“When’s a dirty cop, always a dirty cop”

Governor Inslee’s silence on the corruption inside every Washington State agency is quite disturbing and has me left regretting my vote.  Surprisingly, Governor Inslee stopped all death penalty cases here in Washington – something I highly respected him for- but after reviewing evidence of massive corruption inside every government agency in Washington State, I’ve come to believe that he felt that its ok to place victims of our corrupt government in jail or label citizens felons so long as we don’t kill them.

Perhaps Governor Inslee was having trouble sleeping at night because he knows how corrupt Washington State government is?  By allowing our government to “trump up criminal charges on hard working honest citizens, turning them into criminals, I believe Inslee is part of the problem.”

I was raised to question government officials as Thomas Jefferson said “Dissent is the highest form of patriotism.”

It was no surprise that I recently came in contact with Traci Eccles  and Guy Bini from Vancouver Washington.

Vancouver activists Guy Bini and Traci Eccles have been shinning much needed light on cockroaches from Vancouver Washington’s police department since stumbling upon the malicious prosecution of Garrett Smith.

The malicious prosecution of Garett Smith is well reported on by Traci Eccles see http://1believe2obey3love4trust.blogspot.com/p/our-story.html

The only way to fight this massive racketeering cancer that’s metastasized to every agency in Washington State is to “network with like minded people”     .

Unfortunately for two corrupt Vancouver police officers, Traci and Guy and several of us like minded people are all connected in our efforts to expose the cockroaches who are ruining our democracy, and harming those of us who exercise our First Amendment rights to shine much needed sunshine on the cockroaches inside our agencies who are making criminals out of non-criminals.

Detective Sandra Aldridge and Sgt. Andy Hamlin are two such police officers who, after reviewing the video tape below, need sunshine 24/7 until they are brought to justice. Their crimes against citizens need a hell of a lot of sunshine, and we intend to bring it to them via social media.  Informing the public is what we do best.


Traci Eccles is an investigator blogger. Although I’m not sure she knows it yet, but she like me, reports on corruption, only after requesting access to public records and investigating the issue surrounding her reports. She, like I, has never been sued for defamation, because the truth is an affirmative defense.

Washington Court of Appeals Division One recently held that bloggers are protected under Media Shield laws, RCW 5.68.010.

According to the Washington Court of Appeals ruling in The Republic of Kazakhstan v. DOES 100 LLC, the Court of Appeals held, “We decline to read the statute so narrowly. The plain language of RCW 5.68.010 (1)(a) is very broad. It protects against disclosure of the identity of a source of any news or information. It also protects against the disclosure of any information that would tend to identify a source.”

One such investigative report Traci Eccles has been reporting on involves a  wealthy entrepreneur named Garrett Smith who was maliciously prosecuted to steal his patents. Mr. Smith’s case involves two corrupt police officers, I added to the Gold Bar Reporters Brady List of corrupt cops, Detective Sandra Aldridge and Sgt. Andy Hamlin.

Guy Bini is Traci’s soul mate, who was hired to inventory Garrett Smith’s business assets.  A business that involves a farming patent that turns manure into energy.  Certainly, Smith was no friend of OPEC or PUD.

Just after Guy Bini started investigating where Garett Smith’s assets went, he, just like I, had a corrupt police officer file a “ cyber-stalking” complaint against him.  The complaint was filed by a friend of Detective Aldridge’s who just happen to be the beneficiary of Garrett Smith’s estate, Cheryl Smith, a soon to be ex-wife.

But there’s one exception, Detective Aldridge didn’t wait until her co-conspirator from the Prosecutor’s Office  had stamped her “ probable cause” complaint before arresting Guy Bini.

Although Guy Bini was arrested for “ cyber-stalking” he was never charged.  Why, because First Amendment protected activity is NOT criminal, unless the United States is renamed  the Communist States of America.

Detective Sandra Aldridge’s wrongful arrest makes her guilty of a federal felony for violating a citizen’s civil rights without authority of law, and with no surprise, Sandra Aldridge was recently caught stealing children from a family outspoken about Vancouver police corruption.

A lawsuit is coming against Sandra Aldridge, but it’s time for the Department of Justice’s civil rights division to start its own investigation against corrupt Vancouver police officer Sandra Aldridge and her partner Sgt Andy Hamlin ( see video below).


Traci Snip (2)

Traci Snip 2 (2)

 When’s a dirty cop, always a dirty cop

Early this week, and with no surprise, this U Tube video, documenting gross civil rights violations by,  you guessed it, our fine officers from Vancouver Washington police department.




According to the Vancouver activists in this video, they were engaged in lawful First Amendment protected activity.  There was no child protected complaint filed against this couple, no criminal complaint, thus no legal right for the Vancouver police officers unlawful search and seizure as evidenced in the video.

Below is an interview of Detective Sandra Aldridge’s and Sgt Andy Hamlin’s newest Vancouver victims.



The Vancouver Police Department’s internal affairs department claims its conducting a full investigation.  Sandra Aldridge has proven herself to be a criminal in blue, and must  go without collecting another welfare check from the taxpayers of Washington.

We heard that Governor Inslee has requested that the Department of Justice investigate. If so, I have a lot of respect for Governor Inslee.

I contacted Governor Inslee for comment with no response as of today. However, if he does, I will post his comments without edit.

This strategic violation of citizens’ civil rights claiming “cyber-stalking” when a citizen is engaged in First Amendment protected speech is so profound that Professor Eugene Volokh from the University of California Law School blogged about it in a recent Washington Post blog.

See https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/volokh-conspiracy/wp/2016/04/01/critic-may-not-mention-planning-board-members-name-in-any-email-blog-twitter-or-any-document/


The below statistics from our lovely friends in blue inside Clark County Washington speaks loudly on the racketeering offenses committed by Clark County police officers.


Here are some eye popping statistics.


April 1, 2016 county population estimates and corresponding criminal statistics.

Population          % of Pop.        July crim.      % of case load   YTD crim.  % of case load

1 King Co. 2,105,100 29.30% 3,214 12.92% 21,695 11.74%
2 Pierce Co. 844,490 11.76%     N/A    N/A   N/A N/A
3 Snohomish Co. 772,860 10.76% 2,202 8.85% 16,656 9.01%
4 Spokane Co. 492,530 6.86% 2,272 9.13% 16,660 9.01%
5 Clark Co. 461,010 6.42% 3,170 12.69% 23,456 12.69%
6 Thurston Co. 272,690 3.80% 1,753 7.04% 11,886 6.43%
7 Kitsap Co. 262,590 3.66% 1,330 5.34% 9,831 5.38%
8 Yakima Co. 250,900 3.49%   N/A     N/A 2,675 1.45%
9 Whatcom Co. 212,540 2.96% 980 3.94% 7,154 3.87%
10 Benton Co. 190,500 2.65% 1,599 6.43% 12,989 7.01%
subtotal 5,865,210 81.65% 16,520 66.39% 123,002 66.54%
State population est. 7,183,700 100.00% 24,884 184,847


What do the Clark County criminal statistics say about our community and criminal justice system?


Clark is 1/5 the size of King Co. but it’s courts have a greater YTD criminal case load by approx. 1,760 cases.






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