A single mother’s fight for justice, amongst so many government criminals

My constitutional law school professor Prygoski said to me just before graduation “I have high expectations for you. You’re going to instigate change!”   Well he was right, but it wasn’t my intent when this single mother made a conscious decision to become a lawyer.  I chose the profession of law after watching my mother – a person who I loved without condition – die from the treatable disease of breast cancer.

I often get emails saying “why are you so angry?” I take notice to these types of emails, or as my mother said  “look in the mirror before you judge others” as a way to self-reflect or make myself a better person.

I am not angry, I am disgusted with government officials who spit on the civil rights of the taxpayers they were sworn in to protect. They are making criminals out of non-criminals and we must expose it at all cost.

Other emails letters say “what makes you tick?”  I am now going to answer this question for my readers.

March 16, 1995, was not a happy birthday for me, waking up to news that my mother had passed after struggling with breast cancer for three years.  She died at approximately the same time I was born, on the same day of the week (Friday), on the same day (March 16th).  It was the saddest day of my life having to say good bye to one of only two people who did so much for me, but asked for very little in return.

After watching my mother struggle with breast cancer for over three years,  a treatable disease such as breast cancer, I began a long journey to use my voice to help others. This is the main reason why I decided on the practice of law. Looking back on this decision today, it was one of the best decisions I ever made. The education and training I received in law school is like nothing I ever experienced before, and I wouldn’t trade it for any other life time experience.

At age of 24, after watching my mother struggle with breast cancer, and while working as a machinist, I entered my first year of undergraduate studies. As a female working in a man’s World, I made a decent living, owned my house, vacationed often, and nurtured my daughter into the fine person she is today.

By age twenty six, I fractured my spinal cord at work. It took me almost a year to walk again without a strained gait, while at the same time my lawyers were telling me that I needed a new profession. Not sure what I really wanted to do, I took a few classes, starting with American government and criminal law.

I am the youngest of six children born and raised in Massachusetts. My mother was a stay at home Mom for most of my younger years, and my father was A World II veteran later turned postal employee. I lived in a middle class Catholic neighborhood and was forced to attend Sunday school. Some of  my siblings went to Catholic schools while I chose public schools.

There were many aspects of the participating in Catholic functions that I enjoyed, none of which included watching white men tell me what the Bible said or meant. The same white men I would later read and study about in my Criminal Procedure class, real stellar members of our community. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Richard_R._Lavigne).

Priests were always men, and women were always expected to take the back seat in this so called place of worship.  As a result of Catholicism’s disrespect for women’s rights (and later gay rights), it was not a place that I personally saw any value in attending, thus I stopped attending around the age of 12.

My decision to discharge religion had everything to do with science. However, that’s not to say that I do not view the Bible as a great piece of literature that is. It did have some good points, including feeding the homeless and cheering up the elderly inside nursing homes. However, the disparity perpetrated upon women over men was something that I just could not accept. As I still do not today, but it’s not the reason why I am stanch Atheist and lover of science today. I am an Atheist today because after weighing the evidence, as any good lawyer would do before deciding to accept or decline a case, I see no evidence to support a higher sprit.

As we learned in law school, if the crimes don’t fit the statute, you cannot charge, unless of course you live in Washington State where the criminals are running thus ruining our political system.

For me, religion serves neither a governmental purpose nor any value to our society. I studied many religions while in undergraduate studies at Massachusetts State University, and I see them as philosophy. Religion for me equates to hate, violence, wars, murder, rape, and where pedophiles hide. But I never use all inclusive statements because from time to time, I find honest and respectful people inside religious institutions, such as Washington Coalition for Open Government President Toby Nixon, a man I admire as the only politician I ever met that I trust 100 % ; and my best friend Sherry. Both are Mormons.

My disdain for religion comes from the Catholic Church. As a child that grew up with a pedophile priest named Richard Lavigne at the pulpit, I watched as Lavigne raped and murdered a 13 year boy named Danny. Crimes that he was never charged with thanks to a corrupt deceased Hamden County District Attorney, Mathew J Ryan, whose allegiance to the Catholic Church meant more to him than his duty to uphold the law. He covered up the murder, and Richard Lavigne remains on the loose.

I despise pedophiles more than I do rapists. The difference is simple: rapists rape adults who have half a chance of defending themselves, while pedophiles intentionally pick on children because they cannot. I consider pedophiles to be the scum of the earth and not worth housing. However, trained in criminal defense, I understand that people are innocent until proven guilty, and that because of corruption, many who are convicted or charged are not guilty of anything except for overzealous prosecutors who simply want to make a name for themselves.  In cases where prosecuritoal misconduct can be proven, I believe the sentence should be life in prison For the prosecutor. Lawyers actions that undermine our judicial system is more dangerous to a free society than allowing a murderer to go free.


