Bill Scheidler seeks Washington State 26th legislative seat, position 1


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     Bill Scheidler

Bill Scheidler has resided in Port Orchard for the last 26 years, and has been holding government officials accountable ever since.

Bill Scheidler seeks Washington State 26th legislative seat Position 1.

Bill Scheidler working for Washington State.

Premise: Washington citizens and Washington taxpayers are being defrauded of their rights. We are lied to, overtaxed and are victims of corrupt government officials. The reason this occurs is because we no longer have a separation of powers that provides the necessary ‘checks and balances’ over the other branches of government. This has allowed ‘special interests’ to control government at great expense and harm to individuals, families and business.

Background: The delegates to Washington’s 1889 Constitutional Convention were very sensitive and mindful of the flaws in the Eastern State’s constitutions that resulted in corrupt government and civil discontent. Of particular concern were monopolies and the power monopolies exert over politicians. At that time the railroads were viewed as monopolies and the biggest threat to a free government.

These delegates of 1889 had no idea over the next 40 years labor unions and political action committees would soon exert their influence over government. Furthermore, the delegates could not foresee Washington’s population growing from 500,000 to over 7 million as it relates to representation or the initiative powers of citizens. Said another way, in 1889, the ability of a single person to obtain 10,000 signatures for an initiative to the people, per Article 2, Sec 1, is far different than demanding a person obtain 360,000 signatures as is the case today – all due to population growth.

Nevertheless, these delegates did an amazing job of taking those provisions of constitutions from other states which they then modified by adding or changing important language in drafting Washington’s constitution. This was done, so they thought, to close many of the “loopholes” that corrupted eastern governments due to constitutional ambiguities.

The Illustration below represents the delegates intended governmental structure established by Washington’s constitution of 1889.Slide1

However, in 1933, despite the constitutional prohibition in allowing “monopolies” to operate in Washington State, the Legislature passed RCW 2.48, which created a “monopoly” and placed this “monopoly” in charge of the judicial branch. The “monopoly” is the Washington State Bar Association (WSBA).

Under RCW 2.48, every lawyer, whether in public or private practice, must be a member of the WSBA. While this may seem benign, and if you ask any WSBA associate they will mostly claim it is benign, in truth it is a monopoly and unconstitutional.

Why is it unconstitutional? It is not only unconstitutional because it is a monopoly, in violation of Article 12, section 22, but also by its consequences. When RCW 2.48 was enacted it swallowed Article 4, Section 17, which states,

SECTION 17 ELIGIBILITY OF JUDGES. No person shall be eligible to the office of judge of the Supreme Court, or judge of a superior court, unless he shall have been admitted to practice in the courts of record of this state, or of the Territory of Washington.Because you must be an associate of the Washington State Bar to “practice in the courts of record of this state” you can substitute those words of Article 4, section 17 with RCW 2.48. Now you have Article 4, Section 17 stating, by substituting under the rule of equality…

SECTION 17 ELIGIBILITY OF JUDGES. No person shall be eligible to the office of judge of the supreme court, or judge of a superior court, unless he be a member of the Washington State Bar Association.When RCW 2.48 swallowed Article 4, Section 17 the structure of Washington’s Government was changed from what is illustrated above to the following:Slide1

As you can see, an unconstitutional “monopoly” has commandeered the judicial branch of Washington’s government. And this commandeering of our judicial branch begs the question – Who do you petition claiming the WSBA is unconstitutional? Clearly you are forced to petition a WSBA associate who is now judge to decide if the WSBA is unconstitutional, the very association to which judges belong and are chosen from.

From this point forward the judicial branch has slowly but surely started to strip citizens of their rights …we lost our right to a jury trial – Article 1, sec 21, which has been taken away by Supreme Court Rule 12 and/or 56; we lost our right to petition on matters of public importance – Article 1, sec 4, which has been taken away be rule 12 and/or 56; Article 1, sec 8 and 12 and Article 2, sec 28(12 and 17) have been abolished by judicial decree of “immunities” granted to themselves and other public servants… and so on.

