Washington Attorney General’s Office useless

Above U Tube video, posted by Libertys Champion at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7oU-lrTvvYQ

Jim Hightower once said to me  “ if the Gods had wanted us to vote they would have given us candidates.”


 Bob Fergusson, Washington State Attorney General


In November 2013, Everett Washington attorney Bob Ferguson defeated Regan Dunn.  Reagan Dunn is a drunk, a King County council member,  a hater of open government, and member with strong ties to the Republican party, while Bob Ferguson is a man who at least talked a good game about Open Government. A good game until he managed to obtain the seat.

Soon after duping the voters, Bob Fergusson began fighting with open government supporters in favor of assisting criminals like Snohomish County Prosecutor Mark Roe and Gold Bar’s Mayor Linda “high as a kite” Leon.

Unlike his predecessor, the Honorable Rob McKenna, Bob Ferguson immediately snubbed open government by hiring an incompetent attorney to head the agency’s open government division, Nancy Krier, firing long term open government supporter and attorney Tim Ford.





Nancy Krier  “ no friend to open government, or the Democratic Party”

Under Our Supreme Court’s mandate, the attorney general office shall issue an open government opinion, to the public or an agency, if requested to do so. This is Ms. Krier’s only function, other than collecting her taxpayer funded welfare check of $150,000,00 per year.

The whole purpose of an open government attorney ( and why my tax dollars are being used) is to provide the public with opinions as they relate to issues that arise around public records cases, thus limiting liability to the agency. In other words, to help alleviate the cost of litigating public records cases verses complying with he public records act.

In 2015, the Gold Bar Reporter sent the  Washington State Attorney General’s office a public records request seeking all responses to agency employees verses responses given to the public, as it relates to open government questions and opinions.

With no surprises to those of us watching Attorney General Bob Fergusson’s blatant disrespect for open government supporters over the last 2.5 years,  Nancy Krier refused to provide a single response to a single open government supporter from the public, but provided continuous support to agency employees for years.

In 2014, the Gold Bar Reporter and several citizens filed a Recall Petition against  corrupt Snohomish County Prosecutor Mark Roe.  Once filed, the Attorney General’s Office became the “Friend of the Court.”  In Recall Petitions the Friend of Court is suppose to construe laws in favor of the voters, not the public officials.

For me this was odd to say the least. Several citizens and I file a Recall Petition to oust corrupt Prosecutor Mark Roe and the Attorney General’s Office is somehow to suppose to be the Friend of Court in favor of the voters when it won’t even provide a public opinion on whether Gold Bar’s refusal to answer public records requests since 2009 is  “reasonable’ under the Public Records Act (RCW 42.56)?

Then in 2015, I saw additional public records between Mark Roe and Bob Ferguson as it relates to Snohomish County Prosecutor Mark Roe trying to trump criminal charges on the Gold Bar Reporter for informing the public that Crystal Hill ( a woman we now know Mark Roe had an extramarital affair with, guilty of abusing kids, and convicted of bank fraud 2005) and a pedophile named John E. Pennington ( a man responsible for the rape of a 5 year old girl,  linked to missing children in at least 4 states, and man King County judge held was responsible for causing the deaths of 43 Oso Washington mudslide victims) for attempting to warn the public via First Amendment protected activity ( news reporting).

Over the last year, I’ve become a regretful supporter of Bob Ferguson. However,  the alternative was a drunk with strong an anti-government stance, Reagan Dunn, whose only claim to fame is his mommy’s political ties to the Republican Party.

In the next election, there’s going to be a candidate, and just like how we booted corrupt Snohomish County Executive John Lovick and Aaron Reardon, Bob Ferguson will be ousted and replaced by a person who understands that its  “ we the people” that voted him in and we will vote  his corrupt self out.



  1. missjustice4usa says:

    I seem to keep having problems keeping my post.. thank you Jill for your response. I will try to respond once I hear back from Attorney General’s office. Thanks!


