Snohomish County, Washington, working hard to violate the rights of the accused

First, my readers should know that this article is not intended to provide evidence for or against the guilt of the accused. It’s meant to shed a little sunlight on a major injustice that is happening inside many counties throughout the United States.

In my past articles it’s safe to assume that America is bleeding, bleeding in favor of money over doing what’s right and just.  We no longer have news reporters, we have embedded journalists who are more worried about being wined and dined by government officers, and spoon fed stories instead of investigating and researching truths.

As the direct result Prosecutors and Defense attorneys are making side deals, agreeing to throw cases, and violating the rights of the accused “for profit.”  Such is the case with the Snohomish County Public Defender Association,  and many attorneys who have entered into contracts with Snohomish County Prosecutors’.

Our story

outlines a corrupt defense attorney not only failing to effectively represent his clients, but accepting financial incentives not to.  Sadly, attorney Jason Schwartz, although lazy,  is not the exception to assisting Snohomish County Prosecutor’s Office in fixing cases to ensure convictions. All in exchange for defense contracts, $$$.

Attorney Phil Sayles may not be the exception, but he is now on our official target list of corrupt attorneys who are throwing their clients under the bus ” for profit.”



Phil Sayles, defense attorney in Washington State v John Reed 

Last week, another activist brought to our attention another little scam involving an incompetent defense attorney here in Snohomish County named Phil Sayles.  Sadly, we know Phil Sayles, personally, as we went to the same law school together and at a time in need, we helped him get started here in Snohomish County.  Something both my partner and I regret as it was clear from just speaking with Mr. Sayles that his interest was not doing the right thing, or helping those accused of a crime, it was making money.

In 2005 I met with Phil Sayles after learning from another law school graduate that he was also taking the Bar prep class at the Seattle University.  Anyone that has ever experienced the grueling experience of three years of law school knows how hard it is to pass.

During my first year of law school our criminal law professor Dr. Koeing said  “look to your left and look to your right, after this semester half of you will not be here because you did not receive a C or better.”   Over the next year, I came to know Dr. Koeing personally and professionally as one of those law school professors who felt it wasn’t only a job  to represent those accused of crimes, it was a duty to do so with diligence,  competency, and  honesty.

I’ll never forget my first year criminal law class when Dr. Koeing called on a student, John, who appeared to be sleeping in her class.  A class of 155 students.  Dr. Koeing first said ” are you sleeping?” John said ” no” and her next response was asking him  to recite the cases assigned for today. For over 90 minutes Dr. Koeing kept John on his feet, Socratic method of  drilling him on one basic criminal defense issue, an issue that had John read his case assignments for the class, he would have been able to grip and elaborate on the issue, rule, make an analysis and then conclude.  But he didn’t because fact was John was asleep and he was mentally lazy; his parents wanted him to be a lawyer because his dad was a lawyer.

Immediately following Dr. Koeing’s drilling of John, she called my name and asked me to stand and recite the cases.  In five minutes, I recited the cases, gave her issues, rules, and then analyzed why it was important in the context of criminal defense.  After five minutes, she said ” please come see me after class.”   I remember thinking ” oh shit, what did I do to not stay under the radar.”

After class Dr. Koeing asked me to walk with her back to her office.  At her office she handed me a copy of Women’s Human Rights Encyclopedias, and said ” have you read or had an interest in human rights?” I said ” of course, I’m a single mother, who worked full time while at the same time attending university classes. I’m a feminist, who believes in equal rights for all and that includes women and men alike.  I know what hardship is all about as I worked in a male dominated field almost all of my life.”

Dr. Koeing said “when you become a lawyer, think long and hard before doing the wrong thing because it’s very easy to think about money over doing the right thing. Promise me that you will never forget John Adams said to always stand on principle…even if you stand alone.”   A promise I never folded on, and even when faced with countless racketeering offenses committed against me, I always stand on principle, even if I stand alone.  Prosperity has followed me as a result, and I never folded to accomplish living a successful and prosperous life.

In the summer of 2006 Phil Sayles finally passed the Washington State Bar exam, after four failed attempts.  His first case was down in Burien for a traffic ticket.   I saw Phil just before leaving the house for his very first appearance and wished him well. Later that day I saw Phil and asked him how it went and he told me that Judge made an ass out of him because he didn’t know he needed to file motions in writing.  [ in some states motions can be verbally filed but not in Washington].

I gave Phil a few pointers suggesting that he do what I did and go to the University of Washington law library or the free King County law library as there’s a lot of good books on motions and how to defend persons inside Courts of Limited Jurisdictions.  Sayles response to me was ” that’s not not how it works in criminal courts. ” I urged him to learn the court rules and what motions should be filed otherwise he’d get nailed and sued for legal malpractice.

Phil Sayles response was ” it doesn’t work like that in criminal court… don’t bog me down with your motion bullshit.”  My response to Phil was “just think of how hard research and writing was to get through in law school. Remember those research and writing papers due three times a week, journals, etc. ?”

Phil Sayles then confided in me and my partner that he paid someone to write his research and writing papers in law school, and when I looked shocked and appalled, he said ” everyone did it!” I said ” I did not. I consider that cheating and dishonest!”

A few days later I sparked a conversation asking Phil Sayles why he went to law school, and his response was ” I wanted to be a rock star” for which my response was ” perhaps you should have picked a up a guitar, but law is about helping people who are almost always defenseless against the government. ”

After this conversation, I  never spoke to Phil Sayles again, as I seldom talk to people I have zero respect for.

So it’s no surprise that after reading over 5 million public records (emails often), I discovered that somehow attorney Phil Sayles managed to obtain criminal defense referrals from our good friends inside Snohomish County Prosecutor’s Office.

Last week, another activist brought to my attention the case of Washington State v John Reed.

Brady v Maryland, 

Basic first year law school stuff 


Last week another activist reporter discovered that a known Snohomish County Brady Cop named David Fontenot was the lead detective in Washington State v John Reed.  She was concerned that attorney Phil Sayles and/or Snohomish County Prosecutors did not disclose this information to the accused John Reed.

Our Courts held that all Brady Material must be disclosed not only to defense counsel but also to the accused.  As I stated above, Snohomish County Sheriff’s Officer David Fontnote is a “Brady Cop.” That is, he is listed on the Snohomish County Brady List.  “Brady” is in reference to a famous case known as Brady v.  Maryland. 

For those of our readers who are not legal beagles, police officers who land on the Brady List are known to be dishonest, as in this case, Snohomish County Sheriff’s Officer David Fontenot is one such criminal with a badge.

Now for those of you who feel John Reed is guilty, I’d like you to know that Mr. Reed is American and here in America ” defendants are not guilty until proven guilty… and entitled to effective assistance of counsel.”

Sadly attorney Phil Sayles’s interests are not with his client, John Reed.  Email communication and video footage show document that Phil Sayles is working jointly with the Snohomish County Prosecutors’ in this case to throw his client under the bus, has engaged in what several of us consider to “witness tampering” staging testimony of the state’s primary witness which conflicts with his duty to diligently and competently represent his client John Reed.

In the summer of 2017, an activist learned that attorney Phil Sayles’s name was being passed around Snohomish County jails by Snohomish County guards ( at the bequest no doubt of the Prosecutor’s Office who are using defense attorneys like attorneys Phil Sayles and Jason Schwarz to fix cases in favor of awarding contracts for criminal defense).

The activist became worried that Sayles wasn’t told or aware that Snohomish County Sheriff Officer David Fontenot was sued, fired for theft, falsifying search warrants, guilty of falsely arresting his wife’s soon to be ex, and had in fact been labeled a Brady Cop and postured for criminal prosecution for violating the civil rights of the accused ( Fontenot tasered a handcuffed man in the backseat of police car and fired and recommended for criminal prosecution from Challam County a result).

David Fontneot Attorney General Complaint

Brady Cop David Fontenot Evidence 1_Page_1


Brady Cop David Fontenot Evidence 1_Page_2

Brady Cop David Fontenot Evidence 1_Page_3

Brady Cop David Fontenot Evidence 1_Page_4

The above information was provided to Mark Roe by Challam County and the City of Snohomish in 2008. Instead of Snohomish County Prosecutors Mark Roe informing the public, Mark Roe hide until Lori Shavlik, another one of Adam Cornell and Mark Roe’s victims, discovered David Fontenot’s Brady material from a former employer who fired him for cause.

