blackmail judges and politicians. Those judges and politicians have, in turn, pressured lower ranking public officials to forego investigation and/or prosecution of countless of the Pennington’s crimes.

The Legislators who occupied office concurrently and “socialized” with Mr. Pennington, and/or who have been subject to his blackmail, include Washington State’s Attorney General, Bob Ferguson, Judge Eric Lucas, Judge Joe Wilson, Marlin Applewick, Commissioner Jeffrey Gibbs, in addition to several other public officials. His extortion has resulted in those politicians and public officials erasing Mr. Pennington’s criminal history on the FBI’s NCIC criminal database, pressuring prosecutors to forego prosecution of dozens of crimes, including child rape, and one of the most visible, and egregious, and extensive cases of negligent homicide in the history of the United States.

In one example of his ability to evade or defer justice, Mr. Pennington’s rape of the five-year-old girl in Cowlitz County, WA, was to be prosecuted by a Kelso City Prosecutor Michael Kenyon. Directly after Mr. Pennington assumed state office, however, “The rape kit for the investigation disappeared, several witnesses were never called, and the case never went to trial. Pennington was never even charged. Michael Kenyon directly aided and abetted Pennington, a violent serial child rapist, and went from his $43,000 a year job with Cowlitz County, WA to receiving millions of dollars in state government legal services contracts. Pennington went free. Is that a coincidence?” said a former Police Detective and private investigator. The little girl, who barely survived, got a lifetime of night terrors, according to her mother.

The most dramatic example of the power of Mr. Pennington’s blackmail is the fact that his negligent homicide of 43 people, homes, animals, and related economic impact of over two hundred million dollars was never prosecuted. “John Edward Pennington Jr. got his job as director of FEMA’s Region 10 through fraud, according to the Seattle Times. The story is covered by dozens of major media outlets across the world. He repeatedly lied to the press about his failure to disclose the slide risks to residents. And he’s fired for stealing FEMA money, but never prosecuted? How is it possible to get away with murder and federal fraud in broad daylight. In front of the entire world?” said a FEMA insider.

Roughly Half of the People in Washington State Killed by John Edward Pennington Jr.

When told of Mr. Pennington’s current employment in a $100,000+ position as the “Deputy Director of the Center for Arctic Security and Resilience” with the State of Alaska, referencing himself on the State website as “an internationally recognized emergency/disaster management and public policy professional,” the otherwise calm and professional FEMA insider responded with an extended series of expletives, followed by “Are you serious? Who in God’s name let this happen, and how on Earth is it remotely possible for this murdering child rapist con artist to get a job in government, again? This is insane.”  

“Like I said, it’s about consistency,” concluded Mr. Pennington in relation to his tireless support of the right to end life, abruptly ending the interview, “I can’t stand hypocrites.”

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This article and the series, and all articles on the Gold Bar Reporter, may be reprinted and published at no cost if approved by the Gold Bar Reporter, and original authorship and joint ownership of copyrights by J.P. Zenger and the Gold Bar Reporter are attributed. Please email with requests for reprint/republication.


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