After learning that my mother was dying of breast cancer, in 1992, I was living Dallas kind of lost in life engaged to a religious nut job who happens to be a CPA.  The religious differences, I a stanch non-believer and he a Baptist, brought on more fighting (not physical) because of politics and religion then I care to share in this blog. My mother’s cancer was simply an excuse to break off my engagement and head back to Massachusetts to help care for my mother in her last years of life. I will say that it was because of Dennis that I know what love is not, and it’s because of Noel I know what love is.

Immediately after my mother’s death (1995), I started researching my mother’s medical files and noted that she had been diagnosed with breast cancer seven years earlier. Unfortunately for my mother, the doctors ignored her mammograms. Instead of suing, I remember saying “there’s something fundamentally wrong with our system if a doctor ignores a patient’s medical report.”

For some odd reason, I thought by becoming a lawyer, I could actually help ease human pain and suffering, something that I could not do for my mother. However, after years of practicing, watching Snohomish County public officials, mainly prosecutors, commit felonies such as tampering with public records, violating citizens’ civil rights, making non-criminals into criminals by using Our Courts to trump up criminal charges on honest hard -working citizens, filing phony Bar complaints against my license for simply attempting to address the Prosecutors and government officers crimes, and conspiring to harm citizens who ask questions of their government officers (while hiding behind government offices) with the assistance of Washington State Bar Office of Disciplinary Counsel members Linda Eide, and Lin O’Dell, and Snohomish County Prosecutor Sean Reay and Margaret King , I resigned from the Washington State Bar citing massive corruption.

After my six year investigation as a trained legal professional, I see no distinction between the criminals inside our prisons and the prosecutors. Our entire judicial systems has failed “we the people” , making honest citizens into criminals, and only after researching and investigating corrupt members inside the Washington State Bar Office of Disciplinary Council members steal and deplete elderly clients trust accounts with the assistance of Washington State Bar’s Chief Hearing Officer Joseph Nappi Jr. and members inside the Washington State Bar Office of Disciplinary Council. Again, my six year investigation leaves to believe that there’s no difference between the criminals inside the prisons and those inside many government offices.

I was brought into this World an activist, and shall die an activist. I have only one God and her name is “justice.” I treasure the Constitution as the greatest gift Thomas Jefferson gave America. The First Amendment allows citizens to investigate and report on corruption without government interference.

I close this blog entry with a quote from one of My childhood heroes “ the fight for justice against corruption is never easy. It never has been and it never will be. It exacts a toll on our self, our families, our friends, and especially our children. In the end, I believe, as in my case, the price we pay is well worth holding onto our dignity.” Frank Serpico, a great American.

My bible is the U.S. Constitution ( I do not include Washington State’s Constitution because those in charge have damaged it beyond repair). I intend to tell my story to a jury soon.

How open government supporters from Gold Bar Washington used the public records act to uncover largest corruption scandal in Washington State’s history, Part I


 If someone had said to me six years ago that I would be resigning from the Washington State Bar citing massive racketeering and help start the Reformed Washington State Bar, I probably would have laughed. However, after a six year investigation using Washington State’s Public Records Act,  us open government supporters are not laughing. As we uncover layer after layer of the rotten onion, we find Washington State Bar Office of Disciplinary Council members.


In July 2008, Gold Bar’s water boy, Karl Marjerle, sabotaged the City of Gold Bar’s water well # 4. Instead of reporting the employee’s crimes as an act of domestic terrorism upon the small community of Gold Bar, the City’s then Mayor, Crystal Hill, decided the best way to handle Marjerle’s acts of terrorism  was to pay the employee $10,000 of Gold Bar taxpayer monies, not report his crimes, used Bellevue’s Mayor Derringer ( a friend to Executive Aaron Reardon) landing him a much higher paying job, and use Snohomish County Prosecutors Office to quash the criminal charges. At the time of Marjerle’s crimes, Seth Fine and Sean Reay were in charge of the criminal division inside Snohomish County Prosecutors Office. Seth Fine is also a member of the WA State Bar  Office of Disciplinary Council operating it right from Snohomosh County offices ( an issue we will come back to in Part II).  Thinking it was odd that a sitting Mayor would make an unlawful agreement  ( which we believed amounted to extortion and bribery), I requested ” all records relating to Karl Marjele” and when Crystal Hill decided to ignore my legitimate public records request for access to our records under RCW 42.56, I hired Washington Coalition for Open Government attorney to file suit to force disclosure of our records. And had the City of Gold Bar simply answered my request above, I would not have stumbled upon the largest racketeering scandal in Washington State’s history.


