1. globetrekkerjen says:

    I have uncovered a fraud ring in Washington I would like to talk to you about. Unbelievable coverups, fake witnesses, the whole 9 yards. I have absolute proof of evidence tampering. Please contact me. I have also been threatened and had to leave the state.

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  2. Dees Construction says:

    Mrs. Block my name is Dineen Etienne, I need your help have mountains of supporting documentation on Washington State corruption. Currently, I live in Fayetteville North Carolina and I am a Whistleblower on North Carolina and I have all the supporting documentation as well. My life and my son was threaten as well. You will not believe extent of these governmental entities have went through cover up fraud and corruption. I can fly to Washington to meet with you or I can fly you here to North Carolina if you would like a little vacation.


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