Washington State Public Lands candidate, stalking Gold Bar Reporter


Steve McLaughlin, candidate for public lands stalking Gold Bar Reporter, Snohomish County public emails confirm. ” birds of the same feathers flock together as do pigs and swine…”

In late 2015, Snohomish County Department of Emergency Management released terminated director John Pennington’s ( Pennington) email communication from July 2014.  In Pennington’s emails my suspicions were correct, John Pennington had a man stalking me in Gold Bar Washington.

From: Steve McLaughlin [mailto:mclaughlin@soundandsea.com]

John, Thanks. I’ll keep my eye out. If she’s from the Gold Bar area, the odds are I’ll find her since we have a home at Index.


From: Pennington, John [mailto:John.Pennington@co.snohomish.wa.us] Sent: Tuesday, July 29, 2014 12:02 PM To: ‘Steve McLaughlin’ Subject: RE: OSO Press Conference

Anne Kathleen Block… also goes under name Michael Broaks at times.

From: Steve McLaughlin [mailto:mclaughlin@soundandsea.com] Sent: Tuesday, July 29, 2014 11:51 AM To: Pennington, John Subject: RE: OSO Press Conference


Thanks for the info. If I hear more from her, I will forward them to you.  What is her real name in case she tries to contact me using that?



From: Steve McLaughlin [mailto:mclaughlin@soundandsea.com] Sent: Saturday, July 26, 2014 8:32 PM To: Pennington, John Subject: FW: OSO Press Conference

Hi John,

Somebody sent the email to me below over the weekend from Gold Bar Reporter. Don’t know who Brownie Jr is, but somehow they got onto your email.  Interesting.  Do you have any info on this?

I authenticate this email with the following: You took ICS 400 from me and we saw each other on Wednesday and discussed using me at the EOC for strategy.

Steve McLaughlin

From: Gold Bar Reporter [mailto:GoldBarReporter@comcast.net] Sent: Saturday, July 26, 2014 12:57 PM To: ‘Steve McLaughlin’ Subject: RE: OSO Press Conference

Mr. McLaughlin,

Great job Brownie Jr, we have 44 people dead because you!


From: Steve McLaughlin [mailto:mclaughlin@soundandsea.com] Sent: Sunday, March 23, 2014 9:32 AM To: Pennington, John Subject: OSO Press Conference


Just saw your press conference on Channel 4.  You’re doing a GREAT JOB! Let me know if you need some help.

Steve A McLaughlin


17442 Nordic Cove Ln NW

Poulsbo, WA 98370


“It had long since come to my attention that people of accomplishment rarely sat back and let things happen to them.

They went out and happened to things.”

This e-mail message is confidential and is intended only for the use of the individual(s) or entity named above.  It contains information that is or may be confidential, non-public or legally privileged.  Any dissemination or distribution of this message to other than the intended recipient(s) is strictly prohibited.  If you have received this message in error, please notify us by e-mail to mclaughlin@soundandsea.com immediately and delete the original message and all copies from all locations in your computer systems


Once I retrieved access confirming what I already knew ” a man was stalking me at my home, sitting at the end of a cul-de-sac of my street for hours and days on time, mainly over the weekend”, I immediately looked for a picture of Steve McLaughlin, and confirmed he was the man stalking me at my residential home in Gold Bar.

Steve McLaughlin spent most of the summer of 2014 stalking the Gold Bar Reporter as a favor to Pennington. But why?

Pennington former emergency management director was terminated after he caused 43 people to suffocate to death in the Oso mudslides, because instead of doing his job, Pennington was on the east coast performing his private contracts. Sadly for his victims, Pennington told his department to stand down until he arrived from D.C., causing a four day delay in getting much needed FEMA assistance.

Recently released email communication from Snohomish County also confirms beyond any doubt that Pennington and his forth wife, Crystal Hill Pennington ( convicted of bank fraud using an alias last name Berg – Snohomish County, 2005; and in North Carolina, using alias of Chris Hill in 2000)  are anonymously gang stalking the Gold Bar Reporter on his website titled ” The Sky Valley Chronicle.”

Gold Bar’s former Mayor Joe Beavers is also a blogger on the Penningtons’ website, the Sky Valley Chronicle.