In July 2008, Karl Majerle sabotages Gold Bar’s well # 4. In late October 2008, Gold Bar’s governing body, Dorothy Croshaw, Lonn Turner, Joe Beavers, Richard Norris, and Crystal Hill violate Washington State’s Open Meetings Act and held a meeting outside of the public, in a secretive place, and make an agreement, which we believe amounted to bribery and extortion, and agree to divert Gold Bar taxpayers monies. As result, I requested access to our records pursuant to RCW 42.56. Instead of complying with the Public Records Act, Crystal Hill was feathering her nest in the bed of a married man inside Snohomish County, a political bum appointed by executive Aaron Reardon, John E. Pennington.  Mr. Pennington was a former FEMA Region X Director who forced to resign after he and Tamara Doherty were caught misusing FEMA monies, As a result, John Pennington and Tamara Doherty were forced to resign from FEMA in 2005. Unfortunately for Snohomish County taxpayers, John Pennington met Snohomish County Executive Aaron Reardon while in the legislature.  After Pennington was forced out of FEMA, he found himself unemployed much of 2005, so he turned to Snohomish County Executive Aaron Reardon for a political appointment to Department of Emergency for Snohomish County. John Pennington had met Aaron Reardon and John Lovick after carpet bagging in an uncontested race in Cowlitz County Washington. Remember Cowlitz County because we’re going to revisit a 1992 rape of a 5 year old child from Cowlitz County soon. 

In 2005, Seattle Times reporter Mike Carter did a story on Aaron Reardon’s political appointee. See http://www.seattletimes.com/seattle-news/local-fema-chief-had-little-disaster-experience/ Mike Carter’s article made an ass out of both Aaron Reardon and John Pennington. Aaron Reardon for appointing a man who had no experience in emergency management, and John Pennington for trying to pass off his fraudulent diploma from California Coastal. A online school that the Government Accountability Office said “ sold diplomas at a flat rate.”

At the time that Marjerle sabotaged Gold Bar’s water system, I had never met John Pennington. However, Once I requested access to “ all records relating to Karl Marjerle” from the City of Gold Bar, and after I called then governor Gregoire filing a complaint about Gold Bar’s Mayor Crystal Hill neglecting the City’s streets during the largest snow storm in the last ten years, John Pennington wrote me an unsolicited email letter ( December 2008) stating, incorrectly,  that there was nothing he could do in emergency conditions. 

I remember thinking really? The emergency management director can’t do a dam thing in an emergency situation then what the fuck are we taxpayers paying him for? It was though he had no idea what his function was as emergency management director.  As a result, I went over his head to complain about a public official writing a citizen without a legal basis to. After all, I never called Mr. Pennington, I called the Governor. A day later I wrote a complaint letter to Pennington’s boss, Executive Aaron Reardon. 

Within two days of my letter, Aaron Reardon plowed 28 inches from Gold Bar’s streets, and the issue was resolved. Although I never thought much of Reardon, this was the one time that he actually performed with professioanlism. But from Pennington’s lack of understanding about emergency management, I began to think why the hell would a county employee write me a unsolicited letter, violate my civil rights and why the fuck are we paying this dumb ass a single cent?  Mr. Pennington unprofessional email lead me to start investigating his past 30 years on this planet, spanning from Tennessee, California, Oregon, and Washington State.

 I spent six years, thousands of dollars, researching, talking to sources, etc. However, my investigation took a turn when I hired PSI Investigations to help uncover Mr. Pennington’s past.


Mr. Pennington was born and raised in Tennessee by two parents who had little in common other than fighting and cheating on one another. Pennington’s father was a police officer who had a violent temper and abused his wife on a daily basis. John Pennington is a product of his pitiful and violent upbringing and was greatly traumatized by his dysfunctional home life.

One source close to Pennington said ” John was engaged in an extramarital affair with a woman 20 years his senior while in high school as a way to escape his violent home life. As with any child raised around violence, Pennington turned to drugs and alcohol by the age of 16. “

By the age of eighteen, Pennington entered Vanderbilt College in Tennessee, but within one year was kicked out for failing to maintain academic stability. One source who knew Pennington while in Vanderbilt told the Gold Bar Reporters “John stayed out late, snorted so much cocaine, drank like a fish, that he often mistook the bathtub as his bed.”

After being forced out of Vanderbilt, Pennington left Tennessee for San Diego California never shedding his violent upbringing. in California,  he meets a woman named Carla and they move in together. We did make contact with Carla who works as a real estate agent, but she said “ John is a sociopath who abused me non-stop; I still suffer PTSD from his abuse.” 

Two sources told the Gold Bar Reporters that while in San Diego, Pennington was kicked out a church for molesting two boys during a church camping trip around 1989.

after two boys made sexual abuse allegations against Pennington, he fled the state of California. While in Tennessee, Pennington jumped into a hotly contested State Representative race, losing miserably. Failing in Tennessee, he drove to Oregon meeting his next victim. in the early 1990s, after hospitalizing her, he fled Oregon for Vancouver where he met his victim, they soon married.

