From FEMA to Snohomish County Washington, dark secrets unearthed


We’ve been investigating John Pennington’s past thirty years on this planet for over seven years.

We never thought we’d get to this point, finally uncovering why John E. Pennington has been so desperately trying to hide hs past. Well it’s simple, he’s a pedophile and a wife beater, and once the feds learned the truth he was terminated from FEMA.

John Pennington is a sociopath; and how he met an attorney named Michael Kenyon who helped Johnny cover up his rape of a five year old child from Cowlitz County.

Well documented in our past stories

What John Pennington was trying to hide for so many years

In 2000, John Pennington was George Bush Jr’s campaign manager here in Washington State.  Soon after George Bush Jr. was elected ( or stole the election with his brother’s assistance depending what you believe), George Jr. appointed John E Pennington and Michael Browne to positions inside FEMA. Sadly for America, not one FEMA Director was qualified for such positions.

As a result of Michael Browne and John Pennington’s inability to read, write and think effectively caused thousands of minority deaths in Hurricane Katrina.

Hurricane Katrina was an eye opener for those of us who actually earned accredited degrees and whose parents taught us to think critically. George W Bush Jr.’s decision to appoint friends instead of educated and skilled people resulted in massive human loss of life In New Orleans.

Had this story ended in New Orleans, we wouldn’t be exposing John E.Pennington today. But it didn’t, why is simple, because Washington State Senator Jennifer Dunn decided to use her political clout to appoint an uneducated bum to FEMA Region 10 ( Pacific Northwest).

What is even crazier is that George W Bush made an executive appointment without ever running a single background check on John Pennington prior to appointing him.

All that changed when America started calling for Michael Brownie’s head for causing  so many deaths in New Orleans. Perhaps Michael Browne might have survived press scrutiny had he not put in his email that was heading to Nordstroms to purchase new clothes for the cameras, while at the same time thousands of African Americans were floating down the street or in lock down inside an unsafe convention center.

African Americans were drowning in the streets of New Orleans, because FEMA Directors lacked basic college skills to handle such a disaster. In the case of Michael Browne, an unaccredited undergraduate degree as well as unaccredited law school diploma. In the case of John Pennington, an online diploma mill degree from an online school the U.S. Dept of Education said sold online diplomas at a flat rate, California Coastal College.

Hurricane Katrina, good bye Brownie, Hello Penny

After Michael Browne and Bernard Kerik made a laughing stock out of the George W and America, George Jr was quoted as saying ‘ Penny will make a great director of FEMA.”  This was November 2005. But this time, the feds actually ran an extensive background on John Pennington, and discovered what we learned through years of sifting through public records. John Pennington is a dangerous sociopath with real anger management issues; anger he often takes out on women and children.

I never really thought much of George W Bush Jr. other than he’s a spolied little rich kid who never worked for a living. For the same reason, I couldn’t vote for Al Gore in 2000. Thus, I became one of Ralph Nader’s Raiders in 2000.

Fact is that I probably ran into John Pennington at the Republican National Convention that year in Philadelphia. I, and 1,000,000. Americans blocked the entrance to the Republican National Convention Center preventing many of George Jr’s delegates from accessing the convention center that year.

I was a proud member of Massachusettes ACT UP from UMASS, and had traveled all over the U.S. protesting what I believed to be unequal treatment of economically disadvantaged Americans in favor of corporations. I’m a strong believer that America should place ” people over profits.”

Strangely, I always had respect for George Bush Sr. Why is simple: George Sr is a well educated savey free thinker who listens to his opponents. Unlike his son, George Jr. , who was given a little too much growing up without working for it.  Hard work goes along way in molding one’s self esteem.

In 2005, Michael Browne was blamed for the deaths of thousands, because he was appointed to a position that he wasn’t qualified for.  So when George Jr. had to make a new appointment to FEMA Director, he looked to a devil wrapping himself with pages of the Bible, while at the same time molesting children and violently assaulting a pregnant woman in her third trimester, John E. Pennington.

For those reporting the news in Washington D.C just after George Bush Jr’s FEMA Directors caused so much misery to so many residents and their survivors in New Orleans, Bush Jr. was quoted as saying ” Penny would make a great Director.”

Because the feds didn’t want George Jr. to go through yet another scathing news story like he did when he chose Kerik to head Homeland Security (who ended up being prime suspect in a murder case and had direct ties to organized crime) and Michael Browne and his fake degrees with extensive skills in horse breeding debacles, any appointment would go through extensive background checks prior to Congressional Hearings.

As a result of the feds extensive background check on John Pennington, he was forced to resign from FEMA or be exposed in a very public way. John Pennington lied about his termination from FEMA stating that he and Tamara Doherty were caught misusing the FEMA credit cards.

This was simply a smoke screen to cover up what we just learned from a federal source over Labor Day Weekend.

John Pennington was terminated from FEMA because the feds learned what we reported on over the last seven years; pedophilia deviant uneducated child abuser who has sick fetish for kids, John Pennington. A sociopath who reminds me of Ted Bundy.

Unfortunately for Oso Washington residents,  George W Bush Jr.’s  administration thought it was ok to set him loose on Snohomish County residents just so George Jr didn’t have to suffer public press embarassment again.

On March 24, 2014, John Pennington caused 43 residents in Oso Washington to suffocate to death in Washington State’s most preventable loss of life natural disaster. Instead of mitigating loss to human life, John Pennington worked on his fraudulent online diploma, operated his personal business on the County’s dime and while using county resources and staff, violently assaulted children and women, and criminally harassed me right from Snohomish County Offices operating an online blog ” The Sky Valley Chronicle.”  An online blog owned by Aaron Reardon but operated by Gold Bar’s Mayor Crystal Hill ( nee Berg who plead guilty to bank fraud in 2005), John Pennington,  and Gold Bar’s former Mayor Joe Beavers.