John Pennington, Crystal Hill Pennington and Joe Beavers are being sued for racketeering and defamation with depositions are expected to begin during the summer of 2017.

Knowing what I know about Steve McLaughlin criminal stalking me at my home, I was shocked to learn in the middle of this year that a criminal like Steve McLaughlin is running for public lands commissioner.

Simply put, Steve McLaughlin is unfit for Public Lands Commissioner and should be in jail for criminal stalking and conspiracy to harm.

Here’s what we know about McLaughlin. 

Steve McLaughlin is a member of a secret organization, some also refer to this organization as ” Domestic Spying” or “secret police force” called Stratfor, was stalking the Gold Bar Reporter at her home as a favor to terminated former director John E. Pennington ( Pennington).

Steve McLaughlin claims to be have unique qualities ( but he left off criminal stalking)


I’ve been connected to the land and sea my entire life, and after traveling the world, there is no place I would rather live. I am a lifelong conservationist, mountain climber, and avid outdoorsman.

Gold Bar Reporter comments:  Yes this is true that McLaughlin has been connected to land and sea via his involvement in domestic spying group of Stratfor. 

Our public trust lands and the 1,800 employees and nearly 20,000 private sector jobs the DNR timber harvests produce need experienced, balanced leadership. I want to manage our lands so my grandchildren can have the benefit of experiencing what I have during my life here.

Gold Bar Reporter comments:  It appears that McLaughlin is very good at regurgitating public facts from websites.  Ok.

A career in military service will teach you a few things – loyalty, honesty, service, tolerance and tenacity. As a naval officer, I’ve worked with the most diverse group of people there is, and find value in everyone. After retiring, I’ve focused on teaching incident command to first responders, protecting critical infrastructure through coordinated efforts across multi-jurisdictions. I know firsthand how to lead large, diverse organizations and bring the best out in people. I’m uniquely prepared to be your next Commissioner of Public Lands and want to get on with the business of working with the good people at DNR, use science to guide our decisions and work in collaboration with the people who have a stake and dependency on our public trust lands. I would appreciate your vote. Thank you.

Gold Bar Reporter comments:  It appears that McLaughlin believes that criminal stalking of reporters speaks to his loyalty, honesty, service,  tolerance, etc .  Ok, suppose in his World of domestic spying with Stratfor, he might perceive his criminal behavior as justifying.  Opinion, ok.  

►  I have faithfully served my country with distinction for 25 years in the United States Navy .

Gold Bar Reporter comments: McLaughlin should fess up about what his involvement with the US Government is.  We believe based on our research and with WikiLeaks information posted on Tor search engines that McLaughlin is part of the secret domestic spying ring called “Stratfor” but go find it for yourself.  

►  I have been a defense contractor and a FEMA Incident Management Instructor for the past 10 years.

Gold Bar Reporter comments: Ok, now this is interesting and the probably the main reason why McLaughlin decided to criminally stalk the Gold Bar Reporter at her home.  If you read the Gold Bar Reporter’s investigative report on John Pennington, below, you’d know that John Pennington was an uneducated bum who received a political appointment to FEMA Region X as a political favor to the late Senator Jennifer Dunn. But then President George E Bush finally did what we did, ran a background check on Pennington. 

►  I led efforts to permanently preserve the last remaining old-growth forest in Northern Puget Sound, with 1,400 year old trees

Gold Bar Reporter comments: Another lie.  Actually, McLaughlin did not “led” efforts, the US Forest Service did.

See http://www.fs.fed.us/r5/rsl/publications/oldgrowth/old-growth-ca-or-wa.pdf

►  I drafted the Kosovo Peacekeeping plan for Gen. Wesley Clark

Gold Bar Reporter commentsAnother lie, as NATO drafted the plan.


►  I led reconstruction efforts for the Okanogan community that suffered a catastrophic wildfire

Gold Bar Reporter commentsAnother lie, Recovery efforts on the wildfires in Okanogen County were led mainly by private and non-profit groups.