Pennington’s violent upbringing carries over into his marriage. Pennington’s first wife (who we have reason to believe is really wife # 2) is a petite female with a positive demeanor of remarkable character , while Pennington is over sized obese male towering over 6 ‘ tall. According to one source, Pennington’s mother said ” John was always a good liar” as any abnormal mother would say about their dysfunctional child. Our readers should know that we are not without sympathy for children who are abused, but we believe that once you’re an adult, you have only yourself to blame for your adult life. Pennington’s candid ability to blame others for his drug addiction and violent history of abusing women and children is an attribute of a sociopath.

While living in the Longview area, Pennington works for a coffee company where he manages to steal coffee grinding equipment which He later uses to jump start his own coffee shop. Then in 1992, a five year child is abducted, raped and tossed over embankment on the same coffee route that John Pennington drove everyday. The child was tossed out of the car like a bag of trash, as a passer by witnessed the man that matches John E. Pennington almost to a tee.  

The witness sketch can be viewed below. See https://animallawnewsandabuse.wordpress.com/2014/07/03/john-e-pennington-criminal-recordmisuse-of-time-snohomish-county-d-e-m/ https://snohomishcountycorruption.wordpress.com/tag/pennington-domestic-violence/

Because the evidence is overwhelming that the child molester is John Pennington ( pictures, time, coffee route, car), and the fact that the Cowlitz County Sheriff’s Office stated ” Pennington is one of only two prime suspects. Ed Orcut is the other prime suspect.”This came right from Cowlitz County Sheriff’s Office. According to two sources, the only purpose of the coffee shop was to kick start his run for an uncontested Washington State Representative seat in Cowlitz County. In a nutshell,  ” John wanted to make himself look like a business owner.  Once the election was over, he closed the coffee business for good. “

Shortly after John Pennington manages to win an uncontested Washington Representative seat, attorney Michael Kenyon becomes Kelso’s new city attorney. Remember the name Michael Kenyon because in Part II were going to discuss Kenyon at length, uncovering layer after layer of the  rotten onion involving his firm, Kenyon Disend. While in the legislature, Pennington meets Senator Jennifer Dunn. Two sources said that ” John and Dunn were engaged in an extramarital affair for years.”   As a result, Senator Dunn calls in a political favor to the then President George Bush Jr. who appoints John Pennington as FEMA Region X Director. As Seattle Times reporter Mike Carter Correctly pointed out, at the time of John Pennington’s appointment he had no experience in emergency management and no college degree. One legislative source said ” John used his sexual relationships as many women do to get ahead.”  Since Pennington had no college degree nor any experience, we have no reason to doubt that this is not true.
An open government attorney and former Washington Attorney General said ” John Pennington was a piece of shit in the legislature and he is a bigger piece of shit up there in Snohomish County!”  

We agree with the former Washington State Attorney General.    


Next week we will post Part II. 



For parents who would like to make sure your daughters don’t become a victim to a sociopath See http://www.wikihow.com/Spot-a-Sociopath            

Snohomish County Insider blows the whistle

It’s something out of movie up here in Snohomish County Washingon politics. Today an Insider, who we will only name as ” fed up”, told the Gold Bar Reporters today that Snohomish County Prosecutor Sean Reay and Mark Roe just can’t seem to stop their “little RICO ” activities. It’s like something of an organism they seem to have for Anne Block, Fed up said.

“Fed up” told the GBRs that Prosecutor Sean Reay and Mark Roe were pow wowing inside County offices recently attempting to trump up criminal charges on the GBR to SLAPP down ” freedom of the press” and in an effort to divert attention from Block’s Racketering complaint filed against Snohomosh County Prosecutors Sean Reay and Margaret King and Snohomish County’s number one political bum, John E Pennington.

The source said ” they ( Roe and Reay) have misappropriated over 4,000,000.00 of  taxpayer resources in an effort to hide their domestic spying games. Snohomish County Prosecutors and John E Pennington were caught red handed running illegal background checks on several open government supporters out here in Gold Bar, and two Massachusettes  residents who have familial ties to Gold Bar activist Anne Block.

Perhaps Mark Roe, Sean Reay and Margaret King missed or failed constitutional law? Fed up said ” I am sick of the county’s misusing our money to hide their crimes!”

We agree, but don’t worry because Sean Reay, Margaret King and John and Crystal Hill Pennington are being sued for racketeering ( as well as Penningtons Sky Valley Chronicle blog) for posting threats to physically harm several open government supporters in Gold Bar.

If we find anything that implicates Mark Roe, we have no problem adding him to the RICO suit.  Fed up also said that Jason Cummings was on the phone with to a reporter today hoping to fed a story on Block.