Lori Shavlik turned over Snohomish County David Fontenot’s Brady Cop material to attorney Phil Sayles during the summer of 2017, long before he was retained to defend John Reed.

click here to see Brady Cop information Snohomish County Sheriff David Fontneot

Instead of Snohomish County Sheriff Officer David Fontenot being behind bars where he belongs, Snohomish County Prosecutors Mark Roe and Adam Cornell hide the Brady Copy information from the public another defendant named Lori Shavlik found it buried in his employee files.

In 2014, after years of hiding from public disclosure that Snohomish County Sheriff Officer David Fontenot is a known Brady Cop.

The Gold Bar Reporter was first to report on Mark Roe’s crimes against Lori Shavlik, and thankfully a jury was able to see through Mark Roe, Adam Cornell and David Fontenot’s fabrication of evidence and she was acquitted of all charges.

On Saturday May 14th Lori Shavlik went to see John Reed at Snohomish County jail, to share with him that she gave attorney Phil Sayles the Brady files she had collected on Sheriff Officer David Fontenot.


John Reed told Shavlik that attorney Phil Sayles did not disclose information that David Fontenot was a Brady cop.  See David Fontneot files were not only hand delivered to attorney Phil Sayles by Lori Shavlik but I also gave Phil Sayles copies of the above David Fontenot files three months ago.


If that wasn’t bad enough, last week another activist videotaped under GR 16 attorney Phil Sayles and Snohomish County Prosecutors Andrew Alsdorf tampering with a witness ( outside the judge and jury) couching him on what questions not only the prosecution would ask him, but also what questions Phil Sayles would ask.

Attorney Phil Sayles had no business working with the Prosecutors, outside the jury and judge, explaining to the Prosecutors on what questions and exhibits he would ask the State’s chief witness.  Captured on camera while the jury and the judge were not present, Defense counsel Phil Sayles and Prosecutors are tampering with the witness testimony.


The Gold Bar Reporter uploaded a copy of a copy of the video inside the public courtroom capturing exparte communication between Phil Sayles and the Prosecutors staging what the witness would see and testify to.





Dave Somers marks a new sunshine era for Snohomish County Washington


Dave Somers, Snohomish County Executive Elect 2016-2020

Most of you who know me well, know that I seldom ever support any specific candidate, because I seldom trust politicians. Washington Coalition for Open Government President Toby Nixon is one exception.

However all that changed this year, while in Great Brittan, I learned that Dave Somers decided to run for Snohomish County Executive against John Lovick’s corrupt executive officers.  Which as of today, I can affirmatively state extends to Olympia.

I remember contacting Dave saying I’d like to make a campaign contribution to your campaign, can you please let me know who your campaign manager is, and his response was that he was a one a man show.

I encouraged Dave to stay the course, because I spent countless hours on the phone ( sometimes pulling all nighters) with other like minded sunshine citizens who are frustrated and fed up with the corruption.

I know Washingtonians are ready for a clean and honest government, and are now frustrated enough  to take an active role in holding corrupt government officials accountable. However, I asked Dave to remember one basic political science principle its we the people and that only reason voters will vote for you is that they perceive you as their best chance for change.”

This year’s election is proof, but time will tell if Dave remembers his responsibility to we the people, not ye the corrupt few.”



Looking over the last three years, I became a regretful voter of Governor Inslee. When Governor Jay Inslee decided to back a thug and bum named John Lovick for Snohomish County Executive, who for years covered up for executive criminals like John E. Pennington, Mark Ericks, Brian Lewis, Peter Camp, and Brian Perry, I knew he was part of the problem up in Snohomish County.

Governor Inslee’s silence on the corruption inside every Washington State agency is quite disturbing and has me left regretting my vote.  Surprisingly, Governor Inslee stopped all death penalty cases here in Washington – something I highly respected him for- but after reviewing evidence of massive corruption inside every government agency in Washington State, I’ve come to believe that he felt that its ok to place victims of our corrupt government in jail or label citizens felons so long as we don’t kill them.

Perhaps he was having trouble sleeping at night because he knows how corrupt Washington State government is?  By allowing our government to “trump up criminal charges on hard working honest citizens, turning them into criminals, I believe Inslee is part of the problem.”

Sorry Governor Inslee I gave you two years to attack the massive corruption inside our government but You chose to ignore it. You and John Lovick not only ignored, but you allowed it to grow like a cancer met to every organ of this state.

I can’t stop seeing images of that small baby pulled lifeless, dead, from the Oso mudslides; mudslides could have been avoided had John E. Pennington not told former Executive Aaron Reardon in an email ” its good to build boss.”  An email that we turned over to John Pennington’s Oso victims, hoping to help add a little closure to the gross amount of pain and suffering John E. Pennington was allowed to cause to so many.

I admit I am not John E. Pennington’s only victim.

I blame John Lovick and John E. Pennington for causing the deaths of 43 people, because instead of doing his job, John Pennington criminally harassed a citizen on the County’s payroll, operated his own for profit company, never earned an accredited college degree, and criminally assaulted women and children,  instead of mitigating loss of human life.

According to Snohomish County’s charter, mitigation was solely John E. Pennington’s job, and if having caused 43 people to suffocate to death wasn’t’ deserving of F” for failure, I’m not sure what it is.

But instead in May 2015, John Lovick wrote an email letter to John  E. Pennington stating ” You’re a great leader”, which triggered a response from me saying  If killing 43 people in Oso mudslides is evidence of a great leader, I’d hate to see what your definition of a bad leader is Mr. Lovick.”

For over three years, I turned over mounds of files on John Pennington to the Washington State Bar totaling over 1800 pages of Exhibits; Exhibits the Washington State Bar tirelessly conspired to exclude (and Linda Eide and Lin O’Dell tried to destroy, but were unable to because we sent those files via emails preserving those for years to come) hoping to continue the massive cover up all in an effort to protect a political bum’s criminal conduct.

If I were Governor, I would have filed negligent homicide charges against John E. Pennington, not allowed him to collect a $11,000.00 a month welfare check, thus adding insult to the people he killed in Oso. But instead John Lovick and Jay Inslee ignored and spit on their constituents.

John Lovick’s career is over just like Aaron Reardon, and as a  result of allowing John E. Pennington to criminally harass citizens instead of mitigating loss of life in Washington State’s most preventable nature disaster loss to human life, the Oso mudslides.  John E. Pennington is being sued for Racketeering in U.S Federal Court, and more likely than not a new RICO suit will be filed for his, corrupt cop Lori Batiot, Joe Beavers and Crystal Hill Pennington ( nee Berg, convicted of bank fraud 2005) criminal conduct in 2015.



“ Hecka of job, double Johnny boys”

Over the last seven years, I’ve had my life threatened by John E. Pennington, and Gold Bar’s former Mayor Crystal Hill ( nee Berg, convicted of bank fraud 2005)  and Joe Beavers. I had my property rights extorted by the trio, but not without the assistance of Washington State Bar Office of Disciplinary Counsel members  Linda Eide, Lin O’Dell, Julie Shankland, and Alison Sato, and our wonderful friends from Snohomish County Prosecutors Office, Mark Roe, Margaret King, and Sean Reay.

The amount of damage the above people have done to Washington State must be repaired, otherwise We see no end in sight.

As a youngster, I campaigned for a lot of politicians, but knowing Dave Somers is a honest politician who holds true to his promises, I was ecstatic to hear that may be, possibly, Snohomish County government may have a chance of conducting itself in a honest and respectful manner.

Bigger question is whether Dave will continue the cover up for the criminals listed herein, or expose them with hell of a lot of Sunshine. Time will tell.

My only hope is that I don’t regret my decision to back Dave Somers as Snohomish County’s only clear chance for Sunshine in 2016, because I know that once he crosses what I consider to be an ethical line, my compassion for him will turn to stone and I will spend another century scrutinizing his conduct as well.