  2. Oh and by the way I have turned in Maddie countless complaints to the WS PA and did the commission on judicial conduct as well as the Department of Health the Department of Education and that attorney generals office so I can really relate to your discussed when it comes to accountabilityI believe that the WS PA is mainly the problem here as they let their members commit whatever crime they want and the WSBA brooms every grievance. They have even charged me with bogus criminal charges where they manipulated the entire jury trial found me guilty when I appealed the opinion was ineffective assistance of counsel surprise the public defenders office I can tell you stories about that place that I’m kicked out of there and so is my daughter I wouldn’t have them represent me if they were the legal resource in the world

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  4. Jill, thanks for your comments, and your hard work out in the Eastern division. “When there’s ” No sunshine where the cockroaches roam” pedophiles like John Pennington, child abusers like Crystal Hill Pennington, and criminals like Snohomish County Prosecutor Mark Roe roam with sunlight. Remember, cockroaches hate sunshine, so I say ” make the sunshine in – an may it be sunny 365 days a year until the cockroaches who are ruining our founding mothers and fathers principles no longer see government agencies as a place to hide””

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  5. I had a similar experience with the Attorney General’s Office and learned how useless they were about 2 years ago when I contacted their office after the WSBA, the Commission on Judical Conduct and the Department of Heslth refused to address the criminal conduct that was committed by individuals who these agencies are responsible for and protecting citizens from being harmed which these agencies are failing us miserably. There are no words to express what a rude awaking it was to have the Attorney General’s Office pawn me off on another yet another state agency who refused to do anything. According to the corrupt attorney Susan Embree who on court record stated that “it was the Attorney General’s Office who wanted me to file this motion” a motion that was filed to conceal her client’s criminal law conduct along with the significant role this corrupt attorney willingly helped carry out. This attorney by all rights should not be practicing law but should
    be in prison for her actions. The WSBA turned a blind eye to the criminal conduct this woman committed. It’s heartbreaking to depend on the justice system believing that the truth will prevail it’s just not the case anymore it’s the corrupt actors who prevail simply because there is absolutely nobody to complain to nobody holding any of these individuals accountable! What’s even worse is the fact that there is no fear of paying any kind of consequences so their conduct is very brazen and despite what kind of evidence there may be there is no accountability. They all work together to ensure there is no accountability no matter what laws they violate or how it effects the citizens they are supposed to be serving. I am completely disgusted and beyond appalled if you can not trust a Judge the who in the hell can you trust?? Sadly I have learned to trust nobody in the corrupt for profit not Justice system!

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    • missjustice4usa says:

      Hi Jill. And you are absolutely right!! I am too the victim of these thieving court criminals. It took me hiring 3 Tacoma Lawyers before I figured out their fraud and conspiracy and you’re right..they are so used to abusing the people and getting away with it that they do it now out in the open. My corrupt court commissioner held a private meeting with the defendant, his wife, and his attorney where I saw him. He glared at me but said nothing. They’ve stolen over $66,000.00 in spousal maintenance arrears plus lawyer and filing fees from me. Now their working on stealing my federal government retirement apportionment and the 7 yrs arrears he defrauded me out of. I am disabled and now indigenous since these ruthless predators stole everything I had through their RICO violation/ denying me of due process to my discovery by using forgery while manufacturing and manipulating legal docs. Withholding pertinent information, using intimatation and coercion etct. These ppl are thieves and liars and they do not care who they hurt or abuse just so they get your money and property. They are ruthless. I filed a complaint to the WSBA , the CJC, and now to Bob Fergerson. I have read the results were not good when contacting Mr. Fergersons office and was not surprised since I’d contacted his office last year via phone and the secretary told me they do not deal with such matters. Yes they pass the buck to keep you going around in circles .

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      • Boy I know that story all to well it’s really sick! I can say one thing now after 9 years of fighting them I do enjoy seeing them get visibly upset when the possibility of getting held accountable arises especially related to their open secret where they are deliberately hustling the citizens they are supposed to be serving rather serving them these corrupt monsters are stealing all they can get including their children which words can’t describe how sick that makes me! It’s funny how some lawyers who represent you will say what if they don’t like you they won’t decide in your favor that’s my favorite one you know what my responses I don’t give a fuck if they like me or not because I don’t like them and I wouldn’t be their friend if they were the last human being on earth they’re ugly people with ugly hearts and it ain’t about whether they like me or not it’s about them serving the citizens in our community and following the law while doing so there are no better than the criminals rapists and murderers that appear in front of them in fact they’re worse because those individuals are under an obligation or haven’t taken an oath to serve the people rather than steal from the people thank you for your comment it made my day it’s nice to know that you have somebody else that knows how you feel if it’s undescribable and I thank you for your kind words I’d love to talk sometime and discuss our experiences sometimes I learn from other people and I can honestly say I’ve had several people say that they learn from me I’m an interesting client to represent for sure but I make a better pro se litigant defending for myself and I to suffer a disability they have gotten everything from me including my children but but I’ll never stop ever fighting for my kids continuously in court I have cases in every division and I’m a regular a better like me because I’m not going anywhere!

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