More fraud involving Snohomish County? 

No it can’t be, Snohomish County fraud?


I have to admit, Snohomish County never ceases to amaze me on just how corrupt our government is.  Earlier this week I received a tip that Snohomish County developer Lobstag Dargey was under investigation by the Securties and Exchange Commission (SEC).

According to the SEC, Dargey misappropriated over 17.6 Million dollars from investors.  This of course led me to start investigating who Dargey is connected to up here in Snohomish County.  Well it didn’t take me long to obtain a list of public officials who believe we’re on the take.  I have read over 1 ** million emails between and among public officials here in Washington, and with that experience I know who the dirty politicians are and who are pretty darn boring.

Although not exclusive, Lobstag Dargey is directly connected to the following Corrupt public officials up here in corurt Snohomish County:

Everett Mayor Ray Stephenson

Executive John Lovick

Former Executive employee Kevin “shorty” Hulten

Senator Steve Hobbs (Lake Stevens)

Former Reardon executive employee Jon Rudicil

Executive  employee Brian Perry ( a left over bag of trash from Reardon’s administration)

Former Executive Aaron Reardon

Executive Deputy Director Mark Ericks

At least for Aaron Reardon and Kevin Hulten the ties to Dargey are fairly easy, Reardon’s pennies for his home in Indigo California and Kevin Hulten’s extend stay housing program  in the  San Fransicisco Bay Area for just over a year after he plead guilty to evidence tampering.

This corruption up here in Snohomish County government runs so deep it’s like diarrhea 24-7

When you see one cockroaches there are hundreds more behind the walls. We can’t wait to hear who Dargey rats out as taking bribes with the missing 17.6 million.  But from land deals, we suspect it’s several corrupt pieces of shit from Snohomish County’s Executive officers club.

” the lights come on, the cockroaches scatter”

** originally posted 5 Million instead of 1 Million, a clerical error **

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