Spokane County Superior Court Judges on drugs?


In April 2015, I called Spokane County Superior Court Judge Annette Plese ( above) after a mother from Spokane County named Jill Fleck contacted the Gold Bar Reporter with a horrific story about an extortion and bribery scheme involving Spokane attorneys Susan Embree, Judge Annette Plese and Commisoner Anderson.

The source even stated that during her custody trial, Judge Plese called her a whore. A matter of public record. Now I’ve heard some really strange stories from my readers about judges in corrupt Washington over the last nine years, but this had to take the cake.

I’d like my readers to know I’ve spent the last twelve months investigating before publishing, sorting and sifting through hundreds of Spokane County files, to state that our entire judiciary should hold up signs saying “ For sale to highest bidder, but if you’re poor, you’re out of luck, and your kids stolen and handed over to criminals who are drug dealers and wife and child abusers who lander money to pay off the judges.”

The source, an abused, but quite sane mother of two , Jill Fleck, who just like pedophile and wife beater John E. Pennington’s ex wives here in Snohomish County, lost custody of children to a criminal.  In Ms Fleck’s case, Judge Annette Plese ( who with no surprise is also a personal and dear friend to corrupt Washington State Homophobic Supreme Court Justice Barabara Madsen) knowingly gave custody of Ms Fleck’s children to a convicted drug dealing car thief, and wife and child abuser, Charles Fleck.

At the time Judge Annette Plese gave custody of Jill Fleck’s two minor children to a felon druggie, Ms Fleck’s only crime was shoplifting when she was younger.  Since that time Judge Plese and Susan Embree have misused their political influence to have Ms Fleck charged with receiving stolen goods, a case that was just tossed out by the Court of Appeals. Why?  Thank RCW 42.56, the Public Recrods Act.

Discovered in public emails three weeks ago, Spokane County Detective Stacey Carr lied on the stand and was caught forging a police report. Why, as a political favor to shut Jill Fleck up about the corruption involving a pay off system in Spokane County Superior Court. Clear racketeering.

Ms Fleck’s ex Charles Fleck was convicted of stealing cars and transporting them across state lines for the purpose of supporting his car- chop- shopping and drug businesses.  A business Charles Fleck ran on EBay until he was chatsized by a Montana federal court judge for lying on his financial indigency forms obtaining a public defender on false pretenses.

Mr Fleck’s criminal activity was captured on video by a good Samaritan and  confirms beyond any shadow o a doubt that Charles Fleck was transporting stolen cars from Monatana to his home in Spokane.  Charles Fleck plead guilty to felony charges in US federal court, Great Falls Montana.

However, Charles Fleck didn’t commit his crimes against society alone.  Mr Fleck has had the assistance of attorney Susan Embree, a twice convicted drunk driver whose Facebook pictures look more like a thug running for the Mafia than that of an attorney; she also has extensive federal tax liens and refused to file her federal income tax returns. So much so that Embree was sued in US federal Court by the IRS and the Washington Attorney General. Ms Embree is a stellar  convicted criminal with a WA State Bar license.

Since 2010, attorney Susan Embree braggs that she had the fix in with Spokane Superior Court judges and stalks Ms Fleck on a regular basis.  When she enters the court, Ms Embree reeks of booze and files frivolous motion after frivolous motion always with the same judges and one specific Commisioner Rachelle Anderson ( Spokane).

Up until recently, Ms Embree shared an office at 1312 Monroe St Spokane Washington with another criminal, attorney Lin O’Dell.

Ms. O’Dell was caught stealing thousands of dollars from an ATM cash machine of  a former client. More on O’Dell soon but for those of my readers who are not familiar with O’Dell she’s the one who was accepting financial bribes from terminated/ disgraced Snohomish County employee John E. Pennington.  Pennington is also the man who killed 43 people in the Snohomish County Oso mudslides.

In 2016 the Honorable Justice Alex Kozonski issued a scathing opinion in the Joshua Frist case involving government misconduct.  Sadly, Jill Fleck’s case uncovered a pay off system inside Spokane County Superior Courts using drugs , stolen cars, and a dangerous convicted felon, Charles Fleck from Spokane.

In 2010, Jill Fleck’s attorney suggested to her that if she could come up with $60,000.00 Judge Plese would give back custody of her two children. The attorney knew that Jill Fleck’s relative was a sports star.

Recently I contacted Judge Plese asking her for comment as to a series of stories coming as it relates to her decision to give custody to a violent convicted felon named Charles Fleck and in his live in girlfriend ( whose live in daughter was recently charged with aiding criminal assistance to a Spokane County murderer who with no surprise goes on trial in Judge Plese’s courtroom in Januar y 2017).

Judge Plese spoke to the Gold Bar Reporter for an hour sounding more like a drug addict than that of a member of the judiciary.  Judge Plese acted like she knew nothing of Charles Felck’s extensive criminal history of assaulting women and children ( CPS records coming Soon) , drug trafficking and his chop shopping federal conviction from Montana even though public records confirm judge Plese knew of Fleck’s extensive criminal history since 2011 and prior to awarding him custody of Jill Fleck’s kids.

Attorney Susan Embree and Commsioner Anderson refused comment, but public records  are clear that a violent convicted criminal was given custody because he was able to meet the pay off demand. Something Jill Fleck could not do because she is poor.

I’d like my readers to know this story is just the open brief in a series of articles (with public records ) I intend to post over the next three weeks so stay tuned. I promise a good read that supports a criminal racketeering investigation of Spokane County Judge Annette Plese, Commisoner Rachelle Anderson and attorney Susan Embree.  So much so that I am asking for Honorbale Justice Kozinski to send the Natuonal Guard to protect Washingtonians  from the criminals who have hijacked our government.

My source suggested that attorney Susan Embree’s convicted drug dealing felon son might kill me, and if I turn up dead, let it be known who is responsible.  However, for those of you honest police officers reading this, you might note that Ms. Embree’s son has a warrant for his arrest.  But be careful when approaching Susan Embree’s house as it looks more like a junk yard or drug dealer than that of an attorney.

One last fact:  Judge Plese and Commissioner Rachelle Anderson are not totally without a heart, they did allow Jill Fleck supervised visitation.

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