Journalist Brandia Taamu “Exposes Washington State Bar for Racketeering Profit Org

We often repost like minded bloggers blog. Today, we came across this website that might assist current Washington State Bar members in fighting the RICO thugs, such as Linda Eide, Doug Ende, Kirstian Schimpff, and Joseph Nappi Jr.

Thank you also B. Woods for sharing your horrific story of abuse you suffered at the hands of Snohomish County Superior Court Judges. You are an inspiration to all of us!  Thank you.

Credit for this post goes to Journalist, Activist and Reverend Brandia Taamu. Ms. Taamu’s bravery and courage is refreshing in this era of government corruption. Thank you Brandia!

What is the definition of RICO? I’ll just go ahead & show you

I briefly touched on a lawyer who filed a complaint against Christine Gregoire then found himself thrown into a legal battle for his career. He ended up being disbarred but since Ms Gregoire has stacked the judges in the Superior Appeals, & Supreme court in HER favor it’s no wonder. He filed a RICO complaint against all of those involved, his name is actually John Scannell, I think I got it wrong in the last article but I’ll go back & fix it.

The Washington State Bar Association meets the premium definition of RICO they conduct quasi legal hearings, & make up the rules as they go along. If you have ever seen the movie “Mean Girls” that pretty much sums up the WSBA.

If you file a report against a city or county, even state official, all they have to do is call the bar & “tell on you” within 6 months your life’s work is gone.

No worries though even if they can’t find something to use against you they will go on a mass emailing campaign to try to solicit others to file erroneous complaints against you as well.

I will post the emails of Linda Eide soliciting other people in Seattle/King County to file complaints against a lawyer who filed a complaint against a cop for tripping her as soon as I get a hold of her but I don’t know if she will need it for a lawsuit so I am not going to post it right yet.

That is what we call RICO ~ 2 or more people conspiring to harm you. No one is immune & since most of our Government is run by lawyers, judges & prosecutors the bar has Supreme control over the Washington state Government. That needs to change & then we can eliminate atleast 75% of the corruption in this state immediately.

The Bar has inserted itself into every aspect of our state’s govt, & you would be very wise to pay attention to the many names that come up in so many committees lawyers/bar members that are in the Judiciary & from big law firms (most of whom have very lucrative contracts with city, county & state agencies. These are just a couple of them

BOG Governance Task Force,
Vern Harkins (Chair), Michele Radosevich, Anthony Gipe, Brad Furlong,
Robyn Haynes, Karen Denise Wilson, Ken Masters, James Armstrong,
Bill Hyslop, Paula Littlewood,

1) Barbara McInvaille Lawyer Member Chair 960 Market Street Tacoma WA 98402
Phone: (253) 572-2684 Fax: (253) 627 -1913 Term: 2012-2015
2) William E. Davis Lawyer Member
Leavy Schultz Davis & Fearing P.S. 2415 West Falls Avenue Kennewick WA 99336
Telephone: (509) 736-1330 Email: Term: 2013- 2016,
3) Hon. Jane Smith, Non Lawyer Member CONFIDENTIAL ADDRESS
Email: Term: 10/1/2013 – 2014,
4) Elizabeth Turner Counsel to the Disciplinary Board
1325 Fourth Ave, Ste. 600 Seattle WA 98101
Telephone: (206)239-2109 FAX: (206) 727-8314 E-mail:,
5) David Evans, Lawyer Member Chair
12500 SE 2nd Cir Ste 140 Vancouver WA 98684
Telephone: (360) 260-7127 Email: Term: 2011-2014,
6) Kathryn Berger Lawyer Member
1504 Broadway Street Bellingham WA 98225
Telephone: (360) 671-7550 Term: 2013-2016,
7) Kristi Coy Non – Lawyer Member CONFIDENTIAL ADDRESS Term: 2013-2016,
8) David Broom Lawyer Member Chair
717 W. Sprague Avenue Suite 1200 Spokane WA 99201
Telephone: (509) 455-6056 Term: 2011-2014 Email:,
9) Marcia Fischer Lawyer Member
P.O. Box 82994 Kenmore WA 98029 Telephone: (425) 354-8275 Term: 2013-2016,
10) Connie Egeler Non Lawyer Member CONFIDENTIAL ADDRESS
Email: Term: 2013-2016,
11) Andrew Carrington Chair
500 Union Street Suite 520 Seattle WA 98101
Telephone: (206) 386-0303 Email: Term: 2011-2014,
12) Jennifer Teppner Dremousis Vice Chair
1201 3rd Avenue Suite 4800 Seattle WA 98101
Phone: 206-359-6165
Term: 2012-2015,
13) Barry Mesher Lawyer Member Chair
520 Pike Street Suite 2200 Seattle WA 98101
Phone: (206) 462-7572 Term: 2012-2015 Email:,
14) Stephanie Bloomfield Lawyer Member
Gordon Thomas Honeywell P.O. Box 1157 Tacoma WA 98401
Telephone: (253) 620-6514 Term: 2013-2016,
15) Pandora Neiland, Non-Lawyer member CONFIDENTIAL ADDRESS Term: 2011-2014,
(Snohomish County Commissioner) Geoff Gibbs
Anderson Hunter Law Firm PS
2707 Colby Ave. Ste. 1001 PO Box 5397 Everett WA 98206-5397,