We say ” We’d be honored to add more RICO allegations against the criminals ruining my county. I hope  the jury hits them with a high punitive award. I’m going to suggest 10 M for the ring leaders, Sean Reay, John Pennington, Joe Beavers and Crystal Hill.  our counsel tells us that RICO awards are not dischargeable in US Bankruptcy Court. Ultimately, this issue will be in front of a jury.”

Block intends to amend the RICO complaint to include a WSBA Office of Disciplinary Hearing Officer, Lin O’Dell, who John and Crystal Hill Pennington have been bribing via O’Dell’s convicted killer boyfriend. Extortion and bribery are predicate acts under RICO.  The WSBA ODC believe themselves to be above the law, but failed to understand that no one person or agency trumps a citizen’s fundamental/ constitutional rights. The WSBA is no exception.

The day We allow a public official to trample on our constitutional rights and get away with it without suffering a financial penalty is the day Saudi Arabia takes over America.

Cascade Community Theatre refuses comment about running background checks


John E. Pennington, a political left over from disgraced former Executive Aaron Reardon’s gang

On Tuesday after learning that Cascade Community Theatre is allowing John E. Pennington to gain access to our children, we contacted Cascade seeking comment about why it would allow a known child and wife abuser to perform around our children.

Our question was simple: Did Cascade Community Theatre run a background check on John E. Pennington prior to allowing him to gain access to our children?

Radio blog show

Further, we would like our readers to know that John E. Pennington has never denied any allegations nor has he ever requested a retraction to any story posted on him.  We contacted Mr. Pennington several times seeking comment, as of today he has refused.

Cascade Community Theatre invites prime suspect in child rape case to perform


Can our readers imagine why in the World the Cascade Community Theatre would invite a prime suspect in a child rape case from Cowlitz County to perform in http://cctplays.org/man-of-la-mancha-opening-march-20th/  “Man of La Mancha. ”  We have been in contact with Cascade Community Center for comment prior to publishing this story. As of now they have not, but if they do, we will post their comments.

John Pennington is a long time child and wife abuser as documented nicely by another blogger named AnnimalLawandAbuse.See https://snohomishcountycorruption.wordpress.com/tag/pennington-domestic-violence/

Today we learned that Cascade Community Theatre invited a known prime suspect in a child rape case and a prolific wife abuser to perform, as such we intend to hand out bills to every patron about John E. Pennington extensive history of violence toward women and children, as a well as a news letter with a link to the Racketeering complaint where he was named a defendant for his criminal conduct as the political appointee assigned to Snohomish County’s Department of Emergency Management.

A copy of a Racketeering complaint filed in US Federal District Court against John E. Pennington and his blog site can be read at http://twitdoc.com/view.asp?id=172712&sid=3P9K&ext=PDF&lcl=RICO-files.pdf&usr=Sunshine2015K&doc=252796214&key=key-vCgcyry8MG3PdTevxTaE

For those of you interested in seeing public records involving John E. Pennington’s extensive police records, including screams from wives for 911 assistance, you should contact the City of Duvall public records officer at shelley.rowe@duvallwa.gov

Here’s a copy of the Public Records Request we sent to Ms. Rowe:

Pursuant to RCW Chapter 42.56, please provide the Gold Bar Reporters with copies of the following public records:

  1. Audio copies of all 911 phone calls that relate to Crystal Hill Pennington and/or John E. Pennington.
  2. Audio copies of any 911 phone calls that relate to address 28120 NE 147th PL Duvall, WA.
  3. All police reports which in any way relate to either (1) or (2) above.

Please limit your search from January 1, 2010 to Present.

For those responsive records that currently exist in electronic format (such as email, Word, or PDF files), please provide those documents in native searchable format including metadata. You are free to forward the files to me by email or copy the .pst files (with metadata) onto a CDR or DVD. Alternation of original email from its original .pst file along with its metadata is consider is no time limit a violation of the Public Records Act; see Shoreline. For those documents which exist only in paper form, please scan those documents into PDF files and copy those files onto a CDR or DVD. Where paper copies of records available in electronic form contain handwritten marks or notes, please provide both the native electronic record and a copy of the paper record.

“Public record” includes “any writing containing information relating to the conduct of government or the performance of any governmental or proprietary function prepared, owned, used, or retained by any state, county, or local agency regardless of physical form or characteristics.” RCW 42.56.010(2). “‘Writing’ means handwriting, typewriting, printing, photostating, photographing, and every other means of recording any form of communication or representation including, but not limited to, letters, words, pictures, sounds, or symbols, or combination thereof, and all papers, maps, magnetic or paper tapes, photographic films and prints, motion picture, film and video recordings, magnetic or punched cards, discs, drums, diskettes, sound recordings, and other documents including existing data compilations from which information may be obtained or translated.” RCW 42.56.010(3).

