The mother load! Terminated former Director of Emergency Management caught hacking, public records confirm



UPDATE:  More records from Snohomish County Department of Emergency Management’s most recent records response also documents that John Pennington used hacking encryption software, was trying to place viruses and malware on computers, blogging on the Sky Valley Chronicle, set up fake Facebook accounts, and set up an account on ( dating service) using a fake identity, etc.  (not sure about my readers, but the only reason a married person would sign up for is because you’re a cheater).

In May 2014, John E. Pennington caused 43 people in  Oso Washington to suffocate to death, many children.  Instead of doing his job ( mitigating), John Pennington spent most of our county time criminally assaulting women and children, hacking, and setting up fake identities so he could cyber-stalk his opponents, Snohomish County (WA) public records document.

Sounds familiar?  Just like Kevin Thomas Hulten as evidenced by the Daily Herald’s article


Reviewed under RCW 42.56, Washington State’s Public Records Act:

In May 2015, then Snohomish County Executive John Lovick wrote John Pennington an email stating  “ John, You’re a great leader.”   This caused me to write Mr. Lovick an email stating   “ Mr. Lovick,  if causing 43 people to suffocate to death in the Oso mudslides is your idea of great leader, I’d hate to see what your of idea of bad leader is.”

In November 2015,  Snohomish County voters booted Executive John Lovick to the curb, by casting votes in favor of honest Monroe resident Dave Somers.

Below is just a small portion of the public records received under Washington State’s Public Records Act as it relates to Snohomish County computers assigned to John Pennington while he was employed in Snohomish County.

For those of you who may not live in Washington State; John E. Pennington is the man responsible for causing the deaths of 43 Oso residents in the most preventable nature disaster loss of life in Washington State’s history, also known as the Oso mudslides. Pennington is also one of three George Bush political appointees ( who all received online printed off college degrees from American Military an online diploma mill Senator Harkin called fraud) responsible for the Hurricane Katrina debacle.


John E. Pennington, terminated


Below is just a little snip of John E. Pennington’s stroke keys received under RCW 42.56 ( Washington State’s Public Records Act) as it relates to his county issued computers. John Pennington’s stroke keys ( also referred to as  H_keys) also confirm that he contacted Twitter on the same day the Gold Bar Reporter’s Twitter account was suspended as a result of malicious and criminal harassment John Pennington aimed at us for reporting on his criminal conduct.

Records below also confirm that John Pennington made several attempts to hack into the Gold Bar Reporter’s website, all this while on the county’s payroll and while using county computers.

Pages from SEMJEP-Sept-Oct-2015-user-activity-report_Redacted

According to my expert, Snohomish County’s latest release documents beyond any shadow of a doubt that John E. Pennington spent many hours trying to “hack” into the Gold Bar Reporter.

John Pennington used county computers and was paid with our tax dollars to criminally harass his opponents just like Kevin Thomas Hulten ( now married to attorney Krystal Tate Hulten living Los Gatos California). Dr. Hendricks from King County Washington labeled John Pennington as a “sociopath with no empathy for humans. Source: King County Superior Court.

Over the next month, I will be drafting a criminal complaint against John E. Pennington and will have it filed in Snohomish County Court soon. My counsel sent me the following advice:

RCW 9A.52.110 – Computer trespass in the first degree.

RCW 9A.52.120 – Computer trespass in the second degree.

RCW 9A.52.130 – Computer trespass — Commission of other crime.

RCW 9.73.030 – Intercepting, recording, or divulging private communication — Consent required — Exceptions.

A new lawsuit will be filed John Pennington in two weeks but this time in D.C. Thank you Snohomish County insider, we are well on our way to busting Prosecutor Tempski, Di Vittorio and Mark Roe’s racketeering scandal.






“When’s a dirty cop, always a dirty cop”

Governor Inslee’s silence on the corruption inside every Washington State agency is quite disturbing and has me left regretting my vote.  Surprisingly, Governor Inslee stopped all death penalty cases here in Washington – something I highly respected him for- but after reviewing evidence of massive corruption inside every government agency in Washington State, I’ve come to believe that he felt that its ok to place victims of our corrupt government in jail or label citizens felons so long as we don’t kill them.

