1. Well done Anne! The ‘cesspool needs to be pumped’ and you are doing all the work … you’re the best!


    • We need to drain the field before the criminals who have perverted our government make criminals out of non criminals in their effort to hide their theft of our resources.

      My parents trained me to stand up for what I believe in, and I believe America and the values our founding fathers and mothers fought for are worth at least thirty years of my life. If not for me, for the next generation.

      Unless the federal government starts prosecuting criminals like Crystal Hill Pennington, John Pennington and Joe Beavers, they will continue to misappropriate Gold Bar monies to hide their criminal racketeering crimes. Crimes they placed inside email communication and are now hiding at attorney Michael Kenyon’s Office in Issaquah Washington.

      I can assure them, I will be right here shinning much needed sunshine on the uneducated free loaders like them


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