This request specifically includes -and you are specifically directed to obtain, preserve in native format, and produce -any records that exist on County computers, portable phones, BlackBerries, Kindle, IPad, or other devices, or in email, data, voice mail, or text mail accounts owned, controlled or paid for by the County.

For each record that you contend is exempt from public disclosure, please specifically identify the record by subject, title, author, custodian and date, and specifically state how the specific statutory exemption applies to the record as required by RCW 42.56.210(3). For each record that is only partially exempt from public disclosure, please provide a redacted copy of that record. Failure to comply with this request for public records may require you to pay attorney fees as well as mandatory penalties under RCW 42.56.550(4). Yousoufian v. Sims, 152 Wn.2d 421,433, 98 P.3d 463 (2005) and Rental Housing Ass’n v. Des Moines, 165 Wn.2d 525, 199 P.3d 393 (2009).

Whether or not the Agency asserts that any requested records are exempt from disclosure you are required by RCW 42.56.100 to protect all records from loss or destruction until this matter is resolved.

Please let me know if the cost of copying these records will exceed $400.00. You have five days to respond to this request as required by RCW 42.56.520.  To provide the fullest assistance to the requester ( me) please email all responsive records.

Perhaps the people running the Cascade Community Theatre are involved in the RICO scandal out here in Snohomish County, or perhaps they are part of a bigger child abuse ring we’ve been investigating involving Senator Hatfield, John E. Pennington, and a hell of a lot of county employees.  Did Cascade forget to run criminal background checks on performers that might have access to children?

What the hell is going on in King County when it would invite a known child rape suspect to perform where children may be in attendance?  We’re not sure but we intend to contact every school, PTA, Church, etc. hoping to warn parents to keep their eyes on their children if they chose to attend Cascade Community Theater while this abuser is any where near children.


Gold Bar Washington “Where the sun seldom shines”

When I think of all bad things on this planet, I look no further than Gold Bar, Washington. Gold Bar was officially incorporated on September 16, 1910. It’s a filthy little City located in the foothills of Washington State, located in Snohomish County.

From the City’s onset it’s been plagued with corruption, government racketeering, and an uneducated leadership. By the late 1880s, Northern Railway began linking rails between Everett and Spokane. This resulted in a influx of Chinese immigrants into a prominently uneducated redneck community. With any uneducated society, racism runs rampant like cockroaches without sunlight.

Gold Bar’s history of slaughtering Chinese rail workers is best analogized by Jack London In ” Call of the Wild” as a pack of wolves ganging up on those who were least likely to fight off the pack of wolves. Something out of a bad horror flick, certainly not something made for television.

Saving of Chinese lives from the savage white men in Gold Bar is accredited to an Atheist engineer, Eduard Bauer, who built coffins from the abundant growth of evergreen trees, helping Chinese workers escape Gold Bar’s redneck ethnic cleansing.

Today, however, many long time local residents deny Gold Bar’s bloody history of government corruption and systemic hatred of non-Caucasian Americans.  I’ve come to believe that to live peacefully in Gold Bar, one must be a racist who pays no attention to the corrupt and uneducated  government officials spitting on the civil rights of its citizens.  Not much has changed in the last 120 years.

Looking back on the last six years since moving to the corrupt little City of Gold Bar Washington, people have asked me ” If you could do things differently, would you have?”  I answer in a very simplistic way ” I am who I am. I was raised by two wonderful parents who believed that you’re more effective from the outside than you can ever be from the inside. I consider each and everyday of my life to be a gift, given to me by two people, who were not perfect by any stretch of the truth, but did their best to instill in me that as an American is not about what materialist items one can collect, its about helping those who have no voice in our society. I do what I love and love what I do.  I sleep at night. I answer to no one.  I’m a journalist, author, an advocate, a legal scholar, a mom, a grandmother, a free-thinker and most importantly a proud American. ”

As I embark on a new journey in my life, I have no regrets. I see no value in regrets.  I see value in reading, writing, learning, exposing corruption, combating and exposing child abusers, and value the 1st Amendment as the best gift that Thomas Jefferson brought with him from Europe.  I was born and raised an activist American, and I shall die the same.

I wrote ” No sunshine where the cockroaches roam” as a way of documenting Snohomish County’s systemic but historical history of corruption and discrimination. Molly Ivins said “ When politicians start talking about large groups of their fellow Americans as ‘enemies,’ it’s time for a quiet stir of alertness. Polarizing people is a good way to win an election, and also a good way to wreck a country.”

I dedicate my book to all single mothers who never relied on a man for a meal, a home, or happiness. Happiness comes from one’s inner self, but is best described as non-negotiable, non-tangible, non-perishable, and not for sale. It’s quite opposite from greed, and it sees no financial gain, but often financial loss for a greater cause. There is no better nor harder job on this planet than being a single parent. Single parents who raise healthy happy children are my heroes.  I dedicate my book to all single mothers who never trample on the rights of others, value our constitutional principles, and to those who truly understand that we have greater cause than just lining our pockets with gold.

