Extortionist wire threats, Spokane County Racketeering EXPOSED



Today I retrieved the above voice message which was sent from (509) 850-0392 on January 26, 2017, approx. one hour prior to the below email/ wire threat that my lawyer tells me amounts to state extortion, trying to stop our investigation on massive racketeering (fixing cases, stealing children unless parents pay money, and drug trafficking using attorneys and clients)

Once this story was posted, Karrie Travis ( aka Fleck) and Crystal Hill Pennington ( aka Berg)  and the man who left extortionist voice message threats ( from Prosser Washington) logged on to the Gold Bar Reporter together.  6 x we caught the Karrie Travis, Crystal Hill Pennington on the Reporter at the same time.


Conspiracy defined: a secret plan made by two or more people to do something that is harmful or illegal.

Washington State Definition of Extortion:  knowingly to obtain or attempt to obtain by threat property or services of the owner.

RCW 9.61.230, Telephone harassment.

(1) Every person who, with intent to harass, intimidate, torment or embarrass any other person, shall make a telephone call to such other person:
(a) Using any lewd, lascivious, profane, indecent, or obscene words or language, or suggesting the commission of any lewd or lascivious act; or
(b) Anonymously or repeatedly or at an extremely inconvenient hour, whether or not conversation ensues; or
(c) Threatening to inflict injury on the person or property of the person called or any member of his or her family or household;
is guilty of a gross misdemeanor

( if I were a betting person, I would say that the bum/scum who left the voice message has a shady criminal history).

With  no surprise, another Washington State Bar Association member involved in extortionist wire threats, but this time from Spokane County.

Yesterday I filed a Washington State Bar Complaint against Spokane County attorney Susan Embree, within hours I received this wire threat amounting to extortion to have me committed for reporting on criminal drug trafficking from her home and she brags that she’s done it before.

The Bar complaint came after several witnesses came forward  with ample evidence to state Susan Embree should be in prison.

Here’s the email sent to me using an anonymous email address: 

On Jan 26, 2017, at 7:43 PM, Washington Citizen <deeperpocketsthanblock@gmail.com> wrote:


I’m curious who you think you are other than a defunct, disbarred attorney. As a citizen of Washington State and a tax payer, I am very concerned of your actions and behavior that you have taken statewide. Should you continue to attempt to deplete all of our local government agencies budgets then what?

I have at this point in time prepared and will file a records request on you in the entire state of Washington, I have no issue paying for the entire service so I can provide the media with what they need to inform all of the residents of Washington how their tax money is spent.

After reading your website and a(n) article about you, there was mention of the vast amounts of your own money you have spent. Let me help correct that now and through the media, the VAST amounts of TAX PAYER money.

You lady, are far from the only bully in Washington. Once my requests are fulfilled, you will meet all of the tax payers.

Best of Luck and I can’t wait to publish the reason you were disbarred along with how much you have cost tax payers.

Anne, don’t think for one moment I am not already filing for a mental health eval on you as well. So please do not let me find you are providing legal advice or assistance to others, this again would carry heavy sanctions that would require you to SHOW UP.

As you see Anne, my reporting skills are just as in tune as yours. Here is where we are vastly different, I wasn’t disbarred for misconduct. Let me quote your request in closing; “Block in December 2013 filed paperwork stating that she was resigning from the bar association. She also asserted in court papers that her conduct was protected and her records immune from subpoena by bar association investigators because she operates a blog, the Gold Bar Reporter.” source: HeraldNet July 16th, 2016.

Look lady, you can’t go this far and expect the people of WA state to not notice. Expect to hear from my lawyers very soon, so all I ask of you is do you have a lawyer? I know you aren’t one and can’t practice law by law.

TAX PAYER 3,217,412

The above email is a wire threat amounts to extortion thus a predicate act in violation of RICO, as Susan Embree’s very very personal relationship to judges in Spokane fixing cases.

Have a little courage like John Hancock as I do.