There is no clearer example in judges (Bar Associates) using their monopoly powers to abolish constitutional rights and violate the law than by the 1991 opinion of Washington’s Supreme Court Justice, Dore.

“In this state, prosecutors are accorded absolute immunity when acting in their official capacity even if accused of acting maliciously or corruptly. Babcock v. State, 116 Wn.2d 596 (Wash. 1991), citing Ashelman v Pope, 793 F.2d 1072, 1079, “Allegations of conspiracy between judge and prosecutor to predetermine the outcome of a judicial proceeding are insufficient to overcome those immunities.”

Yet “immunities” are PROHIBITED by Article 1, Sec 12, and the “unauthorized or invalid acts of any officer” shall NEVER be legalized.

Clearly these rulings by judges who belong to the very class to which they bestow ‘immunities’ should be a matter for legislative action – either impeachment or removal. Here too the delegates anticipated corrupt judges and gave legislators the power to remove any judge or prosecutor from office for malfeasance or ‘any other reason’. This is per Article 4, Section 9.

But there is a quid pro quo in having a corrupt judiciary … it allows for a corrupt judge to protect corrupt legislators, governors, police, prosecutors, municipalities, agencies ….

This is the vicious cycle of corruption, which can be illustrated as follows.



VOTERS want an honest government where the rule of law prevails, taxpayers will be asked to pay for incompetence, corruption, over regulation, poor schools, substandard wages, dwindling jobs …; families will be destroyed under the guise and by ‘immunity bestowed upon child protective services, court ordered guardianship, probate and bankruptcy …; individuals will be abused by prosecutors, police and local government entities; and business will be regulated OUT OF BUSINESS.

This is why Bill  Scheidler wants your vote. He understands who is at the core of our corrupt government and will fight, as he has been fighting for 17 years, to reclaim our rights enshrined in Washington’s constitution.


  1. missjustice4usa says:

    I had left you a very detailed message, but for some reason it took me back and discarded it :(. I will say “Thank you Bill” I support all that you and all others who are working against this corrupt system of so called justice, that strips “the people” of their Constitutional Rights, that enslaves them to undue hardships, unjustifiable torturous cruel punishment, and suffering. Our voices have been silenced for too long!! A change is long overdue. Strength is in numbers, educate the Public, Tell your stories to “The People”, Get Them Involved!! There is strength in numbers, as we can see, our corrupt Government has their spies everywhere, that is why the circle of collaboration and corruption never ends. We need to learn from them (on the righteous side) of course, that we need to have others who are fighting for The Constitutional Rights of The People, because they were founded and established for us, “THE PEOPLE”!! Sadly, in our corrupt society of our so called justice system, WE HAVE NO Rights.. let alone Constitutional Rights, if you are ignorant to the Laws of our Constitution, you will suffer and possibly die under the Spoken made up laws of our corrupt Law Officials and Judiciary. Educate the Public, Tell Your Stories, Speak Up and Out For Justice. Anyone can talk, but what makes our voices heard, is when we have “Actions” that Prove our words become REAL to those who continue to oppress us. Knowledge is POWER!! And Most of All.. “Faith Without Works, IS DEAD!!! I support Bill and all others who are making a difference.. STRENGTH is in numbers!!! Keep up the fight and EDUCATE the PUBLIC that We The People Of The United STATES OF Americia ARE TAKING BACK OUR RIGHTS and OUR FREEDOM, WE Will NO LONGER Be Slaves Of their enslavement. WE STAND TOGETHER FOR JUSTICE!!! We have not only our lives to protect, but the lives of our children, their children, and the generations to come! God Bless You All! Keep me prayed up.. dealing with the corruption of our WA State Pierce County Court Lawless Judges, Lawyers, State Workers, who all work hand in hand in their elaborate plots and schemes to steal from me all that belongs to me. Thank you.. MissJUSTICE4USA


  2. Yes! A government that is accountable and honest. Let’s get these bad guys out of our government!

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  3. Thanks Gold Bar Reporter! On Fri, 1 Jul 2016 19:13:55 +0000


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