I believe John Pennington should be charged with negligent homicide for the 43 people he killed in the Oso mudslides.

Since John E. Pennington killed 43 Oso residents in the mudslides, we have searched his travel records and beleive he is responsible for missing children in four different states, and have ample evidence to state John Pennington is the man responsbile for the rape of that five year old child from Colwitz County Washington.

Sadly, John Pennington remains on the loose up here in Snohomis County. So long as John Pennington remains on the loose, I will continue to investigate and report on his criminal sexual deviant conduct.

Protecting Our children from a sociopath like John Pennington is worth every sacrifice we’ve made as a result  of shinning much needed sunshine on cockroaches who harm molest and abuse our kids.

Our Children’s mental well being has no price tag.  I agree with Hillary Clinton ” it takes a village to raise children.”

John Pennington’s trial in the Oso mudslide debacle will be live streamed by the Gold Bar Reporters starting in June 2016.  Stay tuned, it will be our pleasure to bring it “live” to our followers.


  1. I feel for poor little Crystal Hill, being beat everyday and the amount of weight she has gained ( looks like ballon) must be hard to deal with that sociopath. Saw a picture of her in court and the bruises on her face.. Sad that she sold her body instead of working hard. Like a prostitute

    Did you know I have his GAL report from his King County case and one of Penny’s sexual abuse victims interviews from San Diego ( who gave me permission to use it anyway I see fit) and I haven’t even posted those yet. Waiting for the right moment but be assured it’s coming and will be disseminated to millions just working on a massive email Twitter and Facebook release. The public has a right to know we have pedophile teaching our young adults


  2. Oh and by the way, I hear Penny and Hill have not been paying employee taxes with Education Services Inc so that will be added to my fraud suit. Will post a copy once uploaded in PACER


  3. Working on DC complaint very early this morning and subpoenas for next hearing which was removed from District CT filed a Countersuit for 100k. Can wait to conduct supplemental proceedings to discuss his Fema income

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  4. Any person who has notified the appropriate ethics board and the attorney general in writing that there is reason to believe that RCW 42.52.180 is being or has been violated may, in the name of the state, bring a citizen action for any of the actions authorized under this chapter. A citizen action may be brought only if the appropriate ethics board or the attorney general have failed to commence an action under this chapter within forty-five days after notice from the person, the person has thereafter notified the appropriate ethics board and the attorney general that the person will commence a citizen’s action within ten days upon their failure to commence an action, and the appropriate ethics board and the attorney general have in fact failed to bring an action within ten days of receipt of the second notice. An action is deemed to have been commenced when the appropriate ethics board or the board’s executive director accepts a complaint for filing and initiates a preliminary investigation.
    If the person who brings the citizen’s action prevails, the judgment awarded shall escheat to the state, but the person shall be entitled to be reimbursed by the state of Washington for costs and attorneys’ fees incurred. If a citizen’s action that the court finds was brought without reasonable cause is dismissed, the court may order the person commencing the action to pay all costs of trial and reasonable attorneys’ fees incurred by the defendant.
    Upon commencement of a citizen action under this section, at the request of a state officer or state employee who is a defendant, the office of the attorney general shall represent the defendant if the attorney general finds that the defendant’s conduct complied with this chapter and was within the scope of employment.
    [ 2013 c 190 § 5; 1994 c 154 § 216.]
    Finding—2013 c 190: See note following RCW 42.52.410.


  5. Btw, working on a federal fraud complaint against Penny and Crystal to be filed in DC Federal Ct so stay tuned.


  6. Dawn obviously the post a post about Karrie was meant for another person. Thanks for the tip


  7. We’re having a state wide meeting with over 250 activists who are going to network to gain access to Gold Bar and Spokane records so hope you join us. Give me your mailing address and telephone number so we can send you the commercial were making about our new 501 c


  8. Dawn, my counsel also opined that I get the 10K per offense to SLAPP down my message, and the next hearing of PedoPenny’s i subpoena his kids and my investigator will be present. 6th Amendment is a powerful too


  9. Thanks Karrie and trust me the fines plus RICO defendant will be much greater to you. Thanks for the tops though

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  10. Good to know this. Here’s what I sent to AG and Pierce College after I spoke to my lawyers who opined this is against state ethics laws

    It was brought to my attention that John Pennington is double dipping in violation of WA State Ethics rules, working for FEMA. Please email me a complaint form to file a state ethics complaint.

    I talked to my counsel who opined that any salaried employee are not allowed to work elsewhere.

    Consider an RCW 42.56 request to both agencies. If Pennington is no longer working for Pierce College please let me know.



    Day1@FEMA_EMI Advanced Academy Course E0453, John Pennington introduces course outline to mid-level EM professionals.

    I just got 28k against him and his bank frauding wife and seeking another 100k in Pierce County.


  11. This story needs to be spread across WA, if not the US! Great work! The “light” is beginning to torch these “cockroaches”! There is another interested George Bush appointment in Washington…. Fed District Court Judge, Ronald B. Leighton. [ ] He too seems to cover-up corruption and criminal activity — FROM THE BENCH!


    • Bill, thanks for weighing in on just how corrupt our system is in Washington State. I am advocating that We the people start placing term limits on Judges. Perhaps we can work on a Ballot Prop together?



  1. […] Washington, with its population of a little over 2,000 is BIG TIME Corrupt! And according to the Gold Bar Reporter Gold Bar’s corruption may have ties to George […]


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