Look hard to find what it is that you love to do and do it.  Don’t look back, look forward. As free thinking science lovers know, we only live once, so make it a meaningful and pleasant journey. You’ll leave this planet knowing that you stood up for what you believed in, and if you laid the foundation, knowing that your grandchildren will carry the torch long past your footprints.

” No sunshine where the cockroaches roam” is based on a true story about one single mother’s fight for justice using sunshine laws to uncover one layer of the rotten onion, one lawyer at a time.  With each layer of the rotten onion, we find corrupt politicians and lawyers at the center, while at the same time knowing and working with some of Washington State’s best open government lawyers restores my faith that ” we the people” are the only ones who can shine sun light on the cockroaches ruining America.

Our hope is to have ” No sunshine where the cockroaches roam” ready for final edits by the end of the summer 2015.

Very close to breaking the largest corruption (RICO) scandal in Washington State


SUNSHINE in Washington State is coming!

One local news reporter said to us ” Snohomish County is screwed!”  His statement came right after records were released from Snohomish County Prosecutor’s office showing two compeling factors:

1.  In every self insured county in Washington State, there are “Nazis” who are placed in high positions, mainly prosecutors/lawyers, whose job it is to go after attorneys who question or sue government agencies; and

2.  County employee Nazi spies are all members of the WA State Bar Office of Disciplinary Council.

We are working on a very big RICO scandal involving high ranking members of Washington County government who are all connected to the Washington State Bar’s Office of Diciplinary Council.

We have a hypothesis that we’re working on, but at this stage we are confident to report that WE are going to break the LARGEST RICO SCANDAL In United States history and it will reform the Washington State Bar and every self insured agency in Washington State.


Snohomish County Washington; Domestic Spying


In early 2009 when I filed a public records suit against City of Gold Bar, I had no clue that what I was about to uncover was the largest RICO scandal in Washington State history until a few months ago.

Things changed when I discovered that a Washington State Bar hearing officer’s convicted killer boyfriend Mark Plivilech set up a post office box in Duvall Washington within months after his girlfriend and a Washington State Bar Office of Disciplinary Counsel Hearing Officer Lin O’Dell was assigned to adjudicate John E. Pennington’s ( a political appointee here in Snohomish County Washington) witness statement he filed against the Gold Bar Reporters in retaliation for its (in furtherance of the Enterprise efforts) six year investigation of John Pennington’s last 30 years of crimes against women and children.

From our six year investigation we are confident to report that John E. Pennington is a pedophile, a wife beater, a child abuser, a prime suspect in a child rape case, a pathological liar, a sociopath, and his county travel records indicate that there are missing children cases that he should be investigated for in Alaska, Maryland, and Washington State.

We recently learned that the Washington State Supreme Court does not monitor the Office of Disciplinary Council members. If they had, they would have discovered what we uncovered about attorney Lin O’Dell – she’s a thief, was cited by Judge Monasmith for stealing from Paula Fowler in Stevens County, has major problems with IRS tax liens, and Spokane County records document that Lin O’Dell and Plivilech have a hell of a lot of shady businesses and are taken advantage of elderly adults. Simply put, attorney Lin O’Dell is a criminal, as is John Pennington.

“Birds of the same feathers flock together as do pigs and swine…”

How we learned that Washington State Supreme Court was not monitoring its Disciplinary Board  was very simple; Supreme Court Clerk Carpenter wrote an email letter to a concerned Washington State resident stating that the Supreme Court does not concern itself with the Office of Disciplinary Council. A legal issue that the US Supreme Court just held in North Carolina Board of Dental Examiners v. Federal Trade Commission  that if the overseers of the Board are not monitoring its Board members they open themselves up for $$$ liability. Stupid is as stupid does.

Now back to convicted killer Mark Plivilech. Mark Plivilech has never had any business dealing on this side of the state until his girlfriend who is also a WA State Bar hearing officer named Lin O’Dell was handpicked by WA State Bar Chief Hearing Officer Joseph Nappi Jr.  Mark Plivilech didn’t chose Everett for his new post office box, he chose the WSBA’s star pedophile, wife abuser John Pennington’s home city of Duvall Washington.

John and Crystal Hill Pennington live within three blocks of Plivilech’s post office of choice, located in Duvall Washington. Stellar RICO thugs we have inside Snohomish County Washington.