If the voters stop acting like sheep, we wouldn’t be in the mess we are in.


“License to steal” with the assistance of the Washington State Bar

How Guardians from the Washington State Bar Disciplinary Officers

are given a license to steal from Washington State’s most vulnerable adults


When lawyers steal from their clients, It’s We the taxpayers that end up paying the bill.

Attorney Lin ( Linda) O’Dell ( aka Worthington), an attorney handpicked by the Washington State Bar Association  (WSBA) Office of Disciplinary Counsel (ODC) to hear complaints filed against lawyers by clients ( non clients should have no forum) uses a convicted killer named Mark Plivilech to intimidate vulnerable adults, while she uses WSBA influence to continue stealing and depleting elderly clients trusts.

But O’Dell doesn’t do this alone, she gets a pass from the WSBA ODC.

Once Lin O’Dell and other attorneys involved in the same conduct as stated herein deplete the clients’ trust accounts, they place the client on Medicare and/or on the Medicaid system.

Our elderly deserve to die with dignity, and without the elite few WSBA members associated with the Office of Disciplinary Council and WSBA Boards lining their pockets with the gold of others, stealing with the assistance of a few Commissioners’ and Judges, at the expense of the United States taxpayers.

We have drafted a “Brady List” of Judges, Commissioners, and attorneys we know are involved in criminal conduct as outlined herein and will be posting names soon to our “ Brady List.”

Sadly, attorney Spokane attorney Lin O’Dell is not the exception, but she is part of the Racketeering scandal exposed over the past year involving what we call the center of the rotten onion, the WSBA ODC.


The WSBA ODC is using police officers, attorneys and judges to trump up criminal charges on honest hard working citizens and attorneys who speak out against corrupt government officials, and we ( Americans) must do everything in our power to peacefully and legally stop them. Their actions of going after honest lawyers and whistleblowers who attempt to expose corrupt judges, attorneys and police officers stifles our free market economy, and as in my case, violates Sherman Antitrust laws.

We the people are the checks and balances to an honest and clean government. As a person who grew up with two activist parents, who were no parents of the year by any stretch of the truth, I was brought up to believe there is no greater sacrifice or greater good on Mother Earth then helping the sick, elderly, abused, exposing corrupt government officials, and helping the wrongfully convicted. I value the First Amendment to US Constitution as the greatest gift Thomas Jefferson’s gave to America, more valuable than a Bar license.


If you look at great human civilizations, from the Roman Empire to the Soviet Union, you will see that most do not fail simply due to external threats but because of internal weakness, corruption, or a failure to manifest the values and ideals they espouse. Cory Booker


Attorney Lin O’Dell, a thief, an attorney, a nurse, and a guardian  

Washington State Bar (WSBA) Disciplinary Hearing Officer Lin (Linda) O’Dell (aka Worthington) is stealing from Washington State vulnerable adults, manly over the age of 60, and being aided by the WSBA’s Office of Disciplinary Counsel (ODC) members, Scott Busby and Linda Eide, and her partner, a convicted killer named Mark Plivilech ( Spokane).

Attorney Lin O’Dell’s Linked In page:

Lin O'Dell - LinkedIn 2015-10-04 10-04-24

Attorney Lin O’ Dell brags about her days as an administrative hearing officer for the Department of Health, she worked as a nurse and is now a guardian overseeing elderly clients trust accounts.

Lin O’Dell is not licensed in Idaho, only Washington. A relevant issue discussed later.

Does being a nurse or a guardian, especially one that has never engaged in the practice of law constitute qualifications under the WSBA guidelines for hearing officers?

Simply put, no.  I ‘ve researched the WBSA rules on appointing hearings officers and discovered that in order for the WSBA member to be appointed as a hearing officer one must have been engaged in the practice of law.  Here, Ms. O’ Dell appears to be the exception to this rule, since she never practiced law.

This begs the question on who appointed an unqualified attorney to hear issues relating to violation by WSBA members?

According to the WSBA public records officer, Ms. O’Dell was handpicked by another shyster from Spokane, attorney Joseph Nappi Jr. Mr. Nappi’s investigative file and his cash only deals with clients will be discussed in another investigative blog coming soon.

Attorney Lin O’Dell, using convicted killer Mark Plivilech to intimidate elderly vulnerable clients 

Now, on its face this may not seem too bad in the scheme of things, but lets add in this bit of facts.  Lin O’Dell’s background was searched extensively, and what we yielded was that she shacked up with a convicted killer named Mark Plivilech and extensive IRS and other financial problems.  YES our readers are reading this correctly; WSBA attorney and hearing officer Lin O’Dell’s partner of choice is a convicted killer.


If a WSBA hearing officer having a convicted killer as her partner of choice doesn’t sound bad enough, hold onto your seats because we have some more wonderful news.

According to internal court declarations and an extensive background check our investigators ran on Mark Plivilech, Lin O’Dell acting as a guardian for elderly vulnerable adults – many bed ridden elderly Americans- listed killer Mark Plivilech as a “case manager” on twenty (22) of her elderly clients’ accounts.

Once I learned that a convicted killer was acting as a case manager on vulnerable adults accounts, I called the Washington State Attorney General’s Office asking one simple question ” Can a convicted killer serve as a case manager on vulnerable or elderly Washingtonians trust account s or as a guardian ad litem?”

The Washington State Attorney General’s Office started laughing, for which I said  ” No, I am serious.”  The phone became silent for a minute and the attorney general said ” NO, absolutely not !” very loudly.

Attorney Lin O’Dell has stolen  $3,000,000.00 + from the Shank Trust Account, and was caught forging documents

O'Dell theft 4M

Court documents show that at the time of Norma Shank’s death, The Shank Trust had almost $4,000,000.00, at the end of 2011.

Paula Fowler is from Idaho, and how and why she came into contact with a thief and attorney named Lin O’ Dell can best be described by one of her closest friends who said ” Paula went into Colville attorney Pruitt Hamm’s office for a divorce, and came out with as a guardian ward. But not before Pruitt Hamm made exparte contacts with Lin O’Dell’s attorney in Idaho, Pamela Massey. Soon thereafter, Massey and O’Dell forged documents claiming that  Ms. Fowler’s mother, Norma Shank, had revoked the first Shank Will written in 2000, and only after Norma Shank was diagnosed with dementia, did this new Will appear with the assistance of attorney Lin O’Dell, attorney Richard Wallace, and Idaho attorney Paula Massey.”

We reviewed the both Wills and believe all attorneys involved should be charged with criminal Racketeering as the Will’s metadata has been stripped ( to hide when and who wrote it)

Exploiting and stealing from our elderly vulnerable adults

The only living Will of Norma Shank was signed in 2000, leaving her entire estate worth well over $5,000,000.00 to Paula Fowler, with no trust. No trust until after Paula Fowler went into attorney Pruitt Hamm’s office for a divorce and came as a guardian of Lin O’Dell, and only after attorney Pruitt Hamm made phone calls to an attorney from Idaho named Pamela Massey. An attorney hired by Lin O’Dell to help siphon elderly and vulnerable clients trust accounts through nursing homes in Spokane and drug rehab centers in Idaho.

Attorney Pamela Massey and Lin O’Dell were contacted for comment. As of today, both have refused.

According to attorney Pruitt Hamm’s attorney bills in the Fowler matter; no sooner did Paula Fowler leave Pruitt’s office seeking a divorce, Pruitt Hamm was on the phone with Idaho attorney Pamela Massey ( an Idaho attorney who represents Lin O’Dell).  Once Pruitt Hamm learned that Paula Fowler was worth well over $5,000,000.00, he conspired with attorney Lin O’Dell and Pamela Massey to steal from a vulnerable adult.

Over the last three years, attorneys Lin O’Dell and Pamela Massey have stolen over $3,000,000.00 + from Paula Fowler, but not without the assistance of the Washington State Bar lead counsel Linda Eide.

Lin O’Dell forging documents, and has stolen over $3,000,000.00 +, but Lin O’Dell did not act alone

Court records from Pamela Massey’s Office in Idaho confirm that Lin O’Dell depleted non-Washington resident Paula Fowler’s trust accounts ( known as a Shank Trust, Wells Fargo, Idaho) to provide ” legal fees, at legal representation.”