Perhaps Governor Inslee was having trouble sleeping at night because he knows how corrupt Washington State government is?  By allowing our government to “trump up criminal charges on hard working honest citizens, turning them into criminals, I believe Inslee is part of the problem.”

I was raised to question government officials as Thomas Jefferson said “Dissent is the highest form of patriotism.”

It was no surprise that I recently came in contact with Traci Eccles  and Guy Bini from Vancouver Washington.

Vancouver activists Guy Bini and Traci Eccles have been shinning much needed light on cockroaches from Vancouver Washington’s police department since stumbling upon the malicious prosecution of Garrett Smith.

The malicious prosecution of Garett Smith is well reported on by Traci Eccles see

The only way to fight this massive racketeering cancer that’s metastasized to every agency in Washington State is to “network with like minded people”     .

Unfortunately for two corrupt Vancouver police officers, Traci and Guy and several of us like minded people are all connected in our efforts to expose the cockroaches who are ruining our democracy, and harming those of us who exercise our First Amendment rights to shine much needed sunshine on the cockroaches inside our agencies who are making criminals out of non-criminals.

Detective Sandra Aldridge and Sgt. Andy Hamlin are two such police officers who, after reviewing the video tape below, need sunshine 24/7 until they are brought to justice. Their crimes against citizens need a hell of a lot of sunshine, and we intend to bring it to them via social media.  Informing the public is what we do best.


Traci Eccles is an investigator blogger. Although I’m not sure she knows it yet, but she like me, reports on corruption, only after requesting access to public records and investigating the issue surrounding her reports. She, like I, has never been sued for defamation, because the truth is an affirmative defense.

Washington Court of Appeals Division One recently held that bloggers are protected under Media Shield laws, RCW 5.68.010.

According to the Washington Court of Appeals ruling in The Republic of Kazakhstan v. DOES 100 LLC, the Court of Appeals held, “We decline to read the statute so narrowly. The plain language of RCW 5.68.010 (1)(a) is very broad. It protects against disclosure of the identity of a source of any news or information. It also protects against the disclosure of any information that would tend to identify a source.”

One such investigative report Traci Eccles has been reporting on involves a  wealthy entrepreneur named Garrett Smith who was maliciously prosecuted to steal his patents. Mr. Smith’s case involves two corrupt police officers, I added to the Gold Bar Reporters Brady List of corrupt cops, Detective Sandra Aldridge and Sgt. Andy Hamlin.

Guy Bini is Traci’s soul mate, who was hired to inventory Garrett Smith’s business assets.  A business that involves a farming patent that turns manure into energy.  Certainly, Smith was no friend of OPEC or PUD.

Just after Guy Bini started investigating where Garett Smith’s assets went, he, just like I, had a corrupt police officer file a “ cyber-stalking” complaint against him.  The complaint was filed by a friend of Detective Aldridge’s who just happen to be the beneficiary of Garrett Smith’s estate, Cheryl Smith, a soon to be ex-wife.

But there’s one exception, Detective Aldridge didn’t wait until her co-conspirator from the Prosecutor’s Office  had stamped her “ probable cause” complaint before arresting Guy Bini.

Although Guy Bini was arrested for “ cyber-stalking” he was never charged.  Why, because First Amendment protected activity is NOT criminal, unless the United States is renamed  the Communist States of America.

Detective Sandra Aldridge’s wrongful arrest makes her guilty of a federal felony for violating a citizen’s civil rights without authority of law, and with no surprise, Sandra Aldridge was recently caught stealing children from a family outspoken about Vancouver police corruption.

A lawsuit is coming against Sandra Aldridge, but it’s time for the Department of Justice’s civil rights division to start its own investigation against corrupt Vancouver police officer Sandra Aldridge and her partner Sgt Andy Hamlin ( see video below).