Now how we discovered the domestic spying ring here in Snohomish County Washington, goes back to “stupid is as stupid does.”   In 2009, John E. Pennington was charged with assaulting ( police reports confirm that Pennington kicked and punched Anne in her uterus) his 3rd trimester pregnant wife Anne in King County. Ole Johnny got sloppy in his illegal retrieval of sealed court records. In 2009 after being charged with criminal assault for the second time ( first criminal assault lead to a guilty plea in Oregon in the early 1990s), John Pennington misused his Homeland Security Clearance to access sealed criminal convictions records of his soon to be former spouse’s friend. Unfortunately, John Pennington used Snohomish County fax machines and disseminated his illegal searches into his King County divorce records.

Soon after the illegal dissemination of sealed criminal records he should not have had access to, John Pennington’s Homeland Security was revoked. But not before Pennington managed to retrieve a “ spider” of files on Gold Bar Reporter Anne Block and her family members.

According to one Gold Bar council member, John E. Pennington illegally accessed Block’s family information including her sister’s mental health records and disseminated those via email to Gold Bar’s governing body in early 2009. Further evidence of John Pennington’s domestic spying was confirmed by the Massachusetts FBI in Boston in August 2012.

Gold Bar’s former City attorney Jeffrey Myers deposition of Anne Block was telling. Instead of asking questions about what public records Anne Block had in her possession, Mr. Myers started with an improper line of questioning about whether Block had changed her name, whether she files her taxes,  how many children she had, what her income was, etc. all non-permissible questioning in a public records case.

Three months ago, the IRS confirmed that an illegal  IRS check was made on Block after she started reporting on John E. Pennington’s criminal conduct.  Cant wait to depose the IRS FOIA officer . . .

John E. Pennington is being sued under RICO after county records confirmed that he was one of many county employees posting threats to physically harm Gold Bar activist Block on his blog spot titled ” The Sky Valley Chronicle.”

What Gold Bar Reporter Block noticed from attorney Jeff Myers deposition questioning was that he was writing on the side of Block’s deposition testimony “LODS.” For those of our readers who do not understand what “LODS” means it’s an acronym for “ Lying on Deposition Statement.”

I suspect whatever attorney Jeffrey Meyers saw, he must have believed it, or as Gold Bar resident Noel Frederck said “ he (Myers) wanted to believe it

So sorry Jeffrey Myers, but Block has never been treated at a mental health facility nor has she ever been treated for mental health issues of any kind. But she does know someone close to her that has been.

Did you know that retrieval and dissemination of mental health records in Massachusetts is a felony? Did you know that Mass laws prohibit the retrieval and dissemination of mental health records by anyone including medical doctors? Stupid is as stupid does!

As for me, I believe that people who do have mental health problems have an absolute right to privacy that should not be evaded simply because a relative who lives 3,000 miles away exercises her legal right to access John Pennington’s email communication in 2009.

And just how a sister and brother of mine in Mass got involved, we’re working on that story . . . and let’s just say that John E. Pennington is a fuckin sociopath who belongs behind bars.

John Pennington, Joe Beavers and Crystal Hill should be extradited  back to Mass for criminal prosecution, noting that Mass Statute of Limitations toll when its out of state residents. So sad for the RICO gang; Mass has the strictest laws on disseminating mental health records ( not even doctors are permitted to disseminate mental health records).

So there you go, the story of why Gold Bar’s Mayor Joe Beavers stole over 1M dollars of water and street money to hide public records and why Snohomish County Prosecutor Mark Roe is protecting John Pennington. Criminal RICO in its finest.

And they think I’m a thorn in their sides, they haven’t dealt with my sister and her husband yet.  But they will be soon.

John Pennington will be brought to justice for his crimes regardless of whether it takes me 30 days or 30 years.  Pennington and those who assisted him in committing crimes are the real threat to a free society and must be brought to justice regardless of the time or money.  Just think of how different Our World would be today if someone exposed Adolf Hitler long before World War II.  We will not make that same mistake.

Atifete Jahjaga said:

Democracy must be built through open societies that share information. When there is information, there is enlightenment. When there is debate, there are solutions. When there is no sharing of power, no rule of law, no accountability, there is abuse, corruption, subjugation and indignation.


Gold Bar’s pot smoking Mayor pushes growing farms to generate revenue

4T9Ej7rTE03-03-15  CC Agenda (2)


Residents are asked to bring your pot pipes, rolling papers, and bongs to the next Gold Bar City Council Meeting, March 3, 2015.

Gold Bar’s Mayor Linda Loen will be providing one of the best marijuana strains we’ve ever tried called ” Fuckin Incredible.”   Also, free pizza, Redhook brews ( on tap so bring your cups) and free coke ( roll up those dollar bills and snort, snort, snort away) to help curve your craven for munchies.

Its going to be a family event, so don’t be late. Limited seating.


All in good humor, satire 100 % for sure. For those of you who know no humor, get a life, or take a toke and get the joke.

23 Gay People are Citizens too and are entitled to the same Constitutional Rights

Keep up the great work Idahoans’

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