►  I have taught thousands of Washington State firefighters, police, and other first-responders
►  I started and led three organizations to serve others:

 1) to help prevent suicide among veterans,
2) to provide relief to communities hit by natural disasters,
3) to get citizens engaged to be involved in the governmental process by setting the    example

Gold Bar Reporter commentsAnother lie, as we could find no public record to support McLaughlin’s assertion that he taught anything.  We could fin no evidence that helped a single veteran. But we did find public email communication between McLaughlin and Pennington documenting that the Gold Bar Reporter’s post about Steve McLaughlin criminally stalking her at her home were right on target. 

Steve McLaughlin’s email ( below) sent and received from John Pennington, former political appointee terminated for criminal stalking of the Gold Bar Reporter speaks for itself. For more information on John Pennington keep reading below. Note that the Gold Bar Reporter has NEVER been sued for defamation or  libel. However, we’d welcome such a suit.


From: Steve McLaughlin [mailto:mclaughlin@soundandsea.com] Sent: Sunday, March 23, 2014 9:32 AM To: Pennington, John Subject: OSO Press Conference


Just saw your press conference on Channel 4.  You’re doing a GREAT JOB! Let me know if you need some help.

Steve A McLaughlin


17442 Nordic Cove Ln NW

Poulsbo, WA 98370


“It had long since come to my attention that people of accomplishment rarely sat back and let things happen to them.

For those of my readers who haven’t read my last articles on John Pennington’s criminal history, please see below.


John Pennington, terminated for Snohomish County



From FEMA to Snohomish County Washington and now to Pierce College ( Tacoma Washington diploma mill), dark  secrets unearthed. Gold Bar Reporters were the first to report on John E. Pennington’s criminal conduct, a small portion of our report is outlined below


John Pennington was a troubled youth who, according to one source “had a major drug problem by the age of 16.”  So it’s no surprise that in the late 1980’s, after being kicked out of Vanderbilt College in Tennessee after raping a female college student, John Pennington moved to a small suburban city just outside of San Diego California.

While in the San Diego area,  John Pennington meets his new victim, who believe he legally married, so are calling her ex-wife # 1, Carla M.

Two years later, John Pennington fled from Southern California, again heading home to Nashville, only after two small boys made allegations of sexual abuse against him while on a church camping trip.

While in Tennessee, John Pennington made an unsuccessful run for an open State Rep. seat.  After a landslide loss for Pennington, he again headed west. This time to Oregon where Pennington meets his next victim.

Mr. Pennington plead guilty to criminal assault 1 and harassment  ( Washington County Case # D911027SC) after he hospitalized his fiancé in Oregon. A felony.

As a result, John Pennington fled from Oregon to Vancouver Washington. While in Vancouver Washington, John Pennington meets his next victim. Sadly, they soon married.

While working in a coffee delivery business, John Pennington stole coffee grinding equipment from his previous employer and used this equipment to start-up a coffee shop in Kelso. Purpose was to make it look like he was an entrepreneur ( but he is really a sociopath) as to grab an uncontested Republican seat in Cowlitz County.

It worked, the uneducated college dropout John Pennington managed to get elected to an uncontested WA House of Representatives seat. Unfortunately for residents in New Orleans and Oso Washington, he met a powerful Washington State Republican leader, Jennifer Dunn.

In 1992, a 5-year-old girl was kidnapped, raped, and then tossed along a Cowlitz County road like a piece of trash.  We sent our private investigators to Cowlitz County to talk with the lead Detective who confirmed the following facts:

John Pennington became one of two prime suspects for the following reasons:

(1) Pennington operated a coffee delivery route within six blocks of where the child was dumped after being raped; (2) he drove the same car; (3) he was in the area at the time of the child rape and could not explain his whereabouts; (4)  his picture from 1992 is a complete match to the child and witness sketch drawing of the pedophile; (5) he relentlessly convinced his ex-wife to call the police attempting to divert attention away from himself and onto another man; and ( 6) He has continuous and countless charges of child and spousal abuse, a man who cannot keep his hands to himself.

Below is the press release as it relates to John E. Pennington’s rape of a 5 year old girl from Cowlitz County Washington


Unfortunately for the 5 year child, John Pennington meets a Kelso Washington city attorney named Michael Kenyon.

According to John Pennington’s divorce files he is also an abuser of prescription pills, and was detained at the US Mexico  for having narcotics ( non-prescription pain pills) on his person while coming back into the US. Pennington has never denied this allegation.