There’s only problem for attorney Lin O’Dell, she is not an Idaho attorney.  Our counsel said ” a non attorney cannot provide legal representation without a license.”

From records we retrieved from Stevens County Court, in December 2011, the Shank Trust had $3,900,000.00 plus dollars in the account with no forensic accounting ever given to Ms. Fowler or the Court, even though Lin O’Dell was ORDERED to provide such documents to the Court by. A court order  Ms. O’Dell continues to thumb her nose at, while she continues to steal from Ms. Fowler but not without the assistance of the Washington State Bar lead counsel Linda Eide.

Lin O’Dell stealing Ms. Fowler’s assets, using convicted killer to intimidate Ms. Fowler

Abusive email 2

As we correctly stated, attorney Lin O’Dell is crossing state lines, from Washington to Idaho, using her convicted killer Mark Plivilech to steal and threaten vulnerable clients.

As the alleged “trustee” Lin O’Dell is supposed to be paying Paula Fowler’s bills, housing, car, and food.

Abusive Email 4

For nearly four months in early 2014, Lin O’Dell refused to provide basic shelter for Ms. Fowler ( as the Shank Trust mandates) leaving Ms. Fowler living in a truck at a truck stop.

Imagine your parents leave you a $5,000,000.00 trust, and the alleged trustee refuses to provide you shelter, leaving you homeless, because several outstanding members of the Washington State Bar forged documents and stole millions, what would you do?

File WSBA complaints for fraud and theft?  And that’s exactly what Paula Fowler did, and who received that WSBA complaints was WSBA lead counsel Linda Eide.  Ms. Eide’s criminal conduct as exposed by attorney Robert Grunstein was exposed in his book ” Vendetta” and will be discussed in detail in another investigative blog coming soon.

Linda Eide’s criminal conduct against the Gold Bar Reporter will be discussed at length in my book ” No sunshine where the cockroaches roam” in my last chapter ( still being written) ” Reforming the Washington State Bar, taking politics out of the practice of law.”

Judge Patrick Monasmith, a man with integrity, orders court officer Joseph Valente to investigate attorney Lin O’Dell


Court mandated investigator Joseph Valente findings against attorney Lin O’Dell

Valente Report 110041501_Page_02mark-fowler-felony-1



Just to make sure our readers understand fully what’s going on here, see above. Lin O’Dell tells the Court that Paula Fowler needs a guardian because she has an abusive ex-husband who controls her, but then writes a check to attorney Clark Peterson ( now Judge Clark Peterson, Idaho),  to defend Ms. Fowler’s soon to be ex-husband in a criminal felony vulnerable adult charge filed in Idaho for abusing Paula Fowler’s ( nee Shank) mother Norma Shank.

But hold onto your seats because it’s much better – if you can believe it !

10041503 (2) 10041501 (3)

Not only did attorney Lin O’Dell write a check to Ms. Fowler’s soon to be ex-husband’s private attorney to defend against criminal felony charges for elder abuse of Ms. Fowler’s mother ( the one who started the 5 Million dollar trust for Paula Fowler also known as Shank Trust ), but Lin O’Dell uses Norma Shank’s trust account to write a $5000.00 check to attorney Clark Peterson, Idaho, and $250.00 to attorney Dick Sayre ( for a consultation, pretty harmless on Sayre’s and Peterson’s part more likely than not) to defend the man who was just charged with felony elderly abuse.

We’re not sure about our readers, but we’re just not sure how paying an Idaho attorney to defend against elder abuse of Paula Fowler’s mother, Norma Shank, benefited the Norma Shank Trust.  But if our readers have any idea, please email those to us at

Imagine someone steals from you and then having the court order you to pay for the defendant’s criminal defense counsel. With no surprise this is exactly what attorney Lin O’Dell did in this matter.

Lin O’Dell, a criminal with a license to steal, a stellar example in favor of reforming the WSBA

Ex-Husbands Statement

The fact that Lin O’Dell and killer Mark Plivilech were using a USPS Post Office Box in Duvall Washington to accept financial pay offs from Snohomish County’s bum who killed 43 Oso residents, John E. Pennington, and his convicted bank frauding wife Crystal Hill ( nee Berg, bank fraud 2005), is coming to a US Federal Court soon.   

Thank you retired USPS Postmaster, you’re a fine lady

Coming soon, more public records on corrupt cops, Batiot and Coblantz

Colbtanz (3)74497___gustavorezende___Kids_6_03Batoit

corrupt cops from City of Shoreline, Cary Coblantz, and Duvall cop, Lori Batiot, caught via public records (RCW 42.56) in a RICO scandal

This report is just the tip of iceberg, because over the last four weeks we’ve had three Washington State Whistleblowers give us mounds of evidence documenting that Snohomish County Prosecutors and corrupt cops, one from City of Shoreline and other from the City of Duvall, are involved in the largest RICO scandal in Washington State’s history.



Gold Bar activist files a Federal Trade Complaint against Washington State Bar

Re: North Carolina Board of Dental Examiners v Federal Trade Commission (FTC)

Dear FTC-

I’d like to file an anti-trust complaint against the WA State Bar Association.  About six years ago, I started reporting on corruption inside local government agencies here in Washington State on  For over six years as a member of the media who was also a member of the WA State Bar, most readers never really knew that I held a WSBA License in Washington State, until a political appointee ( non-client) John E. Pennington filed a WSBA complaint against my WA State license.

Since Mr. Pennington was not a client but a political appointee who we had been reporting on for child and spousal abuse, I had no reason to believe that the WA State Bar had any jurisdiction in this matter.  Later I learned that the person at the WA State Bar Office of Disciplinary (ODC) that John Pennington filed a Bar complaint with at the WSBA is also a mutual political friend of his named Linda Eide.  Linda Eide is a first relative to a Senator Tracy Eide. Tracy Eide is a very good friend to the so called grievant, John E. Pennington. Both Tracy Eide and Pennington served inside the WA State Legislature together during the late 1990s.

From July to November 2013, I answered the WA State lead counsel Linda Eide’s request for comment with affirmative defenses (1)  No client;  (2) a political appointee subject to First Amendment protected free speech and (3) no jurisdiction over my Gold Bar Reporter news files ( RCW 5.68.010).   The allegation under (3) came only after Linda Eide issued an illegal subpoena for  “ all Gold Bar Reporter files relating to John Pennington” a non-client.

Oh course I objected pursuant to ELC 5.5 on First Amendment grounds, RCW 5.68.010 ( only a court can issue a subpoena for media files not the WSBA ODC) and WA State Const. prohibition against going after citizens ( lawyer or not) on issues that amount to “ private affairs.”  ELC 5.5 mandated that Linda Eide suspend the deposition and subpoena des tecum until she could obtain a court order, but she continued with the deposition.  This occurred in December 2013, and then by Feb 2014, she later changed the charge to “  You didn’t show up to a deposition.”

I have never had a complaint filed against my Bar license by a client, and up until 2013, I would never have believed that the WA State Bar ODC would conduct themselves in a way that I believe violates Sherman Antitrust laws until I read FTC v. North Carolina Board Dental Examiners case.