Traci Snip (2)

Traci Snip 2 (2)

 When’s a dirty cop, always a dirty cop

Early this week, and with no surprise, this U Tube video, documenting gross civil rights violations by,  you guessed it, our fine officers from Vancouver Washington police department.




According to the Vancouver activists in this video, they were engaged in lawful First Amendment protected activity.  There was no child protected complaint filed against this couple, no criminal complaint, thus no legal right for the Vancouver police officers unlawful search and seizure as evidenced in the video.

Below is an interview of Detective Sandra Aldridge’s and Sgt Andy Hamlin’s newest Vancouver victims.



The Vancouver Police Department’s internal affairs department claims its conducting a full investigation.  Sandra Aldridge has proven herself to be a criminal in blue, and must  go without collecting another welfare check from the taxpayers of Washington.

We heard that Governor Inslee has requested that the Department of Justice investigate. If so, I have a lot of respect for Governor Inslee.

I contacted Governor Inslee for comment with no response as of today. However, if he does, I will post his comments without edit.

This strategic violation of citizens’ civil rights claiming “cyber-stalking” when a citizen is engaged in First Amendment protected speech is so profound that Professor Eugene Volokh from the University of California Law School blogged about it in a recent Washington Post blog.



The below statistics from our lovely friends in blue inside Clark County Washington speaks loudly on the racketeering offenses committed by Clark County police officers.


Here are some eye popping statistics.


April 1, 2016 county population estimates and corresponding criminal statistics.

Population          % of Pop.        July crim.      % of case load   YTD crim.  % of case load

1 King Co. 2,105,100 29.30% 3,214 12.92% 21,695 11.74%
2 Pierce Co. 844,490 11.76%     N/A    N/A   N/A N/A
3 Snohomish Co. 772,860 10.76% 2,202 8.85% 16,656 9.01%
4 Spokane Co. 492,530 6.86% 2,272 9.13% 16,660 9.01%
5 Clark Co. 461,010 6.42% 3,170 12.69% 23,456 12.69%
6 Thurston Co. 272,690 3.80% 1,753 7.04% 11,886 6.43%
7 Kitsap Co. 262,590 3.66% 1,330 5.34% 9,831 5.38%
8 Yakima Co. 250,900 3.49%   N/A     N/A 2,675 1.45%
9 Whatcom Co. 212,540 2.96% 980 3.94% 7,154 3.87%
10 Benton Co. 190,500 2.65% 1,599 6.43% 12,989 7.01%
subtotal 5,865,210 81.65% 16,520 66.39% 123,002 66.54%
State population est. 7,183,700 100.00% 24,884 184,847


What do the Clark County criminal statistics say about our community and criminal justice system?


Clark is 1/5 the size of King Co. but it’s courts have a greater YTD criminal case load by approx. 1,760 cases.






Snohomish County employee who killed 43 in Oso mudslides deposed

It was a beautiful day in Olympia today, sunny, and in the high 70s. I love Olympia, and always find the city quite calming, and disturbing all in the same emotion . I woke up around 5 am and started the two hour  drive to Olympia. My purpose was to retrieve public records from the Washington Attorney General’s Office  (AG) and Department of Natural Resources (DNR), two agencies that probably wish they never heard of John E. Pennington.

After a friend suggested that I sue Ron Fejfar and the Sky Valley Chronicle for “deceptive trade practices” the first step was to understand why and how he set up the Sky Valley Chronicle with the Secretary of State.

I’ve never been so eager to retrieve records of any other people on this planet. It’s been a long time coming for  John Pennington to be brought to justice not only for killing 43 people in the Oso mudslides, but also to face justice, and perhaps criminal charges for perjury ( WA Court Rules allows citizens to file criminal charges aside from our corrupt Sheriff’s Office), and for his crimes against humans. Humans a doctor in John Pennington’s King County divorce case ( Laughlin v Pennington) deemed  to be a   “sociopath with no empathy for humans.”

