How the Christians hijacked the Pagan Holiday, December 25th

The celebration associated in various countries with Christmas pre-dates Christianity, and was and still is truly non-religious.  Concepts like  gift giving and the display of various decorations including the Christmas tree, holiday lights, nativity scenes, and most of all Santa Claus, are truly secular.

By all traditions, Santa Claus brings gifts to children during the Christmas holiday season. This tradition really came about to boost capitalist economic activity throughout the World.   For this reason, the Christmas holiday is a significant factor in boosting revenue for businesses, small and large alike.  The economic factor has grown over the past few centuries, and has been embraced by many regions of the world.

Contrary to Christian myths,  the birth date of Jesus’ Christ ( if he existed at all) are unknown.  Most historians believe that the date of Christmas may have initially been chosen to correspond with the day exactly nine months after early Christians believed Jesus was conceived in the winter solstice month. .

Although some religious people suggest that humans are capable of immaculate conception, there is no evidence to believe such a myth, as there is no scientific basis to believe that Jesus Christ ever existed; with no scientific evidence to support a supreme being, we Atheists discharge the existence of God, while Agnostics’ doubt the existence of a God.

Religious historians believe that the Christians hijacked the Pagan Christmas holiday season as a way of countering rising public debates against a fairy god father. With no evidence to support a God, we conclude that the historians are right – Christmas is nothing more than a well thought out capitalist plan to boost economic growth. Bad or good is solely up to those willing to expand the all mighty dollar for day of the year.

For those of you reading this blog believe that there is a God, perhaps you should wonder why 1/2 of the World’s population is starving and engaged in religious cleansing of human life.  We conclude that there’s only one reason for this, it’s to control the “biggest lie on Earth, the biblical story.”

We here at the Gold Bar Reporters believe that all life on Mother Earth is valuable, with the exceptions of pedophiles ( who with no surprise use religious enterprises to abuse children).


  1. ThankYou Dear!!!! And YOU as well…. (I am having trouble ‘Liking’ comments – WordPress cant seem to locate my account. (Tried to ‘Like’ your article yesterday…)


  2. I LOVE science and the explanation of creation! I fully believe that we truly have not a clue (yet, and may never will) of The Truth. Organized religion IS a creation of Mankind, not the true Powers that Be. Christmas IS a pagan holiday (but reserve the idea that the ‘reason’ is the thought that counts). Concerning agnocism and atheism, if it includes lack of ‘spirituality’ then I wont acknowledge those stands because I AM a living example for all those of lack of Hope and Faith and Comfort that there is a force above and around us that can and does change circumstances outcomes and essentially ourselves.
    (The ‘Serenity Prayer’ has probably done me more good than anything ever has,…but that’s a story in itself.)
    However we choose to worship, respect and interact with the above force of Creation is up to us. Many of us, myself included, choose to Worship, Praise and Depend on that Force in the traditional fashion of organized religion, if for no other reason than simplicity’s sake. As it stands – I did appreciate this article with the reservation that Spirituality remains ‘key’.


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