  1. In Feb 2014, ignoring years of precedent mandating that the Bar stay out of my private affairs,  the WA State Bar issued a formal complaint against my license.  By March 2014, an attorney named Lin O’Dell was assigned as the hearing officer on my case.  At no time did O’Dell allow me to place any documents into the record and worked with lead counsel Linda Eide to stop me from deposing the grievant John E. Pennington.
  2. In June 2014, I had my private investigators investigate Lin O’Dell.  We learned that O’Dell had been cited by Judge Monasmith in Stevens County Superior Court for stealing from a vulnerable adult named Paula Shank ( Fowler).
  3. In July 2014, I also learned WSBA Hearing Officer Lin O’Dell also purchases elderly clients homes for pennies.
  4. In July 2014, I learned that Lin O’Dell takes her convicted killer boyfriend Mark Plivilech to clients homes with her to intimidate clients.
  5. In July 2014, I learned that Lin O’Dell’s convicted killer boyfriend Mark Plivilech set up a post office box within three blocks from the grievant John Pennington home, even thougth O’Dell lives in Spokane ( an eight hour round trip drive from Spokane to Duvall WA to retrieve her US mail).
  6. Also learned that Lin O’Dell and Chief WSBA Hearing Officer Joseph Nappi Jr have a scam going whereas O’Dell picks up clients from nursing homes and drug rehabs depletes her clients trust accounts and then send clients to WSBA Chief Hearing Officer Joseph Nappi Jr’s to probate.
  7. Paula Fowler’s estate appears to have hundreds of thousands of dollars missing with no explanation from O’Dell as to why she is charging Ms. Fowler’s estate legal rates for legal  representation when in fact O’Dell is not licensed in Idaho where Ms. Fowler lives.  ( I looked at Guardian pay rate which appears to be around $70 per hour but O’Dell charged around 10K per month to Fowler’s 2 M trust).
  8.  We also learned that Mark Plivilech appears to be stealing elderly clients identity and billing elderly clients of O’Dell’s to put unnecessary additions to their homes ( keeping in mind most of O’Dell’s clients are elderly bed ridden).

The above allegations were submitted to the WA State Bar as a complaint against attorney Lin O’Dell, who I believe was accepting bribes from John Pennington using a US Post Office Box in Duvall Washington to ensure that I would be disbarred strictly for reporting on John Pennington’s criminal conduct up here in Snohomish County Washington.

After reading the FTC v. Board of Dental Examiners I believe the WA State Bar is not supervised by its governing body ( Supreme Court) and has violated Sherman Anti-trust laws. I know this to be true because the Supreme Court Clerk Carpenter was contacted asking the Justices if they knew what was going on inside the WA State Bar Office of Disciplinary Counsel and his response was something like “ The Supreme Court does not bother themselves with the Office of Disciplinary Counsel”

The WA State Bar ODC members are active market participants attempting to stifle competition by disbarring members who question government agency employees.  Almost 80 % of all ODC members are market active participants who are misusing their positions inside the elite Boards to stop and stifle competition.   The Supreme Court of WA who is supposed to be supervising the ODC members admits in an email that they are not.

I wish to proceed with a formal complaint against the WA State Bar for Sherman Anti-trust violations.

Washington State Bar Office of Disciplinary Counsel sued again under RICO, JURY DEMANDED

Washington State Bar Office of Disciplinary Counsel and those associated with the Office sued again under RICO.  I believe this makes # 4 this year for Our stellar employees operating inside the WA State Bar Office of Disciplinary Counsel and it’s Boards.

Corrupt Washington’s Chief Activist, and honorable citizen here in Washington, Bill Schiedler filed suit against the Washington State Bar citing gross RICO violations. Over the last year, the Washington State Bar Association has been sued at least five times that we know of, and at least four suits involving Racketeering allegations.

My mother always said ” if it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, its probably a duck.”   We tried on at least five occasions to obtain comment from the Washington State Bar Association with no response. However, if someone from the Washington State Bar Association does respond, we will post their comments without censorship.

Until then, we say, silence implies guilt and Mr. Schiedler has exposed yet another pattern of conduct that is unbecoming of any organization.  From our year long investigation of the the Washington State Bar we feel comfortable calling the Washington State Bar a criminal organization, or as correctly posted in March 2015, ” a few small members are making criminals out of non-criminals and we do everything in our power to peacefully stop these RICO gang members regardless of the cost.”

Bill Schiedler alleges :  As members of the Washington State Bar Association, they become liable for its wrongdoing, and therefore are indirect defendants in the cases. The Ninth Circuit has already ruled in Marshall v. WSBA, Pope v. WSBA, and Scannell v. WSBA, that this conflict requires disqualification.

The racketeering enterprise, within the meaning of 18 U.S.C. Section 1961, is an association called the WA State Bar Association [Bar or WSBA]. The Bar is “indistinguishable” and for all practical purposes has commandeered WA State’s judicial branch;

The Bar has a distinct structure based on the essential functions of decision-making, regulation, lobbying, rule making, discipline, finance, advertising;has employed numerous employees in order to discharge the functions noted above.

c. has recorded fraudulent documents and promulgated rules and regulations to organize the enterprise and insure its continued operation under the color of law.requires its associates to invest in the enterprise by mandatory fees and adherence to their directives. the COMMON PURPOSE of the enterprise is (1) to defraud; and (2) to extort citizens of their money, rights, and property by having associates of the enterprise occupy government positions, including on WA State and Federal Courts, and by having “plenary” powers over all its associates to extort their required performance and the required investment back into the enterprise thru dues and performance.

The Bar, by its Rules for Enforcement of Lawyer Conduct 1.2, reaches to every part of the country to influence the “customs and practices” of legal services provided. “Disciplinary authority exists regardless of the lawyer’s residency or authority to practice law in this state. A lawyer may be subject to the disciplinary authority of both this jurisdiction and another jurisdiction for the same conduct.” Additionally, the Bar, in breach of its fiduciary duty owed to the public, operates in the insurance markets by “case fixing” to influence insurance rates and premiums for itself, its members and its clients. This has a ripple effect throughout the financial industry across the United States.

I must admit when I first saw the first paragraph of  Mr. Schiedler complaint, I said ” wow, he’s onto to something here with affecting interstate commerce with their RICO activities.”   For those of you who did not got to law school, it appears as though Bill Schiedler is arguing that the WA State Bar is guilty of violating interstate commerce by its RICO activities.

RICO complaints are criminal in nature.

The modus operandi by which “case fixing” is accomplished is in the broad policy of the Bar’s disciplinary board to “ignore” lawyers’ obligations to “truth and honor” and “never seek to mislead a judge or jury”. Said another way, “case fixing” is simply giving the judge or jury the opportunity to believe in a lie. This “failure to hold lawyers” to the law RCW 48.210 – has created the means and opportunity for lawyers to achieve “unjust outcomes” that would not occur if lawyers were held to the law as the WSBA is tasked to do.

Yes indeed,  Bill Schiedler is right on the issue of Washington State Bar Office of Disciplinary Counsel “fixing” cases.  Late last year, the WA State Bar provided public records involving Chief Hearing Officer Joseph Nappi Jr sending an email letter to David Thorner ( Yakima) asking him to show other WA Bar Hearing Officers how to fix cases before trial. All this was done at an in person secret meeting inside Joseph Nappi Jr.’s law office located in Spokane Washington at the Law Office of Ewing & Anderson.

In addtion, late last year Gold Bar Reporter Anne Block discovered via public records that Duvall Washington residents Crystal Hill Pennington and John E Pennington set up a post  office box with a Washington State Hearing a officer Lin O’ Dell and her convicted killer boyfriend Mark Plivilech for the purpose of  bribing$$ Spokane attorney Lin O’Dell to fix a complaint Crystal Hill Pennington and John E Pennington filed against Block attempting to SLAPP down the Gold Bar Reporters first amendment protected activity “free speech” message and statutory rights under RCW 42.56.

Attorney Lin O’ Dell and John and Crystal ( née Berg, and Hill) Pennington are being sued under RICo as well. John E. Pennington was fired from Snohomish County in March 2015 after his emails released documented that John Pennington was using a man named Steve to stalk Gold Bar Reporter Anne Block. A source stated that John Pennington fled the State of  Washington in early April 2015, but the sociopath was recently seen in Shoreline District Court.