In 1995, John Pennington was also a member of the Washington State Militia, a group dedicated to over throwing the United States government. ” John sat around for years obsessed about getting even with the Longview Washington news reporter for reporting that John was a member of the State militia.”

From 1992 to 2005, John Pennington’s violence grew with his ex-wife. # 2, Valerie. From pushing her down a flight of stairs as well as constant physical harassment,  John Pennington never learned to keep his hands to himself.

But the case that raised our eyebrows is Mr. Pennington’s abuse on his ex-wife # 2 ( who is really ex-wife # 3) Anne Laughlin. Ms. Laughlin was a City of Duvall city council member at the time of Pennington’s assault of Anne. Anne was three weeks away from giving birth to her daughter when Pennington violently assaulted, kicked and punched Anne in the stomach and uterus. A real salt of the earth kind of man.



Since Ms. Laughlin was a Duvall city council member at the time, the City of Duvall sought a Special Prosecutor. The prosecutor assigned to prosecute wife beater John Pennington came from the law firm where Pennington’s buddy Michael Kenyon was employed.

In 2009 when Pennington assaulted Laughlin, this was his third domestic violence charge. This should have amounted to jail time for Pennington.

A close review of John Pennington’s Snohomish County travel records warrant a closer look into missing children in Washington, Alaska, Maryland.  Public monies allowed us to review his credit card receipts, telephone records, etc. information that another blogger turned over to authorities.

Any grown man that takes a shower with a six year old little girl is a pedophile.

Pages from Socipath John Pennington-2

In 2011, Kenyon Disend’s junior attorney, Ann Marie Soto, received an email from John Pennington via Snohomish County computers demanding that Kenyon Disend redact police reports involving John Pennington criminal harassment and assault that we requested under RCW 42.56.   There’s only one problem, at the time Pennington was communicating with Kenyon Disend’s attorney, he was not a City of Duvall employee thus no attorney client relationship existed.

We sought the advice of an expert in records issues who is of the opinion that Kenyon Disend’s redaction of police reports was not permissible under the Public Records Act.

Then a source close to ex # 2 ( or # 3 depending on what public records you believe as it relates to Pennington’s aliases) provided us with thousands of records relating to John Pennington, and those records included Pennington’s email communication with Duvall’s Mayor about how to get Pennington’s soon to be ex-wife Anne Laughlin off the City Council.

In 2009, Pennington then used Aaron Reardon’s connection to the Seattle Times reporter ( who then became Reardon’s aide) to post a story about Anne Laughlin, pretty much the same way he did to Gold Bar Reporters in February 2012. Former Seattle Times reporter Emily Heffner was contacted for comment but all she would say is ” you need to move because they are coming after you.” She never did state who “they” were, but as we stated to Ms. Heffner before, “We have only one live to give and it shall be for the betterment of our society as a whole.”

As of today, Attorney Michael Kenyon and Ann Marie Soto have bilked the taxpayers of Gold Bar over $1,350,000.00 hidng former Mayor Crystal Hill’s public records ( emails) documenting that she was practicing law without a license, and had lied on her F 1 form stating that she had never pled guilty to fraud when in fact she had plead guilty twice, one in 2000 in North Carolina and a second time in Snohomish County Washington; and John Pennington making racist comments about President Obama and running illegal ACCESS background checks in violation of RCW 10.97.

Both Penningtons are being sued for gross 1983 and RICO charges with depositions expected to start early next year.

The bigger question that Michael Kenyon refused to answer was what he gained for quashing John Pennington’s criminal charges for beating up his pregnant wife Anne, hiding John Pennington’s racist comments and his illegal background checks.

According to former Mayor Joe Beavers, John Pennington and Aaron Reardon “fixed” cases in Snohomish County Superior Court.

As a result of our six-year investigation, we are confident to report that attorney Michael Kenyon assisted John Pennington is committing felonies. Attorney Michael Kenyon and John Pennington will be sharing a prison cell together and we intend to make that happen even it takes me another 30 years, and I will continue to request access to public records and file suits against any agency that renders assistance to a pedophile and wife beater.

