“No Sunshine Where the Cockroaches Roam”



  1. I have a case in Cowlitz County. Started in the legal battle, 2003, the County and Eminent Domain our property 200 Coyote Lane, Castle Rock, Case Martin v. Cowlitz County or vice versa. The corruption went into high gear, arrested me for bringing an appraisal to the County, Sue Baur or Sheriff Nelson, to prove what was already proven via no contract, money, exchange, etc. A neighbor got caught up in the County’s agenda, with a similar agenda, to steal a very valuable collectable art ‘treasure’. The County arrested me falsely, put me in jail and into a “Devil’s Chair” for six and one-half (6.5) hours, torture. Then, the story goes from psychopaths doing attempted homicide-murder, to attempting to get me into a situation again, where their RICO sets-up a definite set-up to kill me the next time, no doubt about it in my mind now. Looking for Robert Grundstein, have spoken with him on the telephone and also, purchased a number of his books. Would love to connect with all who are in this truly battle against very vile inhuman “agents for the criminally insane globalists”. http://theartof12.blogspot.com and I’ve logged in for the connect. Thank you again for all the powerful force you are sharing, to keep the energy not going totally where the horror has planned. /rkelly / biloxi marx Facebook

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  2. I’m placing my order for your book NOW! I want my book signed… by both of you… PLEASE! You’re the best and are making history! There is no more better story than the truth!


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