Bill also mentions a new comer to us who recently learned that Seattle law firm, The Christie Law Group, whose founder, Robert Christie — admitted to membership in the Federation of Defense & Corporate Counsel and chaired the substantive law section on Civil Rights and Public Entity Liability, responsible for authoring periodic

  • newsletters to section members and substantive articles for the FDCC In August
  • 2013 he was elected as one of nine directors to the He has served as an instructor
  • at the FDCC’s Litigation Management College — markets its services as “Court Rule 56”

What does this mean … within the context that the legal profession is nothing but a “a private club” that is unaccountable for its conduct – a consequence in the breakdown inherent in self-regulation – these “rules, newsletters, strategies, tactics, customs and practices” which Robert Christie demands others hold in “high praise” are only judged by Scheidler’s RICO Statement.  Case 3:12-cv-05996-RBL Document 58-11 Filed 05/18/15 Page 5 of 34

1 themselves – Society is EXCLUDED from this club and how the tactics Christie espouses
2 harms society. There is NO independent basis to conclude anything Christie and the FDCC devise merit acceptancy by society. This lobbying outfit FDCC describes itself by its members, who are:

(1) practicing lawyers actively engaged in the private practice of law who devote a substantial amount of their professional time to the representation of insurance companies, associations or other corporations, or others, in the defense of civil litigation and have been a member of the bar for at least eight years; or (2) corporate counsel and other executives engaged in the administration or defense of claims or for insurance companies, associations, or corporations who have national, regional or company-wide responsibility for a company of greater than local significance.

In contrast to the touted success of Christie, there are about 3000 grievances filed against lawyers with the WA State Bar every year claiming Lawyers are in breach of their rules and the law. These grievances are dismissed as routine.

The “nexus” between “court rules and case fixing and the Bar Disciplinary scheme” is evident in the numbers and the advertising alone.  It doesn’t hurt that Chief WA State Bar hearing officer Joseph Nappi Jr. Stated it in his public emails. “Stupid it is as stupid does”

Another RICO suit against the Washington State Bar will be filed on June 14, 2015, as Flag Day represents honoring our Country’ s absolute right to “free speech” and “freedom of the press”  without government nor private party interfereence with no exceptions.

Block claims that her next next RICO will will be an all star performance with a pedophile, a corrupt police from Duvall Washington, a WA State Bar Hearing Officer who is accepting bribes to fix cases by using her convicted killer boyfriend to threaten people and retrieve any pay offs from so called WA Bar grievants,  and a Gold Bar Washington Mayor Linda Loen.

Washington State Bar Association sued for violating basic first year law school principles guaranteed every citizen

Eugster Challenge   

Click above to view a copy of attorney Steve Eugster’s Complaint challenging the Washington State Bar’s violation of basic constitutional principles


The “Reformed Washington State Bar”  coming soon at also



Washington State Bar’s Racketeering, Corruption, Organization, Influence for Profit; Enterprise members includes WSBA counsel Linda Eide, Lin O’Dell, and Joseph Nappi Jr., RICO Complaints follow

lin-odell-portrait-1024x768 (2)



First I’d like our readers to know that the WSBA has been contacted over and over again seeking comment for our articles.

Since the publication of this article, the Washington State Bar’s lead counsel Linda Eide, Scott Busby, Doug Ende, Lin O’Dell, Joseph Nappi Jr., Seth Fine, and Geoffrey Gibbs have all been sued for RICO violations.  All were contacted for comment, and all as of today have refused.  As such, we stand by our articles as being ” right on target.”

Welcome to Washington State, where corruption inside government offices seems to be the way of life.  But not so fast because the Gold Bar Reporters are here.

Over the last twelve months, we have been investigating several corrupt government officers including but not limited to Snohomish County Prosecutor Mark Roe and Sean Reay, and Washington State Bar’s counsel Linda Eide and Lin O’ Dell after phone records link the Enterprise gang members to much bigger corruption scandal up here in Snohomish County.

It all started when Snohomish County’s unqualified bum , appointed by Aaron Reardon, John E. Pennington ran illegal backgrounds in violation of RCW 10.97 on several open government supporters in Snohomish County.  John Pennington lost his Homeland Security Clearance as a result of such activity.

Last week another blogger from Snohomish County informed the Gold Bar Reporter that she found records between Senator Tracy Eide and pedophile John Pennington documenting that each were unlawfully using government resources to communicate electronically ( via email).  This new find is “damaging” and will be released as Exhibits in John Pennington’s 42 USC 1983 complaint ( filed on Feb 18, 2014 in Washington Federal District Court).

Senator Tracy Eide is also related to RICO member and WSBA lead counsel Linda Eide.  Ms. Linda Eide has been involved in at least 20 RICO related conspiracies involving criminal covering ups for pedophiles like John Pennington.  According to another blogger ” she’s doing Senator Tracy Eide a huge favor because Pennington is like J. Edgar Hoover; he gains illegal access into a person’s personal files and then attempts to extort them with the information.”

This was not new news.  We’ve been investigating pedophile John Pennington for the last five years, and here’s what we believe to be true:

John Pennington is the prime suspect in child rape case of a 5 yr old in Colwitz County; Pennington was kicked out a church in San Diego California after two boys stated that Pennington molested them during a church camping trip; Pennington hospitalized his ex-fiance ( thank you for following the Gold Bar Reporter Ms. Becker), Pennington beat up his pregnant wife # 3 in her third trimester of pregnancy, and misuses his position to run illegal background checks on citizens – a felony in Washington.

Mr. Pennington had his Homeland Security Clearance REVOKED after he illegally gained access into his ex-wife # 3 boyfriend’s “sealed” court records and then used Snohomish County fax machines to disseminate the illegally obtained files into his King County Washington divorce proceedings.

Last month we promised our readers that we would issue our findings after the Gold Bar Reporters researched 20 disbarred or suspended Washington State attorneys. In each case, all but one attorney who have been disbarred or suspended crossed paths with a small group of Washington State Bar Board of Governor members, mainly from the Law Office of Anderson Hunter, located in Everett, Washington and Snohomish County Prosecutor’s Office, and/or the Washington State’s Attorney General Office (AG).

Because we are planning to file a RICO complaint in this matter, we will only post the names of 5 disbarred or suspended lawyers who have been retaliated against after they complained about an agency employee or a member of WSBA’s elite Board members ( who use WSBA counsel Linda Eide when they cannot win cases on their own merit or ethically).  The remaining 15 WSBA members who were disbarred or suspended who came in contact with lead counsel from the WSBA, Linda Eide and Doug Ende, will also be named as witnesses. But at a much later date.


Attorney John Scannell disbarred only after he filed a WSBA complaint against former Attorney General Christine Gregoire.  John Scannell is running for WA State Supreme Court against Christine Gregoire’s friend, Debra Stevens.


In 2000, Ms. Gregoire was the Washington state Attorney General who missed a simple deadline for filing a lawsuit costing  Washington State taxpayers 19 million dollars.  This was the largest legal blunder ever caused by a sitting AG in United States history.  Instead of Gregoire accepting responsibility for her legal malpractice, she blames the insurance company  and blames attorney Janet L Capps.

In a press statement regarding the largest legal blunder ever committed against the taxpayers, Attorney General Gregoire stated:  ” I’ll never miss another deadline…” However, then sitting Governor Gary Locke said  “She’s taken a lot of corrective steps to make sure that never happens again and I applaud her for that.”

But just three years later, and after spending over $1.2 million dollars to install a calendar system to prevent such blunders, another assistant Attorney General Scott Lockwood was disciplined for blowing another Attorney General  filing deadline. This legal blunder assisted specifically attorney Michael Kenyon’s client, the City of North Bend, win a default judgment eliminating a nearby North Bend parcel of land  from the state’s short list of potential halfway-house sites.  A favor or Racketeering?


Because Christine Gregoire is a licensed Washington State Bar member who is mandated by Rules of Professional Conduct to supervise junior associates, attorney John Scannell, filed a bar complaint against Christine Gregoire.  A complaint that was mainly ignored, only after Office of Disciplinary Counsel and Board of Governors learned that Christine Gregoire was running for governor.

Once Ms. Gregoire become Washington State’s new governor, the Washington State Bar’s investigative file of her disappeared, and she used her new political capital to go after attorney John Scannell for filing a bar complaint agianst her.

At the time the Washington State Bar decided to assist Governor Gregoire’s retaliation against attorney John Scannell for filing a bar complaint  ( for Gregoire’s gross legal malpractice that should have resulted in an immediate disbarment),  three of Snohomish County’s top political players were on Washington State Bar’s Board of Governors.