Our request for access to public records regarding this issue has already started.  The public, especially Pierce College students, have a legal right to know why Pierce College Board of Trustees would hire a child rapist and wife beater.



What John Pennington was trying to hide for so many years, his prior conviction for criminal harassment ( assault of an ex-fiancé in Oregon) as noted in the following public records as prior conviction”

In 2000, John Pennington was George Bush Jr’s campaign manager here in Washington State.  Soon after George Bush Jr. was elected ( or stole the election with his brother’s assistance depending what you believe), George Jr. appointed John E Pennington and Michael Browne to positions inside FEMA. Sadly for America, not one FEMA Director was qualified for such positions.

As a result of Michael Browne and John Pennington’s inability to read, write and think effectively caused thousands of minority deaths in Hurricane Katrina.

Hurricane Katrina was an eye opener for those of us who actually earned accredited degrees and whose parents taught us to think critically. George W Bush Jr.’s decision to appoint friends instead of educated and skilled people resulted in massive human loss of life In New Orleans.

Had this story ended in New Orleans, we wouldn’t be exposing John E.Pennington today. But it didn’t, why is simple, because Washington State Senator Jennifer Dunn decided to use her political clout to appoint an uneducated bum to FEMA Region 10 ( Pacific Northwest).

What is even crazier is that George W Bush made an executive appointment without ever running a single background check on John Pennington prior to appointing him.

All that changed when America started calling for Michael Brownie’s head for causing  so many deaths in New Orleans. Perhaps Michael Browne might have survived press scrutiny had he not put in his email that was heading to Nordstroms to purchase new clothes for the cameras, while at the same time thousands of African Americans were floating down the street or in lock down inside an unsafe convention center.

African Americans were drowning in the streets of New Orleans, because FEMA Directors lacked basic college skills to handle such a disaster. In the case of Michael Browne, an unaccredited undergraduate degree as well as unaccredited law school diploma. In the case of John Pennington, an online diploma mill degree from an online school the U.S. Dept of Education said sold online diplomas at a flat rate, California Coastal College.

Hurricane Katrina, good bye Brownie, Hello Penny

After Michael Browne and Bernard Kerik made a laughing stock out of the George W and America, George Jr was quoted as saying ‘ Penny will make a great director of FEMA.”This was November 2005. But this time, the feds actually ran an extensive background on John Pennington, and discovered what we learned through years of sifting through public records. John Pennington is a dangerous sociopath with real anger management issues; anger he often takes out on women and children.

I never really thought much of George W Bush Jr. other than he’s a spolied little rich kid who never worked for a living. For the same reason, I couldn’t vote for Al Gore in 2000. Thus, I became one of Ralph Nader’s Raiders in 2000.

Fact is that I probably ran into John Pennington at the Republican National Convention that year in Philadelphia. I, and 1,000,000. Americans blocked the entrance to the Republican National Convention Center preventing many of George Jr’s delegates from accessing the convention center that year.

I was a proud member of Massachusettes ACT UP from UMASS, and had traveled all over the U.S. protesting what I believed to be unequal treatment of economically disadvantaged Americans in favor of corporations. I’m a strong believer that America should place “ people over profits.”

Strangely, I always had respect for George Bush Sr. Why is simple: George Sr is a well educated savey free thinker who listens to his opponents. Unlike his son, George Jr. , who was given a little too much growing up without working for it.  Hard work goes along way in molding one’s self esteem.

In 2005, Michael Browne was blamed for the deaths of thousands, because he was appointed to a position that he wasn’t qualified for.  So when George Jr. had to make a new appointment to FEMA Director, he looked to a devil wrapping himself with pages of the Bible, while at the same time molesting children and violently assaulting a pregnant woman in her third trimester, John E. Pennington.

For those reporting the news in Washington D.C just after George Bush Jr’s FEMA Directors caused so much misery to so many residents and their survivors in New Orleans, Bush Jr. was quoted as saying ” Penny would make a great Director.”

Because the feds didn’t want George Jr. to go through yet another scathing news story like he did when he chose Kerik to head Homeland Security (who ended up being prime suspect in a murder case and had direct ties to organized crime) and Michael Browne and his fake degrees with extensive skills in horse breeding debacles, any appointment would go through extensive background checks prior to Congressional Hearings.