  1. Anna
    After reading all of your articles it all making sense why the WSBA refused to help with the corruption in the Evrette Court.I had files disappear and parts of my audio deleted. I even had a famous audio forensic comply and give the actual files missing and time and date.WSBA also allowed 4 scum debt attorneys from Orgeon get away with fraud upon the court and fake documents which I proved were fraudulent and still they did nothing. Oregon attorney lied in court and in all his documents and the WSBA knew this and they did nothing..what pigs they are..I went to the Sherriff office at the Everett court house to file a fraud complaint guess what they were well what do you want me to do about it..All of the State of WA is corrupt.I think it’s time something is done and have just the place to go.Who hates WA more then us? You should send me a private email I think we have a lot to talk about


  2. We are going through a complete criminal conspiracy here in pierce and king county washington. Looking for anyone who would like our documents. We have evidence that CPS is awarding custody of children to violent criminals in exchange for doing controlled buys for the police, and fabricating charges against innocent citizens, over and over again.
    We have the names of two different “informants”, and sealed court records we were able to obtain that shows the day after one R. Davis did a buy for the police he filed an order for custody because “CPS is making me file” . THis is a person who according to police reports that we have obtained was found to be a felon who was shooting a semiautomatic weapon in a pierce county neighborhood and was never charged. There are several witness statements. This same fellow was involved in a gang beating of a bouncer at a bar, this bouncer ended up in the hospital and no charges were filed. He was also arrested for Domestic Violence twice and to this day pierce county refuses to charge him. The below childrens admin worker Cheri Paillet is continuing to recommend that a 3 year old boy remain with the father, regardless of all concerns made regarding the history of violence.
    The other case involves a long time criminal in king county who has been falsely accusing people of sexually abusing his child begining with his mother when the girl was 5. He convinced the mother of the child that his own mother was sexually abusing the girl and had a 5 year old brought to harborview for a rape kit. According to emails from the childs mother, he was angry at his mother for cutting him off financially.Two years of investigating this woman the police refused to file charges because the father was proven to be deceptive (we have court documents to prove everything I am stating) The girl recanted, and was placed in foster care.
    While in foster care this girl spent three years telling her counselors, and cps workers that she never wanted to see her Biological dad, M. Dahl again, we have all these records as well. She wrote a letter to the judge asking to stop his visits but not to tell him because she was afraid. She expressed her frustration that no one listened to her, each time she was schedueled to be adopted, which she requested the father came in with a very expensive attorney, and stopped it. This guy gets disability, sec 8 housing and has a 5000 dollar a month attorney. This girl is now 12, she is in the custody of the person she was the most scared of, and has made over 7 false allegations of sexual abuse. I have been trying to find anyone to take a look at this. If you know any one interested please let me know. Thank you
    Just now
    The social worker for childrens administration in seattle tacoma area Cheri l Paillet is not licensed in the sate of washington on the department of health providor credential search. However she does show up as having had a former nursing assistant license and also being charged with financial exploitation of a vulnerable adult! She stole money from a patient in a nursing home. Now she is being paid by the taxpayers of Washington state to make recommendations to the court regarding child custody cases. She cant be trusted with a tiny bit of money but lives are in her hands?. I have the documentation for one case, I’m curious how many other people in washington know this name.


  3. Anna, everyone knows that Spokane attorneys have a habit of making threats. If they weren’t guilty of wrong doing, they wouldn’t be so adamant at making threats. We all know you were not disbarred, but gave up your license so they would stop the harassment. I personally think all of the Spokane members of the WSBA should be tarred and feathered in the court house parking lot, but that is my opinion. This is only one of the reasons attorneys from other parts of the State of Washington refer to Spokane attorneys as “The Legal Mafia of Spokane County”.


    • Susan Embree and Lin O’Dell are good friends and have been involved in mafia drug dealer from some time. It must be hard for Ms Embree to deal with someone as smart as Jill Ferguson.

      Threats of extortion made through the wire equates to racketeering, predicate acts under RICO against me.


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