I drove my VW beetle, a light blue powder puffy looking dune buggy, just as powder blue as the sky lingering over the Port of Olympia today. Most days here are rainy, cold and dreary just like the politicians who allowed a sociopathic child molester and wife beater to harm so many before one honest politician named Dave Somers finally said  “You’re fired! ”

Most of the morning, we spent searching and sifting through Washington State records trying to understand why a man from Sultan Washington named Ron Fejfar would start an   “advertising sales” company, then commit deceptive trade violations and allow several Snohomish County employees, John Pennington, Crystal Hill Pennington, Joe Beavers, Aaron Reardon, Kevin Thomas Hulten to post attack pieces amounting to defamation and violations of Washington deceptive trade laws.

The way Ron Fejfar set up the Sky Valley Chronicle will allow us to sue him for defamation and deceptive trade practices and a complaint will be filed soon. But from Ron Fefjar’s filings in Olympia, its clear that he made false statements and loss any claim he may have thought he had for media shield.  Stupid is as stupid does.

The bigger news story came two weeks ago. A source inside the AG’s office called and said   “Pennington was deposed and Kathy Bodnar is chuckling that you had just asked for his deposition from AG’s Office and she claimed that’s she under no obligation to provide an update to you that he was deposed. So go ask for that record.”

Prior to John E. Pennington killing so many people here in Washington, I have spent ten years of my life trying to warn the public of just how dangerous John E. Pennington is, but only after my investigation unearthed  Pennington’s past criminal history, including molesting children, rape of a five year old Cowlitz County child, and consistent and continuous criminal harassment likened to Theodore Ted Bundy. A killer, a women hater, and a sociopath not worth housing.

For those of you who live inside the “Killing Fields of Highway 2″ know Ted Bundy well, since Baker National Forest was Bundy’s favorite dumping site for women he deemed  valueless. Bundy’s victims were not valueless, they were someone’s children, some were someone’s mother, and not put on this planet so a sociopath can masturbate over his sick fetish of harming women.

Next, I decided why not go see AG public records officer Ms. Bodnar and DNR records officer in person. Nothing like a little face to face conversation about big news stories up here in Snohomish County.

As I approached the DNR offices, I was shocked to see public offices ( offices paid for our tax monies) in “lock down” as though it was prison, not a government agency.  What’s happen to my America; a government agency whose primary purpose should be to serve “we the people” is operating more like a prison.

Badge check, first stop. Second stop, badge check on the elevator. Third stop, badge reader to the public door to reach the public desk. Forth stop, a helpful public servant who managed  to find someone who answers public records request. Finally, a public officer named Ann who looked stone cold and shaking like a tree during a hurricane.

The public records officer from DNR admitted that the AG’s had taken John Pennington’s deposition in March 2016, and did in fact have a copy of his deposition.  Since the DNR offices are right next door to the AG’s Office, I thought I’d pay a visit to our favorite agency public records officer, Kathy Bodnar.

Ms. Bodnar’s behavior is likened to a close Third Reich Officer’s allegiance to Adolf Hitler than that of a Washington State public servant. Her demeanor and arrogance of her position as a person entrusted to apply our sunshine laws was quite disgraceful.  A topic for another day.

On March 2, 2016, I requested a copy of any record relating to John E. Pennington’s deposition, which I hear also includes a video.   The public has a right to know that instead of doing his job ( mitigation),  John Pennington sat around hacking into others computer systems, spent many hours blogging defamatory stories about his opponents, criminal assaulting women and children, using county resources to advance his fraudulent online degrees from an online diploma mill Senator Harkin called fraud, and illegally used our resources to advance his private for profit company “Education Services” located in Duvall Washington ( a company Pennington made at least $175,000.00 from but has yet to pay a single cent of Washington Business tax on), the sole person responsible for the deaths of  43 people in the Oso mudslides, and illegally using his Homeland Security Clearance to criminally rape and harass citizens he didn’t like. Unfortunately for the DNR it ignored my records request for over one month.

Rule number one: when an agency refuses to provide a response to a very simple records request, you know the records they’re withholding must be worth seeing.  From what I hear the video deposition is worth a million bucks.

But its not for sale, its a public record, and I intend to post and disseminate far and wide, making sure this man never harms another woman or child without notice to the public.