As a result of the feds extensive background check on John Pennington, he was forced to resign from FEMA or be exposed in a very public way. John Pennington lied about his termination from FEMA stating that he and Tamara Doherty were caught misusing the FEMA credit cards.

This was simply a smoke screen to cover up what we just learned from a federal source over Labor Day Weekend.

John Pennington was terminated from FEMA because the feds learned what we reported on over the last seven years; pedophilia deviant uneducated child abuser who has sick fetish for kids, John Pennington. A sociopath who reminds me of Ted Bundy.

Unfortunately for Oso Washington residents,  George W Bush Jr.’s  administration thought it was ok to set him loose on Snohomish County residents just so George Jr didn’t have to suffer public press embarassment again.

On March 24, 2014, John Pennington caused 43 residents in Oso Washington to suffocate to death in Washington State’s most preventable loss of life natural disaster. Instead of mitigating loss to human life, John Pennington worked on his fraudulent online diploma, operated his personal business on the County’s dime and while using county resources and staff, violently assaulted children and women, and criminally harassed me right from Snohomish County Offices operating an online blog ” The Sky Valley Chronicle.  “  An online blog owned by Aaron Reardon but operated by Gold Bar’s Mayor Crystal Hill ( nee Berg who plead guilty to bank fraud in 2005), John Pennington,  and Gold Bar’s former Mayor Joe Beavers.

I believe John Pennington should be charged with negligent homicide for the 43 people he killed in the Oso mudslides.

Since John E. Pennington killed 43 Oso residents in the mudslides, we have searched his travel records and beleive he is responsible for missing children in four different states, and have ample evidence to state John Pennington is the man responsbile for the rape of that five year old child from Colwitz County Washington.

Sadly, John Pennington remains on the loose up here in Snohomis County. So long as John Pennington remains on the loose, I will continue to investigate and report on his criminal sexual deviant conduct.

Protecting Our children from a sociopath like John Pennington is worth every sacrifice we’ve made as a result  of shinning much needed sunshine on cockroaches who harm molest and abuse our kids.

Our Children’s mental well being has no price tag.  I agree with Hillary Clinton “ it takes a village to raise children.”

John Pennington’s trial in the Oso mudslide debacle will be live streamed by the Gold Bar Reporters starting during the fall of 2016.

As for Pierce College hiring a pedophile and wife beater, one can only say that each and everyone of the persons involved in hiring a known pedophile will now be investigated as a result.  Stay tuned, because the way I see it, the only ones who protect pedophiles and wife beaters are ones’ themselves.


Perhaps Pierce College needed to hire someone to teach “ How to get away with molesting and raping our kids, fraud, murder, setting up fake online newspapers to criminally harass citizens, not pay Department of Revenue taxes, failing to pay property taxes, raping college students, and beating one’s spouse” also known as Emergency Management 101 at Pierce College it appears.


Or perhaps it was John Pennington from an online fraudulent program Senator Tom Harkin called fraudulent on PBS’s “ Education, Inc.”  or California Coastal School that the IRS said sold online diplomas at a flat rate http://www.seattletimes.com/seattle-news/local-fema-chief-had-little-disaster-experience/

BEWARE students especially female students as John E. Pennington was kicked out real colleges for raping a student.

In September 2015, Snohomish County Prosecutor Mark Roe confirmed that John Pennington is the man responsible for the rape of a five year old girl in Cowlitz County., Washington.  An insider who we have labeled as ” fed up” told the Gold Bar Reporter that Mark Roe was convinced by Snohomish County Prosecutors Sean Reay and Sara DI Vittorio ( being sued for racketeering) to hide Pennington’s criminal history to avoid liability.

Washington State voters are much smarter than falling for a criminal stalker like Steve McLaughlin. Unfortunately for Washingtonians, Steve McLaughlin is running for public lands. His criminal stalking conduct confirmed in public emails makes him unfit for any public office, especially an office as important as protecting our precious public lands.

My readers can rest assure that if McLaughlin manages to buffalo the voters of Washington State, the Gold Bar Reporter will be requesting access to every email, telephone records, and any document McLaughlin has his hands on while in office.




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