The 3 WSBA Board Members who illegally profited from quashing the WSBA complaint against Christine Gregoire are:

1. Snohomish County Commissioner Geoffrey Gibbs, an attorney from the law firm of Anderson Hunter.

2. Attorney Robert Leach, from the Law Office of Anderson Hunter.

3. Robert Leach’s wife, attorney Vicki Norris, another employee from the law firm of Anderson Hunter.

Once Christine Gregoire became Washington State ‘s Governor in 2004, Robert Leach received a political appointment from Ms. Gregoire to an open seat inside Snohomish County’s Superior Court.  As a result of Robert Leach’s loyalty in assisting Gregoire with dismissing a valid Washington State Bar complaint, in 2010, Governor Gregoire appointed Robert Leach to an open seat on the Washington  Court of Appeals Div. I.

At the time of Robert Leach’s appointment, he had almost no experience in the practice of law. Leach remains Washington State’s least qualified political judicial appointment in Washington State’s history.

Attorney Geoffrey Gibbs received a permanent appointment as a Snohomish County Commissioner for his efforts in assisting Governor Gregoire with disposing of a valid  bar complaint.  This conduct equates to one of the largest RICO scandals in Washington State’s history.


Attorney Robert Grunstein disbarred only after he filed a WSBA complaint and sued a WSBA Board member named attorney Ronald Meltzer.

In 2007, Robert Grunstein’s mother was sick and dying. Attorney Ronald Meltzer was Ms. Grunstein’s legal administrator.  A legal administrator is hired to look after their client’s best interests.  When Robert Grunstein started investigating where his mother’s money disappeared to, he rightfully went to attorney Ronald Meltzer with questions. Instead, Grunstein was stonewalled and Meltzer refused to answer any questions as it related to thousands of dollars missing from his mother’s accounts.  As a result, Grunstein sued Meltzer for breaching his fudiciary duties to his mother.

Attorney Meltzer used his friends inside the WSBA’s elite Board of Governors to go after Mr. Grunstein claiming he was practicing law without a license. At the time Robert Grunstein filed suit his WSBA license was ” inactive.”  Meltzer never denied stealing thousands of dollars from Mr. Grusntein’s mother, but instead he used his friend and WSBA’s lead RICO attorney Linda Eide to go after Grunstein’s WSBA license.

It’s gets even better, so hold onto your seat!  WSBA’s LInda Eide then used Attorney Meltzer as a prime witness against Mr. Grunstein inside a WSBA disciplinary proceedings. That’s right, the WSBA’s lead RICO attorney Linda Eide called her friend and thief Ronald Meltzer to testify against a non-active attorney whose only crime was trying to stop Linda Eide’s friend and WSBA Board member Ronald Meltzer from stealing his mother’s money.

WSBA’s lead criminal counsel Linda Eide refused comment.


Attorney Paul Simmerly disbarred only after he had the audacity to represent another attorney against the criminals inside the WSBA ODC.


Mr. Simmerly represented an attorney, Larry Botimer, who was eventually suspended for 6 months for trying to help an elderly woman being taken advantage of by one of her sons. Of course, Attorney Botimer was a sole-practitioner.  The WSBA’s disbarment rate against solo practitioners is 99.7 %.   There is no evidence that the WSBA has ever taken any action against an agency attorney in the last 25 years.
Mr. Simmerly sued this woman and her evil son on behalf of her other son ( the good son). The good son was trying to help his mother who claimed an interest in the business. The evil son had convinced the mother to transfer her stock in the business to him, as well as stock promised to the good son.  The mother was legally competent, so the only way the good son and the mom could get control of the business that had been taken over by the evil son was to sue her and the evil son.

Mr. Simmerly subpoenaed Botimer as a witness. Botimer wrote a will for the mother and was a longtime family friend. The judge overruled opposing counsel’s objections and required Botimer to testify. The WSBA Office of Disciplinary Counsel (ODC) did not like the fact that attorney Botimer obeyed the Court’s subpoena and erroneously claimed that Botimer disclosed confidences and secrets (Much like the Schafer case).  Mr. Simmerly then took on Botimer’s discipline case as well.

The WSBA ODC did not like Mr. Simmerly’s aggressive style in defending attorney Botimer from the WSBA ODC criminals.  The ODC just could never be bothered with closely examining the facts of the underlying civil case.  Simply put, WSBA lead counsel Linda Eide is a lazy fuck.

Mr. Simmerly was also trying to help the elderly woman. During the course of the Botimer disciplinary proceeding, the WSBA ODC filed a Bar Grievance on Mr. Simmerly alleging that he filed a motion in the underlying  civil case, where Botimer was a witness, to add to the findings and he gave notice to the defendant’s attorney instead of directly to the defendant in violation of a court rule.

Of course, you can’t contact a party directly when that party is represented by an attorney, but this was beyond the ODC’s comprehension. Simply put, the WSBA ODC members are not the sharpest tools in the shed.  But after Mr. Simmerly pointed out many examples of how the court rule is universally ignored by all practicing attorneys in the Puget Sound area and judges, the ODC dismissed its Grievance against Mr. Simmlery.

Then the WSBA ODC, Linda Eide, illegally contacted the elderly woman to “solicit” the old frail elderly woman to file a WSBA Bar grievance against Mr. Simmerly because had encouraged the underlying litigation.  Strike two!!!!  That Grievance was also dismissed.

Then, a King County jury after a week-long trial awarded damages to Mr. Simmerly’s client and the elderly woman half.  The elderly woman and her evil son were represented by the same attorney. The WSBA ODC determined that there was no conflict of interest. The trial Judge took  the absolutely unprecedented action of taking the stock away from the evil son and awarding half of it to the elderly woman even though the evil son and the elderly woman were represented by the same attorney and there was no request for that relief that had been made in the case! If that is not a conflict of interest, there is no such thing. But it gets better.

After the trial, the elderly woman transferred her stock back to the evil son (they were still represented by the same attorney), and he continued to run the business into the ground. The WSBA ODC had inexplicably convinced the elderly woman that the evil son, and not Simmerly’s client, was the one who had her best interests at heart. So thanks to scums at the WSBA ODC, the elderly woman lost her million dollar business and her life’s work and life savings; she died penniless and she had nothing to pass on to her grandchildren. Attorney Botimer tried to help the frail elderly woman and she got fucked by the WSBA ODC RICO thugs.

More mindless conduct on the part of the ODC, but hey what’s new.  Yet another case where the Hearing Officer merely rubber stamps the ODC’s allegations and another chapter for my book.

WSBA ODC Joseph Nappi Jr., Linda Eide, and Doug Ende refused comment about their illegal conduct as stated herein.


Marja Starczeski was suspended from the practice of law after defending a women who was in a land dispute with Snohomish County Commissioner Geoffrey Gibbs. Geoffrey Gibbs was on the WSBA Board of Governors at the time he managed to get his WSBA ODC RICO gang to suspend Ms. Starczewski.

Robert Leach, also a WSBA Board of Governors member, represented Commissioner Gibbs and made an illegal contract with the Snohomish County Prosecutor’s Office for duel defense against a Snohomish County citizen that Gibbs stole land from.

A RICO complaint has been filed against Geoffrey Gibbs, Judge Robert Leach and the WA State Bar in US Federal District Court. Depositions will start soon.

UPDATE: More documents from the WSBA confirm that Geoffrey Gibbs’s had exparte contact with the WSBA as it relates to Marja Starczeski. This violates the WSBA Rules of Professional Conduct; Gibbs filed another WSBA complaint against Marja Starczeski with his WSBA ODC RICO thugs hoping to get her disbarred for asking a question during a CLE class.

Geoffrey Gibbs must have a large car, because the size of his brain appears to be small. We will not comment on Gibbs’s other body part because that would be a “low blow.’ But according to Gold Bar’s current Mayor Linda Loen, former Gold Bar Mayor Crystal Hill Pennington would be to the person to ask.
Marja Starczeski is one of the most ethical lawyers we ever had the pleasure of speaking with.  Marja Starczeski represented a neighbor of Snohomish County Commissioner Geoffrey Gibbs’s tenants. Goeffrey Gibbs first lied about owning the diputed property and even violated WSBA basic conflict of interest rules prohibiting representation in any issue that a lawyer may personally and financially stand to receive a pecuniary interest.