John Pennington’s days of staying under the radar are gone, but sadly he killed 43 people before being tossed to the curb as the piece of trash he is.  RCW 42.56 ensures that the public are the checks and balances to a clean and honest government.

The Gold Bar Reporter does Olympia, with more personal appearances likely.  More on Pennington’s deposition soon




Washington Attorney General’s Office useless

Above U Tube video, posted by Libertys Champion at

Jim Hightower once said to me  “ if the Gods had wanted us to vote they would have given us candidates.”


 Bob Fergusson, Washington State Attorney General


In November 2013, Everett Washington attorney Bob Ferguson defeated Regan Dunn.  Reagan Dunn is a drunk, a King County council member,  a hater of open government, and member with strong ties to the Republican party, while Bob Ferguson is a man who at least talked a good game about Open Government. A good game until he managed to obtain the seat.

Soon after duping the voters, Bob Fergusson began fighting with open government supporters in favor of assisting criminals like Snohomish County Prosecutor Mark Roe and Gold Bar’s Mayor Linda “high as a kite” Leon.

Unlike his predecessor, the Honorable Rob McKenna, Bob Ferguson immediately snubbed open government by hiring an incompetent attorney to head the agency’s open government division, Nancy Krier, firing long term open government supporter and attorney Tim Ford.





Nancy Krier  “ no friend to open government, or the Democratic Party”

Under Our Supreme Court’s mandate, the attorney general office shall issue an open government opinion, to the public or an agency, if requested to do so. This is Ms. Krier’s only function, other than collecting her taxpayer funded welfare check of $150,000,00 per year.

The whole purpose of an open government attorney ( and why my tax dollars are being used) is to provide the public with opinions as they relate to issues that arise around public records cases, thus limiting liability to the agency. In other words, to help alleviate the cost of litigating public records cases verses complying with he public records act.

In 2015, the Gold Bar Reporter sent the  Washington State Attorney General’s office a public records request seeking all responses to agency employees verses responses given to the public, as it relates to open government questions and opinions.

With no surprises to those of us watching Attorney General Bob Fergusson’s blatant disrespect for open government supporters over the last 2.5 years,  Nancy Krier refused to provide a single response to a single open government supporter from the public, but provided continuous support to agency employees for years.

In 2014, the Gold Bar Reporter and several citizens filed a Recall Petition against  corrupt Snohomish County Prosecutor Mark Roe.  Once filed, the Attorney General’s Office became the “Friend of the Court.”  In Recall Petitions the Friend of Court is suppose to construe laws in favor of the voters, not the public officials.

For me this was odd to say the least. Several citizens and I file a Recall Petition to oust corrupt Prosecutor Mark Roe and the Attorney General’s Office is somehow to suppose to be the Friend of Court in favor of the voters when it won’t even provide a public opinion on whether Gold Bar’s refusal to answer public records requests since 2009 is  “reasonable’ under the Public Records Act (RCW 42.56)?

Then in 2015, I saw additional public records between Mark Roe and Bob Ferguson as it relates to Snohomish County Prosecutor Mark Roe trying to trump criminal charges on the Gold Bar Reporter for informing the public that Crystal Hill ( a woman we now know Mark Roe had an extramarital affair with, guilty of abusing kids, and convicted of bank fraud 2005) and a pedophile named John E. Pennington ( a man responsible for the rape of a 5 year old girl,  linked to missing children in at least 4 states, and man King County judge held was responsible for causing the deaths of 43 Oso Washington mudslide victims) for attempting to warn the public via First Amendment protected activity ( news reporting).

Over the last year, I’ve become a regretful supporter of Bob Ferguson. However,  the alternative was a drunk with strong an anti-government stance, Reagan Dunn, whose only claim to fame is his mommy’s political ties to the Republican Party.

In the next election, there’s going to be a candidate, and just like how we booted corrupt Snohomish County Executive John Lovick and Aaron Reardon, Bob Ferguson will be ousted and replaced by a person who understands that its  “ we the people” that voted him in and we will vote  his corrupt self out.


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