ELC Drafting Task Force Roster,
Geoff Gibbs, Chair, Erika Balazs, Randy Beitel, Kim Boyce,
Kurt Bulmer, Ron Carpenter, James Danielson, Seth Fine ~ Snohomish County Prosecutor Bruce Johnson, Joseph Nappi, Jr., Julie Shankland, Patrick Sheldon,
Elizabeth Turner, Norma Linda Ureña, Supreme Court Justice ~ Charlie Wiggins,
Matt Williams, Scott Busby, Reporter/Staff Liaison
Nan Sullins, AOC/Supreme Court Liaison

Task Force Members,
Subcommittee A, Bruce Johnson, Chair, Kim Boyce, Kurt Bulmer,
Jim Danielson, Norma Linda Ureña, Elizabeth Turner, Randy Beitel,
Subcommittee B, Seth Fine, Chair, Kurt Bulmer, Patrick Sheldon,
Randy Beitel, Erika Balazs, Matt Williams,
Subcommittee C, Charlie Wiggins, Chair, Ron Carpenter
Julie Shankland, Randy Beitel, Patrick Sheldon,

Washington State Bar Association LEGISLATIVE COMMITTEE,
J. Patrick Aylward, Richard L. Bartholomew, Chair Watson Blair,
John Cary, Kathleen K. Coghlan, Fred Corbit, Marilyn Endriss,
Paul Fjelstad, Claudia Gowan, Ryan Harkins, Ken Henrikson,
Taudd Hume, Ray Kahler, Martha Patricia Lantz, Don Law,
Dean Little, D. Roger Reed, Mark F. Rising, Kyle D. Sciuchetti,
Suchi Sharma, Klaus Otto Snyder, Brian Sommer, Catherine Szurek,
Sara Watkins, Pete Karademos, Matt Le Master, Merrilee MacLean,
Sean O’Donnell, Amit Ranade, Geoffrey G. Revelle, Connie Taylor,
Carrie Valladares,Connie Wan,

Michele G. Radosevich , WSBA President-elect,
Ben Porter, WSBA Taxation Section,
Al Falk, WSBA Real Property, Probate & Trust Section,
Luke Thomas, WSBA Real Property, Probate &Trust Section,
Corey Denevan, WSBA Elder Law Section,
Jackson Maynard, Senate Republican Caucus,
Kelly Pfundheller, House Non-partisan Staff,
Judiciary Committee,
Kathryn Leathers, WSBA Legislative Liaison,
Diane Froslie, WSBA Legislative Assistant,

Committee on Professional Ethics
Mark Fucile (Chair), Tom Andrews, Natalie Cain, Colin Folawn, Peter Jarvis, Kevin Michels,
Anne Seidel, Sumeer Singla, Ted Stiles, Robin Haynes (BOG Liaison), Jeanne Marie Clavere (Staff Liaison), Randy Beitel of ODC, Darlene Neumann paralegal,

Anyway getting back to this past Lawyer, John Scannell, I received a good deal of the briefs he filed. I have other info but the following are a part of public record so I am posting them. Once I make contact with him then if he okays it I will post other items. The first one is 99 pages but it is WELL WORTH reading, it is vital to read all of them so that you can read EXACTLY how the Bar operates when they decide to destroy someone without merit. Keep in mind I also have emails of them soliciting complaints to destroy this man! Again til I find him I won’t release them.