But this is not the first time we caught Commissioner Geoffrey Gibbs engaging in illegal conduct up here in Snohomish County.  In December 2012, Commissioner Geoffrey Gibbs held an exparte hearing on a Gold Bar Reporter without notice while she was out of the state visiting her dying father. If that wasn’t illegal enough, Geoffrey Gibbs also failed to state that he was a personal friend to Gold Bar’s city attorney Michael Kenyon.

Kenyon frustrated that he is losing the Gold Bar cases, enlisted his RICO friends inside the WSBA ODC to go after Gold Bar Reporter Block after public records she received documented that Michael Kenyon overbilled the City of Gold Bar residents over $50,000.00 for services never rendered.

In February 2013, Kenyon Dissend illegally billed Gold Bar residents over $1200.00 to file a frivolous WSBA complaint. According to public testimony by WSBA ODC’s lead criminal and Michael Kenyon’s friend Linda Eide’s statement to the ODC Chief Hearing Officer Jospeh Nappi Jr ” Ms. Block has NO prior complaints….”  Ms. Eide filed a false statement, a matter for she will be sued under the Supreme Court’s holding in Kalina.

Laying a little foundation as it relates to Geoffrey Gibbs.  Gibbs attempted to bully Marja Starczeski’s into settling the land dispute ( land that belongs to Carolyn Ryggs).  Marja Starczeski represented Carolyn Ryggs. Ms. Ryggs, by and through her attorney, Marja Starczeski filed a federal RICO complaint against Commissioner Geoffrey Gibbs, Snohomish County Prosecutors, and Judge Robert Leach.  All three attorneys had connections to the WSBA Board of Governors. All three refused comment.

When Marja Starczeski rightfully filed a RICO complaint against Gibbs, Robert Leach, and several others, the chicken shit little squirt Goeffrey Gibbs filed an anonymous  WSBA complaint against Marja Starczeski. Simply because Marja Starczeski had the audacity to file a RICO suit against several agency employees who are engaged in stealing land from a life long Snohomish County elderly resident.

Once Geoffrey Gibbs filed the WSBA complaint with his friend and former Snohomish County Prosecutor Craig Bray (a WSBA ODC disciplinary counsel thug), Marja Starczeski was suspended from the practice of law for three years. Inspite of havng a direct conflict of interest in this case, attorney Craig Bray refused to recuse himself.  A crime in Washington.

But how our good friends at the WBSA and Snohomish County Prosecutor’s Office managed to get a complaint to stick was by offering one of Marja Starczeski’s clients a great plea deal if he agreed to file a WSBA complaint alleging that she did not call him with updates.

This same man was also charged with crimes inside Snohomish County that mysteriously disappeared after he assisted Snohomish County Commissioner Geoffrey Gibbs with getting Marja Starczeski suspended for three years.

Seems to be a pattern of conduct that if a lawyer refuses to settle a case by throwing their clients under the bus, Snohomish County enlists their RICO gang members at the WSBA ODC.  Geoffrey Gibbs past legal record leads us to believe that he is not the sharpest tool in the shed.  A man, like Michael Kenyon, who cannot win on his own merits/efforts. Kind of reminds us of a little child who loses at Monopoly and then flips the board game upside down so no one wins.

Two years later (2014), Marja Starczeski attended a CLE class in Wenatchee Washington taught by guess who?  You got it, Geoffrey Gibbs. Again, an anonymous complaint was filed, and this time Geoffrey Gibbs’s friend Linda Eide and Doug Ende are seeking disbarment against poor Marja Starczeski for simply defending her client.

WSBA ODC’s lead criminal Linda Eide was contacted for comment this week and her response was to simply laugh. Yes, Ms. Eide laughed – a real salt of the earth sociopath, hence why she has gone out of her way to defend a pedophile, John E. Pennington ( the man who is responsible for causing the deaths of thousands of huricane Katrina residents and 44 Oso mudslide residents here in Snohomish County, Washington).


The WSBA ODC rubber stamped ODC Hearing Officer’s recommendation that attorney Kathryn Abele be suspended from the practice of law for one year for simply filing a criminal complaint against a police office in Seattle that “tripped” her.

Kathryn Abele is a very large and tall woman.  She towers over 6 ‘ 4 ” tall, weighs over 250 pounds, and is severally hearing impaired.  Ms. Abele is loud and abrasive.  This three attributes are disbarrable under the current WSBA ODC’s old fucks who hold seats on the WSBA ODC, mainly appointed by Washington State’s most notorious RICO thug, attorney Joseph Nappi Jr.

We only mentioned Ms. Abele’s size because our source, who wishes to remain anonymous, stated ” Ms. Abele was always teased and tournamented by the Seattle PD when she appeared in King County.”   A statement that took the Gold Bar Reporters a whole ten minutes to obtain, but the WSBA ODC refused to call this witness back when she called stating that “the Seattle PD was trying to frame Ms. Abele as a liar.”

Nothing new for our friends in blue.

The WSBA ODC prosecuted attorney Abele for filing a false report. Laughable shit!  Since we here at the Gold Bar Reporters love public records, we sent the Seattle PD several records requests. What we received left us believing for the first time during the middle of the summer  (2014) that the WSBA ODC is GUILTY of gross RICO violations, both criminal and civil, and the Seattle PD and Vanessa Norman should be criminally prosecuted for Brady violations.

The Seattle PD confirmed that Vanessa Norman illegally solicited WSBA complaints from over 50 members of the Seattle PD. This conduct is criminal and amounts to RICO violations. Ms. Norman refused comment.


The WSBA ODC illegally withheld several videos and records from Ms. Abele’s attorney in violation of Our Supreme Court’s holding in Brady.  Our friends should not worry because we did not.

Kathryn Abele’s case is being appealed, and lets hope her attorney throws in “procedural misconduct” as grounds to obtain a new investigation by a fair, honest and impartial WSBA ODC members ( who are NOT connected to WSBA ODC gang members Doug Ende, John Nappi Jr., and/or Linda Eide).

Immediately after we requested the Seattle PD’s communication which relates to Ms. Abele, the officers involved resigned and moved to California.

We hope that Ms. Abele sues the shit out of the City of Seattle and the WSBA ODC for violating her civil rights, as we believe retaliation to be against the law.
The five above attorneys who the WSBA ODC retaliated against will be witnesses in the Gold Bar Reporters RICO complaint.

We did contact the Washington State Bar ODC Officer Joseph Nappi Jr, Linda Eide, Vanessa Norman, Doug Ende, and the Seattle officers who filed false reports against Ms. Abele. All six chicken shit liying agency employees refused comment.

Based on the totality of the evidence we reviewed, the Seattle PD and the WSBA ODC counsel filed false reports in direct retaliation for Ms. Abele’s filing a police report against an officer that tripped her simply because she is a large and voicetorious woman over the age of 50.

The above five WSBA members were all solo practitioners that the WSBA ODC went after to justify their existence.

Based on our extensive investigation including emails from Joseph Nappi Jr to a hearing officer telling him to teach others how to fix hearings prior to trial, Linda Eide’s destroying evidence in the Grunstein matter, Lin O’Dell using her convicted killer boyfriend to intimidate disabled clients and then setting up a US Post Office Box three blocks from so called grievants John and Crystal Hill Pennington’s home in Duvall ( while O’Dell and Plivilech live in Spokane County. From federal records, it appears that O’Dell and Plivilech enjoy those eight hour round trip drives from Spokane to Duvall to retrieve their US mail), and good ole Geoffrey Gibbs using his friends inside Snohomish County Courts to trump up criminal charges on poor Carolyn Ryggs, there’s ample evidence to call the WSBA ODC members mentioned herein “criminals.”

This report is being disseminated to over 36,000 WSBA members. Members who have a right to know how their monies are being misused and amount to RICO violations, both criminal and civil, in my opinion.

Our friends inside Snohomish County can thank John Pennington for our investigation.

There is a disclaimer on ” About me” icon listed on the front of my site. As stated on ” about me”  nothing on this page should be taken as legal advice but just our opinion based on our years of investigative journalism.  Some minor edits have been made because there were some clerical errors and we thought we explain with a little more detail their crimes against society.

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