Snohomish County, Washington, working hard to violate the rights of the accused

First, my readers should know that this article is not intended to provide evidence for or against the guilt of the accused. It’s meant to shed a little sunlight on a major injustice that is happening inside many counties throughout the United States.

In my past articles it’s safe to assume that America is bleeding, bleeding in favor of money over doing what’s right and just.  We no longer have news reporters, we have embedded journalists who are more worried about being wined and dined by government officers, and spoon fed stories instead of investigating and researching truths.

As the direct result Prosecutors and Defense attorneys are making side deals, agreeing to throw cases, and violating the rights of the accused “for profit.”  Such is the case with the Snohomish County Public Defender Association,  and many attorneys who have entered into contracts with Snohomish County Prosecutors’.

Our story

outlines a corrupt defense attorney not only failing to effectively represent his clients, but accepting financial incentives not to.  Sadly, attorney Jason Schwartz, although lazy,  is not the exception to assisting Snohomish County Prosecutor’s Office in fixing cases to ensure convictions. All in exchange for defense contracts, $$$.

Attorney Phil Sayles may not be the exception, but he is now on our official target list of corrupt attorneys who are throwing their clients under the bus ” for profit.”



Phil Sayles, defense attorney in Washington State v John Reed 

Last week, another activist brought to our attention another little scam involving an incompetent defense attorney here in Snohomish County named Phil Sayles.  Sadly, we know Phil Sayles, personally, as we went to the same law school together and at a time in need, we helped him get started here in Snohomish County.  Something both my partner and I regret as it was clear from just speaking with Mr. Sayles that his interest was not doing the right thing, or helping those accused of a crime, it was making money.

In 2005 I met with Phil Sayles after learning from another law school graduate that he was also taking the Bar prep class at the Seattle University.  Anyone that has ever experienced the grueling experience of three years of law school knows how hard it is to pass.

During my first year of law school our criminal law professor Dr. Koeing said  “look to your left and look to your right, after this semester half of you will not be here because you did not receive a C or better.”   Over the next year, I came to know Dr. Koeing personally and professionally as one of those law school professors who felt it wasn’t only a job  to represent those accused of crimes, it was a duty to do so with diligence,  competency, and  honesty.

I’ll never forget my first year criminal law class when Dr. Koeing called on a student, John, who appeared to be sleeping in her class.  A class of 155 students.  Dr. Koeing first said ” are you sleeping?” John said ” no” and her next response was asking him  to recite the cases assigned for today. For over 90 minutes Dr. Koeing kept John on his feet, Socratic method of  drilling him on one basic criminal defense issue, an issue that had John read his case assignments for the class, he would have been able to grip and elaborate on the issue, rule, make an analysis and then conclude.  But he didn’t because fact was John was asleep and he was mentally lazy; his parents wanted him to be a lawyer because his dad was a lawyer.

Immediately following Dr. Koeing’s drilling of John, she called my name and asked me to stand and recite the cases.  In five minutes, I recited the cases, gave her issues, rules, and then analyzed why it was important in the context of criminal defense.  After five minutes, she said ” please come see me after class.”   I remember thinking ” oh shit, what did I do to not stay under the radar.”

After class Dr. Koeing asked me to walk with her back to her office.  At her office she handed me a copy of Women’s Human Rights Encyclopedias, and said ” have you read or had an interest in human rights?” I said ” of course, I’m a single mother, who worked full time while at the same time attending university classes. I’m a feminist, who believes in equal rights for all and that includes women and men alike.  I know what hardship is all about as I worked in a male dominated field almost all of my life.”

Dr. Koeing said “when you become a lawyer, think long and hard before doing the wrong thing because it’s very easy to think about money over doing the right thing. Promise me that you will never forget John Adams said to always stand on principle…even if you stand alone.”   A promise I never folded on, and even when faced with countless racketeering offenses committed against me, I always stand on principle, even if I stand alone.  Prosperity has followed me as a result, and I never folded to accomplish living a successful and prosperous life.

In the summer of 2006 Phil Sayles finally passed the Washington State Bar exam, after four failed attempts.  His first case was down in Burien for a traffic ticket.   I saw Phil just before leaving the house for his very first appearance and wished him well. Later that day I saw Phil and asked him how it went and he told me that Judge made an ass out of him because he didn’t know he needed to file motions in writing.  [ in some states motions can be verbally filed but not in Washington].

I gave Phil a few pointers suggesting that he do what I did and go to the University of Washington law library or the free King County law library as there’s a lot of good books on motions and how to defend persons inside Courts of Limited Jurisdictions.  Sayles response to me was ” that’s not not how it works in criminal courts. ” I urged him to learn the court rules and what motions should be filed otherwise he’d get nailed and sued for legal malpractice.

Phil Sayles response was ” it doesn’t work like that in criminal court… don’t bog me down with your motion bullshit.”  My response to Phil was “just think of how hard research and writing was to get through in law school. Remember those research and writing papers due three times a week, journals, etc. ?”

Phil Sayles then confided in me and my partner that he paid someone to write his research and writing papers in law school, and when I looked shocked and appalled, he said ” everyone did it!” I said ” I did not. I consider that cheating and dishonest!”