John Scannell RICO complaint filed

Complaint First Amended

Declaration of Independence

Fourth Amended Complaint

Second Amended Complaint final signed

Third Amended Complaint 3

You do have to give the Bar an A for effort atleast… I just realized the reason they were feeding information to Pennington & Beavers at the Sky Valley Chronicle about Anne Block. They couldn’t solicit others to file complaints against her because she does not actually practice law… so they figured if they put it on the local rag they might get one person to say I have a complaint against Ms Block but they couldn’t even accomplish that because they grossly underestimated her. She disassociated herself from the bar on December, of 2013 because her business doesn’t even require her to practice law. Now they are trying to drag her into court claiming they have jurisdiction over her still because of all the complaints Crystal Hill & John Pennington were filing against Ms Block even though at NO time have they ever been her client. If nothing else I take immense joy in watching them flounder after their usual method of attack has started to unravel into the Federal Violations arena.

Okay so we know that the ex-gov was an attorney… What about our current Governer? Why yes he is. So was the Governor before: So are we to believe that the ONLY folks who can or will run for Gov are attorneys? Classically only lawyers are governors in this state. Our current Gov is already on his way to appointing his own group of Judiciary.

I don’t believe that Inslee is corrupt, & I haven’t found evidence to believe he is. Trust me I get so much information everyday that I have to have 4 external drives just to hold it all, & nothing has come across about him yet.

Now as far as our Supreme Court I only trust 1 of the Justices, or rather there is only ONE with enough balls to stand up to Christine Gregoire Please note that her Supreme Court Appointee Gonzales agreed in the decision.

In the only dissenting opinion, Justice James Johnson said the majority ruling essentially amended the state constitution and a voter-approved initiative that established public-disclosure law decades ago. “The majority ignores our state’s constitution, statutes, and populist tradition and does great damage to over 120 years of open government in Washington,” Johnson wrote. “It is not alarmist to say that this decision could place a shroud of secrecy over much government conduct, unless changed by a wiser court, electorate, or legislature.”

I know I am going way far out of Snohomish County but in order for me to explain this all to you & for you to understand you have to know who the players are in the “game” & how they got there, but once I am done then you’ll understand just how insidious & deep seated the corruption in this state runs. Hopefully this will be a wake up call for others in surrounding counties & all around this state.

Now I want you to pay attention to these names: They will be very important.
G. Geoffrey Gibbs Snohomish County Commissioner/Anderson~Hunter
Richard Okrent Snohomish County Judge appointed by Gregoire
George Appel Not sure yet
Bruce Weiss Not sure yet
Eric Z Lucas Pennington’s Divorce Judge
Robert Leach Wa 1st Division Appeals court Gregoire Appointee
Vickie Norris Wife of Robert Leach

G. Geoffrey Gibbs - Anderson Hunter Law Firm 2014-08-11 23-55-53 Vickie K. Norris - Anderson Hunter Law Firm 2014-08-11 23-58-30

Snohomish County, WA - Official Website 2014-08-12 00-11-44 Snohomish County, WA - Official Website 2014-08-12 00-25-48


  1. Rethink the Inslee appraisal. I have a green USPS postal receipt with Inslee’s Office Staff signature on it showing that he has been in receipt of verifiable documents of record for over one year(I sent them on June 20th, 2014)showing how the WSBA Lawyers Fund Defrauded me out of $288,712.36. How through a RICO Conspiracy with the AGO, the Superior Court hold criminal Mock Auctions on no jurisdiction, no authority, no legal right to criminally convert homes and properties, how the Superior court clerks Office Aids & Abets the Unlicensed practice of Law, Fraud, Embezzlement, Conspiracy to defraud, Color of Law, Collusion, Criminal Framing, Severe Abuse of Authority.

    All of which Inslee refused to discuss, comment on or meet with me. Having his staff outright lie to me about how the poor powerless Governor Inslee has no authority over any judge employed by the State of Washington. Which is in direct contrast to what is printed within the Washington State Constitution.

    So Inslee is Aiding & Abetting these criminal acts, misprisoning Felony Crime and Criminal RICO Organized crime. Inslee is the direct link between the protection racket that exists between the Executive branch & the Judicial Branch and apparently is damn proud of it.

    In addition , isn’t our boy Inslee in violation of the separation of Powers? Being the Gov. listed as chief Executive Officer of the Executive Branch at the very same time being listed as an active and current member of the WSBA tied to the Judicial Branch.


  2. I am so grateful to have you in my life!


  3. You gals are the best! I believe you will make history and it will be for the better.

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