A few days later I sparked a conversation asking Phil Sayles why he went to law school, and his response was ” I wanted to be a rock star” for which my response was ” perhaps you should have picked a up a guitar, but law is about helping people who are almost always defenseless against the government. ”

After this conversation, I  never spoke to Phil Sayles again, as I seldom talk to people I have zero respect for.

So it’s no surprise that after reading over 5 million public records (emails often), I discovered that somehow attorney Phil Sayles managed to obtain criminal defense referrals from our good friends inside Snohomish County Prosecutor’s Office.

Last week, another activist brought to my attention the case of Washington State v John Reed.

Brady v Maryland, 

Basic first year law school stuff 


Last week another activist reporter discovered that a known Snohomish County Brady Cop named David Fontenot was the lead detective in Washington State v John Reed.  She was concerned that attorney Phil Sayles and/or Snohomish County Prosecutors did not disclose this information to the accused John Reed.

Our Courts held that all Brady Material must be disclosed not only to defense counsel but also to the accused.  As I stated above, Snohomish County Sheriff’s Officer David Fontnote is a “Brady Cop.” That is, he is listed on the Snohomish County Brady List.  “Brady” is in reference to a famous case known as Brady v.  Maryland. 

For those of our readers who are not legal beagles, police officers who land on the Brady List are known to be dishonest, as in this case, Snohomish County Sheriff’s Officer David Fontenot is one such criminal with a badge.

Now for those of you who feel John Reed is guilty, I’d like you to know that Mr. Reed is American and here in America ” defendants are not guilty until proven guilty… and entitled to effective assistance of counsel.”

Sadly attorney Phil Sayles’s interests are not with his client, John Reed.  Email communication and video footage show document that Phil Sayles is working jointly with the Snohomish County Prosecutors’ in this case to throw his client under the bus, has engaged in what several of us consider to “witness tampering” staging testimony of the state’s primary witness which conflicts with his duty to diligently and competently represent his client John Reed.

In the summer of 2017, an activist learned that attorney Phil Sayles’s name was being passed around Snohomish County jails by Snohomish County guards ( at the bequest no doubt of the Prosecutor’s Office who are using defense attorneys like attorneys Phil Sayles and Jason Schwarz to fix cases in favor of awarding contracts for criminal defense).

The activist became worried that Sayles wasn’t told or aware that Snohomish County Sheriff Officer David Fontenot was sued, fired for theft, falsifying search warrants, guilty of falsely arresting his wife’s soon to be ex, and had in fact been labeled a Brady Cop and postured for criminal prosecution for violating the civil rights of the accused ( Fontenot tasered a handcuffed man in the backseat of police car and fired and recommended for criminal prosecution from Challam County a result).

David Fontneot Attorney General Complaint

Brady Cop David Fontenot Evidence 1_Page_1


Brady Cop David Fontenot Evidence 1_Page_2

Brady Cop David Fontenot Evidence 1_Page_3

Brady Cop David Fontenot Evidence 1_Page_4

The above information was provided to Mark Roe by Challam County and the City of Snohomish in 2008. Instead of Snohomish County Prosecutors Mark Roe informing the public, Mark Roe hide until Lori Shavlik, another one of Adam Cornell and Mark Roe’s victims, discovered David Fontenot’s Brady material from a former employer who fired him for cause.

Lori Shavlik turned over Snohomish County David Fontenot’s Brady Cop material to attorney Phil Sayles during the summer of 2017, long before he was retained to defend John Reed.

click here to see Brady Cop information Snohomish County Sheriff David Fontneot

Instead of Snohomish County Sheriff Officer David Fontenot being behind bars where he belongs, Snohomish County Prosecutors Mark Roe and Adam Cornell hide the Brady Copy information from the public another defendant named Lori Shavlik found it buried in his employee files.

In 2014, after years of hiding from public disclosure that Snohomish County Sheriff Officer David Fontenot is a known Brady Cop.

The Gold Bar Reporter was first to report on Mark Roe’s crimes against Lori Shavlik, and thankfully a jury was able to see through Mark Roe, Adam Cornell and David Fontenot’s fabrication of evidence and she was acquitted of all charges.

On Saturday May 14th Lori Shavlik went to see John Reed at Snohomish County jail, to share with him that she gave attorney Phil Sayles the Brady files she had collected on Sheriff Officer David Fontenot.


John Reed told Shavlik that attorney Phil Sayles did not disclose information that David Fontenot was a Brady cop.  See David Fontneot files were not only hand delivered to attorney Phil Sayles by Lori Shavlik but I also gave Phil Sayles copies of the above David Fontenot files three months ago.


If that wasn’t bad enough, last week another activist videotaped under GR 16 attorney Phil Sayles and Snohomish County Prosecutors Andrew Alsdorf tampering with a witness ( outside the judge and jury) couching him on what questions not only the prosecution would ask him, but also what questions Phil Sayles would ask.

Attorney Phil Sayles had no business working with the Prosecutors, outside the jury and judge, explaining to the Prosecutors on what questions and exhibits he would ask the State’s chief witness.  Captured on camera while the jury and the judge were not present, Defense counsel Phil Sayles and Prosecutors are tampering with the witness testimony.


The Gold Bar Reporter uploaded a copy of a copy of the video inside the public courtroom capturing exparte communication between Phil Sayles and the Prosecutors staging what the witness would see and testify to.





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